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Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt, 4 Ounce
Liven up your favorite dishes with this zesty, ALL NATURAL seasoningJane's4 Ounces4-ounce jars of mixed up saltMade from 100% natural salt, dried onion and garlic, and herbs and spicesNo fat or caloriesUse on meat, poultry, fish, meatloaf, barbecue, or stew. Or try Jane's with soup, eggs, pizza, your favorite casserole, cottage cheese, gravy, stuffing-the possibilities are endless. Keep closed when not in use. If the ingredients separate, a few vigorousSalt mix developed by Jane Semans at age 60 in her small Overbrook, Pennsylvania apartment
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5 Reddit comments about Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Salt, 4 Ounce:

u/nymikemet · 7 pointsr/nfl

I like you guys a lot and I'm having a good friday...
SO I decided to share my super secret Popcorn recipe with you all, with the only stipulation is to not share this and pretend you made it, otherwise I will find you and remove a kidney while you sleep.... uh ANYWAYS


A Air Popcorn Maker (You could use a Oil Popper if you prefer, but whenever I use one, the Popcorn always comes out Burnt and Oily and crap; Do not use microwave bags, they will taste like Salty Hell)

Popcorn Kernals (Duh)

Salted Butter (If your in a pinch, Margarine will be suffice, but regular butter will undeniably taste better)

Hot Sauce (This is your preference, I personally recommend Cholula or Green Tabasco)

Janes Mixed up Salt (This is the only ingredient that is specific, you will find it in the spices & seasoning aisle at your local supermarket I don't recommend Popcorn salt as it's usually too salty, this salt is not as salty salt as salt salt.... Ill move on now)

A Bowl (to smoke that dank canadian weed bruh)

PREPARATION & COOKING (It's just Popcorn, IDK does it count as cooking?)

First, pour the desired amount of Popcorn into the Popper, FYI 1/2 a cup makes a large bowl so dont go crazy.
If your popcorn maker doesn't have a butter dish, you can start making your popcorn now, but if it does, add Butter(Duh) to the dish (or a Microwavable safe mug if the maker doesn't have a dish) and top it with your hot sauce (IMO drizzle it on, not too crazy, but not too lite either, a Teaspoon or 2 if you want measurement) and add a dash of the Mixed up salt, and then microwave until melted

Once the Popcorn is done, pour the butter on the popcorn and add more Mixed Up Salt to your tastes, and give the bowl a good ol' shake so your popcorn is all mixed up.. And your done!

u/optimizedMediocrity · 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I adapted this healthy chocolate mousse recipe to my taste:


0.50 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

.5 teaspoon Salt

2 containers Mori-Nu oraganic firm tofu

40 grams Granulated sugar

40 g Valrhona Cocoa Powder

4 oz water

Put everything in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth.

recipe makes 5 servings: 146 calories; 12g protein


I will add hemp seeds, if I want to make it a breakfast meal to increase the protein content and calories. IMO, the Valrhona cocoa powder is a must when you are looking for that deep chocolate flavor; I even add it to my chocolate protein shakes.


I also like making a dip out of greek yogurt and Jane's crazy mixed-up salt. Easy and goes well with veggies.


edit to add serving and macro info and water measurements.

u/awaywethrowLA · 3 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Fisherman's Wharf, because it is basically lemon pepper with some extra goodies. Works great on grilled/pan fried tofu, fish, chicken or veg. Can work on beef or pork as a finishing seasoning.

We get this in most common grocery stores in our area but it can be ordered online.

Other than that, Jane's Krazy Salt just works on everything. Also available in common grocery stores:

Edit: forgot second link

u/smakdatmeme · 1 pointr/Cooking

I mean this stuff