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We found 12 Reddit comments about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 1: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (Limited Edition) (BD) [Blu-ray]. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 1: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (Limited Edition) (BD) [Blu-ray]
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12 Reddit comments about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Set 1: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (Limited Edition) (BD) [Blu-ray]:

u/IIDarXideII · 4 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I hope this is allowed. I just seen that the LE Blu-ray's of Part 1-3 are currently $34.99. They normally retail for $69.99 each. I don't see these advertised anywhere for this sale:
Part 1-2:

Part 3:

Part 3 - Battle of Egpyt:

u/Aigoao · 4 pointsr/ShitPostCrusaders

I got you Boy. I thiink it Pretty good deal if think About how much you here. Part 4 has sadly because Dub is still running no complete set. If Money is not a Problem then here you go!

Part 1+2: Here

Part 3 Season 1: Here

Part 3 Season 2: Here

u/TentacleFinger · 4 pointsr/StardustCrusaders this one’s the legit blu-ray release by Viz Media

u/Nightvayne283 · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Your best bet is with this, although quite a few retailers are seemingly selling it if you have a preferred one. The only other legal physical release for the show in english was just a mess. There's no dvd/bluray for the rest of the series yet.

u/J-Talking · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

I believe that when I watched it on Crunchyroll, Parts 1, 2, and the first half of Part 3 were the uncensored versions. (If I'm remembering wrong, feel free to downvote this comment and tell our bro what's really up.)

But if that won't work, English blu-rays for Parts 1 and 2 are coming on the 25th (which will include the Japanese dub as well). I assume they'll also be available in Canada, but I guess I don't really know for sure.

u/k1ttent1ts · 2 pointsr/StardustCrusaders

Amazon Canada is the only Canadian "retailor" I can find them listed through - HOWEVER the release has been pushed to August 8th. :,(
As per /u/dragonclaw417 's comment below, the censoring isn't actually all that bad in parts 3 and 4.

u/PokemonTom09 · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

Parts 1 and 2

First half of Part 3

Second half of Part 3

First half of Part 4

The second half of part 4 and part 5 have yet to be released on Blu Ray or DVD outside Japan.

u/Strange_Bean · 1 pointr/StardustCrusaders

The one that's currently out is region locked to Region A; the USA and other non-Australian countries. The one that was recently delayed from this month to April is region locked to Region B; which includes the UK, Australia, and other miscellaneous countries.

Blu-ray regions are different to DVD regions, and most Blu-ray players are not region free. The ones that claim to be 'region free' usually need to be toggled between regions (which can be fine if you're willing to put in the effort). This also goes for most Blu-ray players that you'd buy/find in a PC, since the region locking is baked into the player, not the software.

So, it's possible to play a Region A disc in Australia with the right player, but chances are it won't work with what you have already, and it definitely won't be as easy as just having the Region B disc.

u/HeckinChonkr · 1 pointr/ShitPostCrusaders

By The way all of this materiel is in English and the red stone of Aja was 3D printed and I can probably post the inventor Pro 2019 files if by some chance you have access to that. Also I'm not including the JoJoniums because that would be seventeen separate links, Hope this helps.


Giorno Figure

Fugo Figure

Josuke Figure

Bruno Figure

Abacione Figure

Vento Aureo Scroll Poster

JoJo's Necklaces and other Jewelry

Jotaro's Hat with pins

Manga In Theory And Practice

Replica stone mask

Darby Poker Set

Rohan at The Louve

Blu-Ray Set Parts 1-2

Blueray Set Half of Part 3

Blueray Set Second Half Of Part 3

BluRay Set First Half Of Part 4