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u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/zen

Tell us about your interests. Take up any one of your interests and pursue it in a disciplined way.

  1. You need to distract yourself in some activity and the easiest way to develop an interest is to pay attention to anything (People understand it the wrong way around.)

  2. Start ignoring people who annoy you or pester you.

    (1) and (2) are very very important.


    Play with your perceptions (Make the following list)

    Make a list of 50 people who like you and whom you like

    Make a list of 50 things you DO LIKE

    Make a list of 50 activities you DO ENJOY

    Make a list of 50 reasons why YOU WOULDN'T LIKE TO DIE

    (Yes, you need to create 50 items and more. Not any less.)


    Develop a daily habit - 1 hr of walking or Jogging

    One way to not think about anything, is to TIRE YOUR BODY. If you are restless and have too much energy, reduce you food intake or go fasting. (This is another good way to TIRE your body).


    Go backpacking or just distract yourself

    If you have money and resources, go on a trip to a nearby tourist attraction.


    Learn a new skill, like playing an instrument etc. or even a new language like Sanskrit or Chinese or Japanese or French or German or Spanish etc.


    Read this book

    If you like reading books, this is a good one:


    Define a project that will take a few months to complete (for example sketch characters in Mumonkan or retell some Zen stories in your own way)

    One way to create a meaning is to define a project (that will take a few months to complete) and start working on it immediately.

    To give a real life example, I remember the owner of this site -- I don't think that person was suicidal -- linking to his drawings in this forum a few years back. He combined his interest in Zen and his own skills -- drawing -- to sketch out each case of the Mumonkan. May be you can define such projects yourself.


    Finish all the Harvard Classics by the end of the next year

    (Some one has already created what you should be doing on each day. So you don't have to think about it apart from just reading whatever is suggested.)


    Journalling as a project and self-therapy

    Developing a Journaling habit is a good way to develop awareness. Ira Progoff, a professional psychologist is an authority when it comes to journalling for self-therapy. See This book - - gets often recommended (I haven't read the book. But I trust very well the sources that recommended that book to me).

    This one is a very easy-to-read become when it comes to journalling. (I have read the book.) Writing Journals requires discipline and there are many different types of journals you can create. This book will help you in that direction.

u/wellinkedbox · 2 pointsr/Journaling

I haven't checked out this book although it has come highly recommended. I would also suggest the Artist's Way because I think the prompts included can help you dive deeper into an understanding of self. (Some of the prompts on Pinterest and whatnot can get a little bit repetitive and don't always work well together.)
I am also a woman in my 30s who is having the same sorts of struggles. (Feel free to PM me if you want to chat!) and what I have learned is that you cannot force it. There are good days and bad days. Some days everything seems so shallow, and on another day I will copy something into my notebook that resonates so well. And then life goes on and I forget about it. It's all a practice (as my therapist would say.) I think what's most important is that you show up to the page.