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24 Reddit comments about Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin (The New 52):

u/Tigertemprr · 14 pointsr/DCcomics

Introduction to Comics

How to Get Into Comic Books (13:40) | Patrick Willems

Consider your intent/commitment. Think about your favorite shows, movies, books, etc. Do you seek quality storytelling or encyclopedic superhero knowledge? Plan to collect? Do you have the time/money to read 50 or 500 comics per character?

Don’t try to read everything at once. There’s too much. Forget about catching up, continuity, universes, etc. for now. Think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle one small piece at a time until you finally start to see the big picture. Older comics can be an acquired taste for modern audiences, so they aren’t always ideal starting points. Creative teams change often, characters get re-worked, and origins are re-told.

Pick an interesting character/team and seek their most popular/acclaimed stories. Focus on self-contained/complete stories. You will encounter unexplained references/characters/events—just keep reading or Wiki. Don’t let the tangled interconnectedness of shared-universe comics overwhelm you.

Discover your preferences and let them guide you. Avoid over-analyzing—just start reading. Do you prefer old/new comics? Specific writers/genres? Cartoony/realistic art? Character/plot -driven story? Explicit content? Follow these instincts. Didn’t get a reference? Make that your next read.

Acquiring comics:

u/INtheShadowplay · 9 pointsr/comicbooks

It's always a good time to begin reading DC Comics! Check out the Volume 1 TPB's of the characters you mentioned above. You'll be caught up before ya know it!

Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Batman, Vol. 1

Green Arrow, Vol. 1

As far as Batman goes, you're going to love Scott Snyder's run. It's next level. Picking up Justice League wouldn't hurt either. Don't miss out on great stories just because there's a big event coming up. DC has had some brilliant runs over the last few years and they're definitely worth reading regardless of Convergence.

EDIT: Just realized you're coming back to comics after only a year away rather than being completely new to the New 52. Definitely catch up, a lot of cool stuff has happened since you were away from these characters!

u/DementiaPrime · 8 pointsr/DCcomics

They announced last week that the next animated movie would be based on New 52 Justice League Vol.1 and the design is pretty similar to how they look in those comics.

u/jSchmucker · 6 pointsr/DCcomics

Justice League by Geoff Johns and a rotating roster of artists is DC's flagship title. Can't go wrong with that. First volume is titled Origin.

Swamp Thing is a great superhero horror epic.

The first six volumes of Wonder Woman from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are fucking perfect. They recently changed creative teams, so I'm not sure how the book is doing atm.

EDIT: Also, Omega Men is a twelve issue series currently running that is utterly flawless. It's written by one of Grayson's cowriters.

u/nerdrowwilson1 · 6 pointsr/DCcomics

In 2011, DC "reset" their universe. Everything basically started over, making it much easier to jump in. That is the New 52.

Here is the first volume. It collects the story of the first time that the Justice League members meet and their first big battle.

u/StarBat57 · 5 pointsr/batman

Read this book to get the modern JLA origin, along with Cyborg.

It looks like this is the lineup they're using.

u/ideatio · 5 pointsr/comicbooks

Right, basically some of these rely on pre New-52 continuity until stated otherwise. All volumes referred to below will be New 52 unless otherwise stated. That being said...

11-7 years ago: The Zero Year storyline by Scott Snyder currently running throughout the Batman title had a series of backups detailing Bruce's training (in current continuity). This is covered in Batman Vol 4.

Also see Batman and Robin Vol 1 which I believe covers Bruce's Ninja training, though only in flashbacks.

6 Years Ago: You're in luck for this one. The current, in continuity take on Batman's first year is being told in the current Batman title. It's a 12 part story called Zero Year, dealing with Bruce crafting the persona, meeting the Red Hood, Riddler etc. It's in progress at the moment and well worth a look. The volume referred to above is the first part, and the entire storyline has great art by Greg Capullo.

6 Years Ago: Batman's first encounter with the Justice League is found, naturally enough in Justice League Vol 1.

However, Superman and Batman's first encounter was detailed in, again naturally enough, Batman/Superman Vol 1

Dick Grayson's time as Robin can be found in the zero issue of Nightwing.

4 Years Ago: Batgirl's zero issue.

3 Years ago: I'm actually kind of week on this one in current continuity. Jason's death and return are here.

2 Years Ago: Read Tim Drake's new, bad origin in Teen Titans #0 or the most recent issue of Secret Origin, I think it was #3. They both tell roughly the same story. That story is bad.

1 year ago: Going to have to go out of continuity, as I'm nearly sure the founding of Batman Inc. is only covered in the pre New-52, as part of Grant Morissons Bat saga. The first volume is here, but you really need to look up everything else that preceded it, see below. This also goes for dead Batman being replaced by Dick Grayson, which is recounted in Batman and Robin, first series, Vol 1.

The origin of Damien, however, is handily recounted in Batman and Robin #0. This is in New 52 continuity.

Now: Woo! Nearly there. Breathe. So the Court of Owls story basically starts in Batman #1 pretty much, and can be found here.

Batgirl's return to superheroics can be found here, in Batgirl Vol 1. Barbara is still only just reacclimating to life as Batgirl as the series begins.

Joker removes his face in, maybe one panel or so in Detective Comics #1.. Spoiler, issue's shit. Get Snyder Batman instead.

Joker returns, sans face in Batman Vol 3, Death of The Family.. That link contains only the main story told in Batman, but it tied into several Bat-Titles as well. The HC contains these, though the quality varies a bit, IMO.

Tim forms the Teen Titans in Teen Titans Vol 1.

Again, not sure, but I think the Anti-Fear stuff was in Dark Knight.

Happy Reading!

NANANANANANANANA BAT-EDIT: I am by no means a Batman authority, I read nearly all of these, but feel free to correct or append if you are more knowledgeable. Bonus sassy batman

u/Crash_Recovery · 4 pointsr/DCcomics

Well in the current continuity (The "New 52") that meeting would take place in Justice League 1-6 aka "The Origin"

u/LexLuthor2012 · 4 pointsr/DCcomics

You should check it out, it's how I first started reading comics and no background is needed

u/pootiecakes · 3 pointsr/comicbooks

Essentially, it the "first" time the Justice League comes together, written in a way that almost causes it to seem like the comic-rival to Marvel's The Avengers movie. Heroes fight against eachother with personality conflicts/etc but work together as a team ultimately when the big alien invasion hits. It was part of DC's "New 52" launch to reorient the title DC characters with new audiences.

It is great if you are new to DC comics, though I know longer term fans of the characters hate some of the changes made. It is so beautifully drawn that I can't dislike it no matter what.

u/Bartiemus · 3 pointsr/DCcomics

The best bet is to start with Justice Leauge Vol 1 LinkAnd go from there. If you have any favorite characters just pick up one of there volume ones odds are there pretty good if not great.

u/2555555555 · 3 pointsr/DCcomics

I personally would start with the New 52. It's a great jumping on point for new readers. You can get trades (Issues in a collected format) that are basically the graphic novel you are looking for costing about $10 on amazon.

I would start with Vol 1 Batman, The Court of Owls. Flash is also great from Vol 1: Move Forward. I don't know too much about Green Lantern so I don't know where to start as there is a lot of material there. As for Justice League, start with Vol 1: Origin.

If you're looking to be caught up with the series, then you can jump on after any main story arc. There is a list somewhere here but I don't know where it is. Maybe someone could get that for me. Also I would recommend Green Arrow Vol 4: The Kill Machine based on your tastes. Green Arrow Vol 1-3 aren't very good, so I don't recommend those .

The links to all the trades above will be here:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

u/DJWolfmanJBeezy · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

You'll want to read trades (collections) to get caught up, not single issues.

I'll explain this as simple as I can.

The New 52 is a reboot (start over), it started in 2011. Everything else, DCYou and Rebirth are just marketing campaigns/ new directions (new story lines, new writers, ect). Some people call them jumping on points. Typically, when they rebrand they'll start with new #1s.

If your interested in Batman start with NEW 52 vol 1 Court of Owls. (One of the best comic stories ever). If you have a tablet, DC is currently having a New 52 Batman / Scott Snyder sale on Comixology (comic app). Some people prefer physical copies, others read digitally. If you like collecting physical is the way to go.

I'd also recommend New 52 Justice League. It drives the universe and is a good place to start as well.

Once you read the back collections then you can start collecting singles every month.

That's a good place to start. Let me know if you are interested in any other characters. I can help you out.

You could start with Batman Rebirth Vol 1 but you'd miss one of the best Batman runs ever.

Good news the new JL starts next month and you could just start there at #1.

u/BaraBatman · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

I don't know if this is a popular opinion, but I always recommend Justice League Origin to my friends who like DC characters without any preference.

It's got stellar art, good character moments, and was created exactly as a starting point, so you won't feel lost. Also, just so that you know, there's an animated adaptation: Justice League War.

u/mogar01 · 2 pointsr/comicbooks

Introduction to Comics

How to Get Into Comic Books (13:40) | Patrick Willems

Consider your intent/commitment. Think about your favorite shows, movies, books, etc. Reading primarily for enjoyment or encyclopedic knowledge? Collecting? Have the time/resources to read 50 or 500 comics per character?

Don’t try to read everything at once. There’s too much. Forget about catching up, continuity, universes, etc. for now. Older comics can be an acquired taste for modern audiences, so they aren’t necessarily ideal starting points. Writers change often, characters get re-worked, and origins are re-told. Remember, there are many great characters, creators, publishers, etc. to explore.

Pick an interesting character/team and seek their most popular/acclaimed stories. Focus on self-contained, complete stories in one corner of the universe. There will be unexplained references/characters, just persevere or Wiki. Don’t let the tangled web of shared-universe comics overwhelm you. Think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle one small piece at a time until you finally see the big picture.

Discover your preferences and let them guide you. Don’t get stuck preparing/over-analyzing, just start reading. Do you like/dislike old/new comics? Specific writers/genres? Cartoony/realistic art? Familiar/weird concepts? References/self-contained? All-ages/mature content? Follow these instincts. Didn’t understand a reference? Maybe read that next.

Acquire/Buy comics:

u/MyNameIsPitt · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

If you just got into comics, I suggest starting out with the New 52 first, as it was designed for new readers and then you can tackle the Crises which definitely aren't for beginners.

Justice League: Origin is perfect for new readers to get acclimated with the heroes.

After that, find the heroes that appeal to you the most and pick up their first issues too.

u/IrateGandhi · 2 pointsr/comicbooks

Sadly, I can't speak for DC Rebirth. I haven't read any of it. I can say that I loved the New52.

Batman list, in order of what I would read first.

  • Batman, Year One is a great story of Bruce's first year as the Batman. I loved seeing the way Batman evolved & the lessons he learned. I highly suggest this as your first read.

  • The Long Holloween was also a fantastic story. It reads a lot like a mystery novel. The ending is surprising and all around, this book is satisfying.

  • Batman New52 is a great storyline. It is a "reboot" aka a nice starting point for a series. If you love this story, read on with the New 52 & slowly get the "iconic" other stuff later.

  • The Dark Knight Returns is an interesting spin on things. Bruce is old and has hung up his mantle. But for reasons mentioned in the book, he dons the cape yet again. This, in my opinion, is a really great read after Year One & The Long Halloween. Those three just flow nicely IMO.

  • The Knightfall series (Vol1 Vol2 & Vol3) explain why Bane is one of the greatest villains Batman has ever had. If you're looking for a complete story arc, this is where you want to start.

    Staples for Batman

  • The Killing Joke is an iconic storyline that I would put on a must read list for Batman.

  • Hush is also a very great mystery story.

  • A Death in the Family is a pivotal story for the Bruce Wayne Batman.

  • Arkham Asylum is a really cool & unique story about Batman going into Arkham Asylum after it is taken over (sounds a lot like the first batman game of the recent trilogy). It is a really cool perspective & you should read it at some point.

    Flash list (I don't know as much about the Flash)

  • The Flash: Rebirth is a really great place to start. The world is established but this is a nice way to jump into the comics.

  • Flash New52 is where I would go after reading Rebirth. They flow nicely. I would read Vol 2 & Vol3.

  • Flashpoint, as you know if you watch the CW series, is a big moment for Barry. It's a similar story but done in a very different way. Reading this will feel fresh, even if you know the tv show.

    Batman/Flash related things

  • Catwoman New52 is amazing. I'm not sure if you're a huge Catwoman fan or if you hate her (seems most Batman fans go one of those directions) but if you are, her series is one of my favorite New52.

  • Justice League New52 was pretty cool.
u/Theseus23 · 2 pointsr/comicbooks

It's so odd that if you buy comics on amazon FOR comixology, it's cheaper than buying it ON comixolgy.

For me, digi is awesome because I don't have to remember to pack it (if I'm traveling between friends houses it is just a log in away) and for certain crossovers/story arcs, it is easier to flip back and forth (you said you are reading new 52 batman. the night of owls crossover and the death in the family you need to flip back and forth between series in the middle of TPBs, online would make this infinitely easier).

also with your phone or ipad, you can jsut download the comics, so that way you don't need wifi later (you can also easily delete them from your storage) and you can use the amazon kindle app once it's downloaded w/out wifi.

However, I love the feeling of actual print, and I like to support my LCS. With print I enjoy holding it, and just overall feel...more real? I guess when I read it, rather than on an ipad or a computer. Though still Digi tends to be ridiculously cheaper than in print TPB in store.

I've found digi TPB on amazon ~10. print tpb on amazon 12~, digi on comixology 12~ and in store print, 16~.

for reference [Batman new 52 vol 1] ( 8 digi, 10 print but closer to 15 in store.

I recently bought [justice league new 52 vol 1] ( for 10$ on amazon in print, and the label still says 17$. So LCS up charge alot.

All in all, I enjoy getting print in certain issues like GL and Justice League just because I enjoy the artwork SO much. I also like having big story arcs in print because it feels satisfying to just know i collected those big issues (Blackest night, Brightest Day, infinity gauntlet (marvel)]
However the artwork on digi tends to be great as well, Teen titans for example looks awesome. I'm not really sure I have anything to compare (as in the exact issue), but it seems to be just as fine.

Overall, digi almost always cheaper, always have on you, (you can download ahead of time) can delete later for room, can flip between easier, some artwork might not be as good. also never have to worry about damage.
Print, something satisfying about feeling it in your hands, sometimes makes it seems more real than on a computer.

u/tomics · 1 pointr/Wishlist

Justice League is a fun comic. I started with the New 52 series, this one to be precise. I'm only up to issue two, but I'd say its definitely a good place to start. Other than that, I found this a really awesome read. and you can never go wrong with Grant Morrisons take on things. All good books to get stuck into!

u/The_New_34 · 1 pointr/DCcomics

The current Justice League series' reception is kind of mixed among fans. I'd recommend some of the older stuff. Geoff Johns' series wasn't too terrible. Vol 1 is Here.

Grant Morrison's Justice League of America was a pretty solid run, too

u/Smark_Henry · 1 pointr/comicbooks

At this point, their Rebirth event, starting late May, would be a perfect starting point for buying individual issues.

For trades to tide you over until then, I recommend Justice League: Origin followed by Batman: the Court of Owls.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/DCcomics

Here are some good stories for major characters,

Superman Birthright - Really great storywriting by one of the best Superman writers IMO.

Batman Year One - Arguably the best Batman story ever written.

Green Lantern Secret Origin - Green Lantern's really cool when he's written by Geoff Johns

Justice League Vol 1 : Origin - Comic book equivalent of summer blockbuster movies.

Green Arrow Year One - The artwork on this is so great.

If you want some recent stuff and can buy single issues, you should get Action Comics from issue #25. The Batman series has been really good too. There's lot of great stuff going on in Marvel too so you should probably check that out too, particularly Hawkeye.

u/kyrie-eleison · 1 pointr/comicbooks

Justice League is a (mostly) classic Justice League line-up: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, GL, etc.