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Kindle Paperwhite, 6
6" High-Resolution Display (212 ppi)Our best-selling KindleUnlike tablets, no screen glare in bright sunlightRead with one hand - over 30% lighter than iPad miniBattery lasts weeks, not hoursBuilt-in light-read without eyestrainHolds thousands of booksTry Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days - choose from over 800,000 titles
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15 Reddit comments about Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 6th):

u/jsleathe12295 · 12 pointsr/suggestmeabook

I would highly recommend the kindle paper white 2 I have the 6th generation one which is just as good as the newer one just has a few small upgrades that arent worth it in my mind. I've had my paper white for 4 years and its been amazing. Battery life lasts like month or more, it has e-ink with a back lit display so it's easy to read and fall asleep. Doesn't have that bright invasive LCD feel an Ipad has or tablet. It has wifi capabilities to download books right when they are released. I can pre-order an e-book and go to sleep and on the morning it's released it's already downloaded to my Kindle. I read a lot and don't like carrying several books with me when I fly or travel gets to clunky for me. So as a book worm I would highly recommended this!

Edit: I'd also like to add that the e-ink makes it look like a real physical book page which makes it easy on the eyes and dont fully lose the physical book feel. Try and head to a bestbuy and play around with one.

u/StarfighterProx · 7 pointsr/kindle

Not often. The Paperwhite has not seen any temporary reduction in price:

The regular Kindle has seen a couple of brief drops:

If you're dead-set on holding out for a sale, you can set price alerts through the pages linked above. There are other similar Amazon price trackers out there if you would prefer not to go with camelcamelcamel.

u/pheonixORchrist · 6 pointsr/EDC

[Image One]

This is an overall picture of what I carry in my backpack every day (non-work days as well)

The only item I don't get a close up on in this picture is my ranger-roll of an extra shirt, boxers, and pair of socks.

[Image two]

  1. Deodorant - there are too many times where I forget to apply in my morning daze and realize once I'm in my car.
  2. Deck of playing cards. In case the power goes out and I need some entertainment.
  3. Uni Pipe-Shift Mechanical Pencil .07
  4. Pilot Metropolitan Mechanical Pencil .05 I like to have both for sketching, the thicker lead helps with shading.
  5. Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, Fine Nib
  6. Lucky Turtle, Also my Inception Totem :)
  7. 128 GB Flash Drive - yes, it's real
  8. Eraser - cuz art
  9. Secret Santa Gift - Pen Twirling Pen I like to have things to fiddle with at my desk
  10. Pocket Sized Moleskin Notebook that I write poetry in
  11. Refillable Ink in case my fountain pen runs out and I don't have my ink bottle near

    [Image Three]

  12. Razer Naga Epic
  13. Old PSP case I use to store my mouse in
  14. Travel Toothbrush
  15. Kindle Paperwhite in a Faux Leather Case
  16. Precision Screwdriver Set I bought at Radioshack
  17. Laptop charger
  18. USB Wall Charger
  19. Mini USB Cables

    [Image Four]

  20. Generic Sketchbook I bought at CVS - When work is slow and I get an idea, I draw it. Usually I tend to just free-hand copy images from the internet

    [Image Five]

  21. My Personal Laptop Lenovo T440p that I got last year, this thing is a damn beast
  22. Can of RedBull - I don't always need wings but sometimes when work is slow I start to fall asleep and this is needed
  23. Filtered Water Bottle - Even IT Desk Monkeys need to drink sometimes

    [Image Six]

    This is my in pocket EDC, these things never leave my side

    Not Shown is my CellPhone which I used to take the pictured. It's a Droid DNA.

  24. Razer Nabu SmartBand - Talks with my phone via bluetooth and will give me all my notifications on the mini screen as well as do the kind of generic fitness tracking that most fit bands do
  25. Leather Wallet - Cash Money Yo
  26. Pilot Metropolitan Gel Roller Pen - By now you've seen that I have three different Pilot Metropolitans. I love the feel of this pen and each version (fountain, gel roller, mechanical) I have in a different color to easily tell which one I am grabbing
  27. Kershaw Cryo II - Best EDC Knife I've ever owned. I love the feel, look, and weight.
  28. Car Key
  29. 32 GB Flash Drive, This has my emergency geek tools on there as well as a few emulators, roms and minecraft (it stores all data on the drive)
  30. House Keys.

    [Image Seven]

    This is my backpack with everything inside, it's a Northface Surge. They don't produce or sell these anymore. I got it about 6 years ago and it shows very little wear.
u/serenityunlimited · 5 pointsr/kindle

I found this on the Kindle Paperwhite 2 page. It did not appear on the PW1 or the Voyage.

Haven't seen this mentioned before, only their Kindle Unlimited offer. I noticed it while browsing the Kindle pages, I didn't receive an email solicitation.

Pretty great offer. I ordered the PW2 from the refurbished discount the other day, but this is an awesome alternative. I wish it was available for the Voyage, though, so I could compare with that...

u/FlightyTwilighty · 3 pointsr/GrandmaTechHelp

If you think of the internet as an imaginary kingdom where you can explore dozens of different countries and meet the residents there, you won't be too far off. :) Welcome to Reddit-land.

My mum (she's 70) uses the internet for a couple of things. 1) games 2) shopping 3) library books 4) facebook.

I don't know if you like games, but I'd start with Big Fish Games if you do. See how that text is a different color? You can click on it and go there. When you're there, check out "Online Games." They are free and easy to get started with.

For books, you'll want an e-Reader. I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite, because it is very easy to use and very easy to read. That will also bring us to shopping. Take a look at this. Amazon - Kindle Paperwhite

Anyway! that's probably enough to get you started! You can probably get free electronic books from your local library. I would call your library and ask them if they offer that before you purchase an e-Reader.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

u/javsbaldrich · 2 pointsr/argentina

No lo conozco pero este es el que yo uso:

Kindle Paperwhite cuesta u$d 119. Es una masa, es de Amazon. Funciona barbaro, te da 3 semanas de batería (ikr) y no tenés problemas en leer libros bajados por torrent, aunque es muy fácil comprarlos en la Kindle Store (donde tenés absolutamente todo) si querés.

Also, la pantalla es perfecta para leer. El brillo lo podés regular hasta lo mínimo imaginable lo que lo hacer perfecto para leer a la noche cuando estás en la cama con todas las luces apagadas.

Te digo porque a un cambio de 13, el precio en pesos sería $1547

u/timn8r · 2 pointsr/Mistborn

E-paper is a type of display where rather than using a lcd monitor (light emitting), it electronically moves and displays ink to emulate the look of ink on paper (light reflecting). I find e-paper to be pretty indistinguishable from paper as far as glare/eyestrain is concerned. Most e-readers, such as nook or kindle use it. Things like the kindle fire or the nook color/hd are the exceptions. Personally I use the nook.

This is the one I have and it continues to serve me well. It seems to have been replaced by this newer model however. If you want the kindle equivalent, this is what you want with and without backlight.

Wow... I honestly didn't mean for this to become a sales pitch, but those are examples of e-paper based devices. Personally, as a poor college student, I prefer digital just to save space but, it doesn't have to come at the cost of eyestrain. I hope you enjoy the book, however you read it :).

u/sleight_of_man · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Extended period of time? A Kindle is perfect! Maybe there's a disconnect here, I'm not talking about a Kindle Fire (Another tablet) I'm talking about a Paperwhite . The screen responds wayyyy too slowly to browse the internet or distract yourself with anything. It really limits you to just reading a book. Except you can read several books.

u/misogichan · 1 pointr/books

Wow, I had thought the paperwhite was over $100, but I just checked and the newest version is going for $99.

u/Traveledfarwestward · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

You'll have to convert EPUB files to MOBI or PDF to read them iirc. Simple, easy to use and fairly cheap and I just ignore the ads that only display when I'm not reading (you won't be interrupted while reading). Easy to email files to [username] also.

u/MAGllKARP · 1 pointr/LearnJapanese

This one?

Also would I have to do anything special to read Japanese stuff on it or can it do both English and Japanese stuff just fine?

u/tobiasvl · 1 pointr/kindle

Yes, the US version has a green banner that links to the international version

u/wanderjahr · -4 pointsr/kindle

This looks aimed at a different kind of animal. The marketing on the Voyage page is pretty masculine compared to the all female marketing paperwhite. Don't know why I noticed that, but I did. Looks sexy, but not enough to justify replacing my Paperwhite. Kinda want to get my hands on the Voyage to check it out though.