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KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder - Onyx Black
Clear Top Cover and One-Touch Control allows for operation at the touch of a button—simply push down on the cover to begin grinding and release to stop. The clear cover also allows you to easily see the consistency of grinds.Stainless Steel Blade offers durability and powerful performance, quickly grinding enough whole coffee beans to make up to 12 cups of coffee.Removable 4-Oz. Stainless Steel Bowl features measurement markings on the inside, so you know at a glace the quantity of coffee beans needed to make 4, 8, 10 or 12 cups of coffee. The bowl lifts out, making it easy to transfer grinds to the coffee maker.Model BCG111 includes heavy duty motor housing, stainless steel 4-ounce capacity bowl with stainless steel coffee grinder blade, clear top cover.1 year hassle-free replacement warranty.
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8 Reddit comments about KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder - Onyx Black:

u/rndmvar · 3 pointsr/Coffee

Five easy steps to a good cup.

  1. Buy only medium or lighter roast WHOLE bean coffee.
    1a. Smell the bag through the pin hole vent before purchase. Bitter coffee will smell bitter or burnt.
  2. Freeze the whole bean coffee in its container.
    2a. It slows the bittering process caused by exposure of the oils to oxygen.
  3. Grind it at home in a BURR MILL grinder.
    3a. Let the beans reach room temperature before grinding, or the grinder will clog (condensation + grinds = paste).
    3b. Only grind enough for one brew at a time.
    3c. Stay clear of CHOPPERS, as they don't increase the surface area of the coffee as much as a BURR MILL does.
  4. Brew using your preferred method.
    4a. Even drip coffee is far better with these steps.
  5. Enjoy.
u/Cyno01 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Spend a little more and get a coffee grinder with a removable bowl.

I spent even a bit more on this kit that came with extra bowls.

u/_swthrowaway_ · 2 pointsr/keto

BPC was a big help for me in starting Keto, and it has been hugely motivating for me to stay on Keto. It's delicious. In the beginning when I was having carb cravings I would remind myself that I could have BPC, but BPC + a pastry wasn't possible. The caffeine buzz from BPC is a lot... clearer, is the only way I can describe it. I don't experience the 10am crash the way I did with regular coffee, either.

I use my AeroPress and Magic Bullet. Sometimes I use my Coffee Grinder to grind he beans, but lately I've been using pre-ground beans. If you use an AeroPress, you'll want the coffee ground for an espresso maker.

I use grassfed unsalted butter (sometimes salted adds a zing to the taste but I'm not a fan), Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, a raw egg (for protein -- I get migraines and protein in the morning is essential in warding them off) and 1/4 teaspoon of Ghiradelli Baking Cocoa. Whip it up for 30 seconds and life is glorious.

The BPC and drinking water keep me full from about 6:45 am until 11:30.

The AeroPress is good because you can make one cup at a time, so it conserves coffee grounds. You can also bring it anywhere - it's a portable espresso/coffee maker. Some people put sugar-free sweetners in the coffee, but I prefer to avoid them. If you drink it without the sweetner after a while you get used to the taste anyway.

u/mizzrym91 · 1 pointr/Coffee

That may be true but I'd start disregarding amazon reviews for the most part. Some good grinders score lower than they should and many MANY crappy grinders score better than they should

For instance

This grinder is a not good at all. Incredibly inconsistent and terrible, I'd have my coffee preground before I bought this grinder. 4.5 stars from over 1000 people

This grinder on the other hand :

This is the best entry level grinder for less than 200 usd, only 4 stars. Just ignore those reviews

u/lostaunaum · 1 pointr/coffeestations

What do you think of this grinder friend?
KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder - Onyx Black

u/MisterNoisy · 1 pointr/Cooking

I mostly use either a small mortar and pestle (small amounts) or a cheap blade-style coffee grinder - ideally, get one with a removable metal bowl, which makes it way easier to clean.

u/Chinnydaisy · 0 pointsr/Calgary

I have one of these.

Would not recomend it. Kind of a pain to use and grinds it uneven.