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KIWI Boot Protector 12 oz
Unique silicone formula bonds to leather and fabrics to create an extremely tough barrier, while still allowing materials to breatheIdeal for work, hunting, hiking and other outdoor boots and shoesOdorless when dried and cured
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4 Reddit comments about KIWI Boot Protector 12 oz:

u/ILikeToBakeCupcakes · 7 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I have so many questions, guys.

  1. Does anyone have a favorite clothes drying rack? I'm looking at this one right now.

  2. Any recommendations for waterproofing spray? I've got this in my cart. Also, it seems like you can pretty much use waterproofing spray on any type of leather that true in y'all's experience?

  3. For scuff marks that are lighter than the color of the leather, is shoe polish the right solution? If so, where can you buy that type of thing? I'm hesitant to order online because of color matching.

  4. Does anyone have experience with final sale items at Banana Republic? I think something I bought is final sale, but I'm not entirely sure, and I was hoping to return it.
u/Nilphinho · 1 pointr/bootroom

I wonder if waterproofing them would work. Works really well on my work boots but I wonder if it would compromise the touch at all... intuition tells me no but I could be wrong. But if you’re only coaching that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Some beeswax or a silicon based waterproofing product should do the trick. This is what I use on my work boots

u/clumsydevil · 1 pointr/Hyperhidrosis

I'm not sure if this will work for you but I spray my shoes with boot protector. That way they are a little bit more water resistant and hopefully could help fix the issue?