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Lateralus [Vinyl]
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u/lance466 · 13 pointsr/ToolBand
  1. I’ve seen them 24 times from Coast to Coast (in the US at least) and have never paid anywhere close to $200 for a ticket. Including a show at a small NY Opera house on the 10K Days mini-tour where I was greeted by a tux-wearing usher and had to check my coat at the door.

  2. Radiohead and Beyoncé (among others) - 2 of the biggest names in music whether we want to admit it or not - have both dropped brand new albums with NO prior warning, marketing or announcement of any kind. Tool announced the release date months in advance and even told fans in advance that new music was going to be played on the tour that just completed.

  3. Here is Lateralus Vinyl for under $30:

    Undertow Vinyl for $25:

    Opiate Vinyl for $9:

  4. The setlist from this most recent tour contained 11-13 songs depending on if it was a festival gig or not.

    Of those 11-13 songs - TWO were brand new tracks, ONE was a brand new drum solo, and THREE others (Intolerance, Sweat, and Part of Me) have been extremely rare cuts over the last decade (or more).

    So going into the most recent tour, chances were 100% that out of the 11-13 songs they were going to play, you were going to get no less than 3 new songs you’d never heard before (period) and almost 100% that you’d get a 4th song you’d at least never heard live before.

  5. Now get off your f’ing soapbox. We need the f’ing space to nail the next fool poster.
u/m4rk0776 · 5 pointsr/ToolBand

Sexual favors aside, I would want This. HOWEVER, most people are not rich, so I'm just gonna say get him a record player, and some of the vinyls, some beer/wine from Caduceus cellars/whatever he drinks, and a shirt (you can never have too many, but if he has some already, try to get one that looks moderately different from the others, such as a white one or one with an entirely different design). All in all, this gift should run in at about $100-150, depending on what you get specifically. Hope this helps

u/Jradx · 3 pointsr/Music

Can't agree with you more, I must acquire this

u/elvismcvegas · 3 pointsr/VinylCollectors
u/2daMooon · 2 pointsr/vinyl

> limited edition

Love me some Tool, but whoever on their team called this a "limited edition" is a huge dick. Popular albums with great music on them that were released 12 years ago and are actually limited should not still be available for purchase from a retail store:

u/_Fo · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Is the one you got different from this one, because it has it listed at only $22 new and $20 used.

u/chupathingy99 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Couldn't resist. Anyways, here's the real link to the Lateralus LP.

I clarified that it's for Lateralus because our bond of trust has been broken.

u/ChaseKendall1 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

Not sure if you’ve got an original or why it was so expensive but I’ve seen re-issue laturalus picture disc gatefolds for $30-$40 at local record stores and guitar centers. I found one for $28 on amazon.
You could get a record frame for $15 at a craft store like michaels or Joan’s.
Still really cool though!!!

u/climbon321 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Lateralus never went out of print so you can grab it for $30 I'd highly recommend making the purchase. The artwork on the discs alone is worth the cost.

u/Bone_Dogg · 2 pointsr/vinyl

If by look for it you mean go to amazon.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

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