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Lighter1 Lil' Sami Bear Canister
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u/forestplay · 3 pointsr/norcalhiking
  1. Depends on how much water you need for your dinner and if you indeed stay overnight at the peak. I carry 2-3 liters but usually camp near a water source and refill along the way. Since you're bringing a filter, you can refill along the way, so four is plenty. As you do more backpacking, you'll learn how much you should carry in the weight/convenience trade-off.

  2. I always use a bear canister but that's because I already own this one. You can rent a different model at REI, I pretty sure. Everything with even the slightest of scent goes in the container: food, snacks, toothbrush/paste, sun screen, chapstick, everything touches your skin. I just do it so I don't every have to worry about it.

    When I was last at SMW, July 4 weekend earlier this summer, a critter nibbled on my food container and removed the plastic that holds on the little screws. I would not trust a stuff sack alone. It's not just about bears.

u/darthjenni · 1 pointr/CampingGear

OHH Your talking about the actual bear canister. They are hella expensive. That is why parks had to start renting them out.

This one is only $60 Udap NO-FED-BEAR Bear Resistant Canister but I don't think your pot will fit.

This one's lid is also a pot Lighter1 Lil' Sami Bear Canister $95