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Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath
EASY TO USE: Clear, durable plastic bird bath lets your feathery friends bathe themselves as they pleaseIDEAL SIZE: This bird bath is the perfect size for small to medium birds, like lovebirds, canaries, finches, parakeets, and cockatielsSTABLE INSTALLATION: Twist and lock design for secure placementEASY MAINTENANCE: Simple to assemble and easily installs in seconds, it makes cleaning effortlessMULTI-USE: Fits most cages, or switch it up and install outside for a breath of fresh air
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7 Reddit comments about Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath:

u/preghin · 7 pointsr/PartyParrot

My budgies didn’t love to bath until I bought them that green bird bath. They use it as their watering dish and bath. You can buy it here!

u/Doughnut77 · 2 pointsr/parrots

Hi, I'm so sorry for the late reply! Life threw me a curveball, but everything is okay again. Here it is!

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

u/StringOfLights · 2 pointsr/parrots

Hi there - both birds are male. Wallace has the same blue cere as your bird. Charlie is one of those color morphs where the cere doesn't turn blue.

I'll do my best to ID everything. I included links so you can find product numbers if you need them.

  1. Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

  2. Happy Perch - as far as I know, they went out of business. They were a small company based out of Colorado that was badly affected by some flooding a few years back.

  3. Clean cup feeder

  4. Scooter Z Circle Circle - I cut the rubber ball off of the one in the cage because it got brittle. That's why it currently has pieces of Shredders in it!

  5. No idea on the brand, but it's a natural wood perch. The texture of the bark helps wear their nails down but it's more comfortable than the cement perches people sometimes use.

  6. "The Wave" toy from JW Pet Insight Activitoys - I pulled off the bell because the company wouldn't confirm it didn't have zinc plating. Parrots play with things using their mouths and anything zinc plated can cause zinc poisoning down the line.

  7. Booda Comfy Perch - there are several brands of rope perches out there. I've bought a few and they seem comparable. I have these in several sizes. My birds love them.

  8. Insight wood bird perch - Don't remember the size, sorry.

  9. Wood corner shelf - This takes up a lot of room in the cage so I wouldn't get one unless you think your bird will use it.

  10. JW Pet Company Insight Cuttlebone Holder

    My birds also have the Bird Kabob Mini and the Scooter Z Tropical Lily.

u/Azerikk · 1 pointr/cockatiel

That is probably the same brand, it certainly operates the same, I have several of these too. The website just isn't cooperating in letting me find it. If you go to either of the large chain pet stores, they'd likely have them right next to these. The only real difference is instead of a deep crock mounted right down on the arm, it is a shallow dish on a bit of a plastic pedestal.

Edit: found it, that's Amazon but it should be at anyplace well stocked with bird stuff.

u/nickels55 · 1 pointr/budgies

You don't have to buy these from this seller, it is just an idea for you:
and also any hanging shred toys with lots of straws, paper, and other stuff to keep them busy making a mess. This is also great:

u/budgiefacedkiller · 1 pointr/budgies

No problem! And yeah, don't get me wrong, I definitely do think bathing is important, I just don't think that birds should be forced to do it against their will. Probably where our advice vs other people's differ. At one time of another all of my birds have eventually bathed, given the chance.

I realize I totally forgot to include the link to the bath I use! Here it is haha.