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Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach
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10 Reddit comments about Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach:

u/illest503 · 6 pointsr/learnspanish

I am a big fan of the alternative approach taken by Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish.

It starts from scratch but focuses on getting you speaking Spanish from the very first chapter, without miring you in endless conjugations and exceptions.

u/Graceful20 · 4 pointsr/Dallas

Just looked into it. I found [THIS] ( really helpful review through it that breaks down all the other good guides.

u/yankee-bor · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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u/m2spring · 4 pointsr/learnspanish

(Native german speaker living in the US) After I started with Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish: A Creative and Proven Approach, I got Große Lerngrammatik Spanisch: Regeln, Anwendungsbeispiele, Tests which I like very much as a different, very well organized angle into the Spanish language.

u/Maggie_A · 2 pointsr/Spanish

No, it's the right sub for that. But your post mentioned "book about traveling or Spanish traditions."

This is my favorite book for learning Spanish.

If you're looking for a book that will quickly and easily teach tourist Spanish, get this version...

If she's looking for something to practice her Spanish, then I'd say any book by this guy...

u/3kixintehead · 2 pointsr/languagelearning

I'm going to be starting on Madrigals Magic Key Spanish soon. I like it because its content is organized in an unusual way, but I don't know if that makes it the best, just interested and good for some learning styles. Its been around for quite while.

Does anyone else have experience with Madrigal?

u/mgajamon · 2 pointsr/learnspanish

Well look mate I'll paste below the resources I'd be using to kick-start your Spanish. Even at your level I'd say these would be worth giving a go to bolster your speaking and listening. It's an old comment so I'm just gonna paste the whole thing below:


Well, If I had to redo my initial learning all over again and I was in your position this is what I'd do and these are the resources I would use for that initial learning period.

Pick yourself up a copy of Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish this was written back in the 50s but all the same principals apply and it's still in print. I see it as a no nonsense guide to Spanish and is something you could easily pack with you.

Pick up an Audio Course. There are a few out there but my personal favourite and the one which will teach you the vocabulary you need to know is Say Something in Spanish. each of these lessons is quite long about 40 minutes each I believe once you get into the middle parts of the course but this guy starts off with a core set of vocabulary and continues to build and build on it. Back when I did it I think the first 10 lessons were free and each additional lesson was £1 so it ended up costing about £40 total (money well spent).

The other courses I'd recommend are any of the Michel Thomas courses who has his own methods of explaining the grammar tenses (something you won't get in the Say Something in Spanish course) and will slowly introduce you to key words and concepts. Not crucial as Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish will introduce these also but if you are an Oral learner and enjoy simply listening to explanations this could be for you.

I'd recommend this as a good starting point at least to see if learning the language is for you. From there you can look to take lessons (I use Italki which is a website where you can take lessons over Skype and find a language partner if you are so inclined) investigate using a flashcard strategy that works for you and find Spanish content in which you can immerse yourself (youtube video, books for Spanish learners, one of my favourites is Gritty Spanish which has a beginners program also)

The most important aspect of language learning is to find materials for you that are fun and engaging. For me I get a kick out of speaking the language and being understood so I take every opportunity I can get to go to language exchanges depending on where I am (Check out Mundo Lingo or if that's something that interests you). So my learning focus tends to be on spoken Spanish rather then the type of language you might see in an epic fantasy novel.

All the best on your language learning journey. It's tough work but I extremely rewarding.

u/analogphototaker · 2 pointsr/sambahsa

Well, I looked it over! I can read some French, but I'm not the strongest in it. If you expect anyone to learn it, you're going to need a pretty solid course in English though :S

I mentioned the ikindalikelanguages website before, but I also wanted to point out Margarita Madrigal's style of teaching too.

It is quite effective. You can actually download her Magic Key to French and Magic Key to German for free because they are both out of print.

Good luck on your future work!

u/GrowThangs · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Thank you so much for this. There is a book that I love that works on the same principle, and I'm so glad to have found something similar to it that is audio. If you're interested, this is the book: