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Majestic Glove 3396HY/11 Polar Pengu
Winter or freezer wear heavyweight napped terry knit gloveBlack foam latex coated palm for excellent grip and wear resistancePre-curved finger design to minimize hand fatigue with Super Fit and GripCE Cut Level 2, ANSI Cut level A2
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u/renownbrewer ยท 3 pointsr/seattlebike

You'll be wanting good lights, buy clothes that are conspicuous, not pavement colored, with reflective elements or wear a high viz vest over everything.

You don't necessarily need bike specific clothing. Unless it's really cold and wet I usually wear these gloves.

I always wear clear safety glasses to keep rain out of my eyes.

Learning how to interpret weather radar can usually help you avoid the worst of the rain and if you've some flexibility in your schedule you can frequently stay dry.