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Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting for Painting All Art, Cake, Craft, Hobby, Nails, T-Shirts & More. Includes 6 Foot Exhaust Extension Hose
Master Airbrush Brand-Powerful: 25 Watts with a 4 Cubic Meters/Minute Fan Extraction Rate & LED Lighting to light your work surfacePortable and Compact : Easily Folds into a Suitcase Shape w/Handle for Carrying or Storing, Lightweight: Only 8.5 Lbs. (3.8 Kg)Booth Filter: 2 Layer High Density Fiberglass Booth Filter (Replacement Filters Available)DC Motor: Operates at 12V DC Using a Direct Plug in 110V AC Adapter, 16.5" Wide x 19" Deep x 13.5" High3 LED Light Tubes are built into the Top of the Booth Area to Insure Great Painting Vision. 7-1/2" Diameter Revolving Turntable: Allows you to Reach all the Areas to be Painted
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30 Reddit comments about Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting for Painting All Art, Cake, Craft, Hobby, Nails, T-Shirts & More. Includes 6 Foot Exhaust Extension Hose:

u/Slukaj · 7 pointsr/modelmakers

> Is it likely that inhaling the VOCs in the paint caused any damage?

Yes. There is a really damn good reason why every bottle of paint says to only use in well ventilated areas, and that's because both because inhaling VOC's, and inhaling literally anything other than air is pretty bad for your lungs.

Stop working in poorly ventilated spaces. If you can't find a better space, get a spray booth for about $100. If you absolutely, positively cannot work in a better space or get a spray booth, get a respirator with VOC cartridges. Should only cost like $20. The respirator is a last ditch effort to keep your brain and lungs intact, and is far from the ideal solution.

But it's better than inhaling VOC's all day.

u/Roflchard · 3 pointsr/Gunpla
u/Route66_LANparty · 3 pointsr/Warhammer

Time to upgrade to an Airbrush and spray box/booth. You can vent them to a window with a hose. No rattle cans though, just acrylic airbrush paints/primers.

I use something like this...

There are also plenty of youtube videos on building your own.

u/glon · 3 pointsr/lasercutting

I use my airbrush for applying anything that I can, be that paint/stain/finish etc. Aside from saving money on paint you get much better results with a bit of practice. Smoother transitions etc etc. This is especially true with laser cut projects as I will often mask whatever it is that I am making, which allows me to spray the engraved/cut parts with an airbrush, and then remove the masking for perfect is an example Basically an airbrush is GREAT in combination with a laser cutter, that said, there is a cost. I'll provide you some links to my setup.



fume hood

masking material

Also there will be a smattering of paints/cleaners/paint thinners and airbrush cleaning supplies you'll need. So you are probably looking at $300-500 investment to get a good set up. Now clearly you can spend less on the airbrush, and if you plan on working outside, you can skip the fume hood etc etc, but just know that you won't be saving money on this right off the bat. All that said I heartily recommend getting one

u/crazyaky · 3 pointsr/airbrush

That is the one, without the lighting. I wound up getting [this one] ( because it was roughly the same total cost as the one you linked to since I have prime for free shipping and it came with the lights. If I had to do it over, I would probably get the one you linked to and get some of the LED's pointed out by /u/Bastidgeson.

Here is a video I found of someone actually using the booth. Skip to around 3:20. My only other comment is to make sure that there is enough room for the unit plus the hose coming out of the back wherever you are putting it. I have mine set up on a counter top (standard 24" deep) and, even angling the hoses at 90's to snake it to the window, the booth still sticks out over the edge of the counter by around 8 inches. I measured from the wall to the front edge and it's about 32 1/2" in total, from the front edge to the back curve of the hose. I wound up getting 3 pieces of scrap wood to put under it as support, just in case.

I decided to try to take a photo to show you what the built-in lighting looks like. I manually set up the photo so it looks very close to what I was seeing. I put that orange paint in there to really show the blue lighting effect on color. The 'white' stuff has been base coated with Vallejo Ivory. The AT-ST's in the back are the gray Krylon primer, prepped for painting. As a contrast photo, here are some y-wings with the same Vallejo Ivory (and one with just white Krylon primer), but under natural LED lighting. Also, you can see two of my tricks for prepping to airbrush large groups of things. For flat-ish objects, I can use double-sided tape on those jumbo craft sticks. For everything else, I use the blue poster tack stuff. I also keep empty medicine bottles in case there is just one thing that I am painting. Really, that turntable hasn't helped me much.

u/Splurch · 3 pointsr/minipainting

I would highly recommend you get a basic airbrush station. Masters makes a very simple airbrush station that while not perfect does help considerably, (there's are a few versions, one without tubing and another without light.) Alternatively you could put it near a window and have a fan blowing it out. Either way you really don't want to breath that aerosolized paint/primer/varnish and it lingers for quite a while, even after you've stopped smelling it.

As for flock storage I use some plastic Really Useful Boxes that I've glued some foam sheet to the top inside of the lid of to stop it from spilling out when closed.

u/pleasesteponmesinb · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Hey team, Does anyone have experience with This paint booth? Was considering going diy but I’ve found this for $150 nzd and would end up costing more to build my own I think.

u/solavi · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

It's this one on amazon I like it a lot for the price.

u/tuna1997 · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

Just to add to what u/eridanit has already said, you're also going to need a spraybooth. You can build one yourself, or buy one.

There's a pretty good spraybooth that's pretty powerful, has bright lights and comes with accesories to help direct the fumes out of your home from amazon for about 100 dollars

u/Kisada11 · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

If you have a window you can vent out of then [this works well](Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting for Painting All Art, Cake, Craft, Hobby, Nails, T-shirts & More. Includes 6 Foot Exhaust Extension Hose

I have this set up and it vents fine.

u/PowderedToastMaaaann · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I have one of these, mostly for airbrushing but I have used it with spray cans a couple of times.

u/Jackdoesderp · 2 pointsr/Warhammer

Miniac is pretty good with these sorts of things, and I used his videos to figure out my first Airbrush.

[Video talking about various good quality airbrushes.] (

Video on how to start with an Airbrush.

Honestly, that compressor is good, but the Master's airbrushes aren't great. A really good airbrush for starters is the Badger Patriot 105. It's got very few moving parts, lots of tutorials on how to use and clean it, and does the job for a decent price.

Badger Patriot 105

Master's Compressor with good reviews

For both, it's about 200$.

I'd also look into the Master's Painting Hood (Link).

I'm willing to answer any questions on what shit to buy, so feel free to ask.

u/Merendino · 2 pointsr/minipainting

>1: You say you use Vallejo paints, what is the reason for using that brand, Cost? Quality?

Boils down to really just two things.... the model air/game air paints are pre-thinned for airbrushing which is super handy, especially when starting out, and two, dropper bottles are infinitely better for airbrush work than those stupid-ass paint pots GW makes. I have LOTS of GW paints as they are amazing paints. (expensive, but amazing) Typically i brush paint with GW and airbrush with Vallejo.

>2: For some reason, that airbrush costs nearly 60 pounds :D (i live in the UK, if you hadnt guessed!) if i were to get that specific airbrush, what else would i need to make it work, you mention an Air Compressor (brand? type?) and a Water Trap (whats the purpose of that - as i say, bit of a noob here!), what else, some sort of Hose to connect the compressor to the brush i assume? any cleaning supplies? which specific paints do you use?

WTF?! That airbrush is 60 fuckin pounds in the UK. Shit. At any rate, ANY TANK compressor will work. A tank compressor compresses air into a giant tank that is THEN let out of the tank through the brush, which allows for smooth flow. If it were an air compressor without a tank then it would "putt, putt, putt air out." which is deadly for airbrush work. You want smooth constant air flow.

Airbrush to Compressor Hose

Water trap for air compressors Note: these aren't 100% necessary for a larger tank air compressor as the large tank somewhat does exactly what this little guy does. These are usually only necessary for a compressor that isn't a tank fed. Moisture through condensed air is a real problem and if it gets into your paint, it'll fuck up your smoothness of airbrushing.

My exact compressor, which can be used for LOTS of things, not just airbrushing. Note: the only downside to these types of compressor is how goddamned loud they are. Pretty much HAVE to be used outdoors.

I connect the airbrush to the hose i linked earlier. I connect that hose to the water trap i linked earlier. I connect the water trap to a standard thick cheap air compressor hose. I connect the cheap air compressor hose to the air compressor.

I assure you it's FAR less complicated than it seems. That masters brush i linked you earlier comes with a 'quick release' that is STUPID handy. It connects to the airbrush hose (the blue-ish one linked) really quickly.

I use pretty much exclusively Vallejo Air paints.

Model Air Standard Colors

Model Air Range

Game Air Range

Only difference between game and model air ranges is the color vibrance and ability to be touched repeatedly and not wear off. (should not be a problem at all if you varnish your models though). Game air colors are generally formulated to mimic the GW range as well.

The only difference between Game and Model vs Game Air/Model Air is that the Air versions of them are pre-thinned and ready to shoot through an airbrush straight outta the bottle. You can buy almost any of those colors individually from amazon.

Also, Airbrush Guru is THE best resource I've seen on the subject. TON of helpful tips and tricks. Great in-depth reviews of noob friendly airbrushes and how to clean them. Most of the things I've linked you to buy can be used for things OTHER than airbrushing. The reasons for that are they are cheap. Good airbrushes run for hundreds of dollars. Shitty ones that still work awesome are priced accordingly. Start small, then dive in from there.

Lastly but not in the very least... safety is king. DO NOT AIRBRUSH IN A CLOSED ROOM WITH NO VENTILATION.

Airbrushing acrylics is the safest of the paints to shoot through, but even they can get in your lungs and over time cause problems. If you are going to try to airbrush indoors make sure you setup a proper ventilation system or have in place a spray booth. Something like this would be fine.

P.S. This is incredibly handy as well, like, more handy than anything I've shown you so far. It is obviously NOT necessary, but once you start airbrushing I would guarantee you that it'll be the next thing you buy. Helps when you need to sit the airbrush down but you still have paint in the cup. Enjoy! Again, go to that website, The Airbrush Guru for the best information. It's fantastic, seriously.

u/Tweakers · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Saw this on Amazon recently: Portable Hobby Airbrush Spray Booth with LED Lighting Looks basic but has the necessary components as far as I can tell.

u/arkanoid2520 · 2 pointsr/Gunpla
u/SoullessSin · 2 pointsr/Gunpla

I use this with a respirator in my second bedroom.

u/exploited751 · 1 pointr/Tau40K

This is the booth I have, I really like it, it lights up really well, the fan suction is no where near strong enough to effect sprays or move light pieces but enough to keep the particles and such going out of it:

u/Marth171 · 1 pointr/Gunpla

This was the set that I initially purchased. The air brushes that came with the kit are a little on the cheap side but they were good for me to learn with.

This is the spray booth that I purchased a little while ago. So far the booth has been great. I'm able to spray indoors, both rattle cans and my airbrush. You just have to change the filter every once in a while, and I think the filters are ~$10.

I recently purchased this airbrush. I havent been able to use it yet though because I need an adapter to use it with the hose for my compressor.

u/chiggachiggameowmeow · 1 pointr/Gunpla

I just set up a teeny airbrush/gunpla work desk in a carpeted spare bedroom. My wife will lose her shit if I get paint ANYwhere on the carpet or guest bed. For now, I plan to only spray Future clear and some flat coats before gradually moving on to Tamiya acrylics (and perhaps Gaia lacquers). Other than what I have below - can anyone suggest some tips for maintaining a CLEAN and efficient small work area?

  • Drop cloth on table and floor just underneath desk
  • Airbrush spray booth with an exhaust to the window
  • Air purifier and desk fan
u/Lehovron · 1 pointr/Gunpla

You need the tools and you need the space. I used a circular saw and tried my best to get straight corners and square pieces but it is a little crooked here and there. A table saw would have been awesome to have for this.

If you have those tools and know how to use them, this is not a hard thing to build.

But honestly, I thought I was saving money building my own like this but I am pretty sure this thing would have been cheaper. Even with the adapter I would need to use it in Sweden...

u/DevilsArms · 1 pointr/Gunpla

the magic thing about the booth i bought, is that it is collapsible. The only thing youll need is a table, and somewhere to vent the exhaust hose.

u/disgustipated · 1 pointr/airbrush

The most important thing with a booth exhaust fan is that it's listed as brushless or spark protected. Volatiles, like paint fumes are combustible. You don't want to pass flammables through a sparking fan.

I have a paint booth like this. The filter's 9x16 inches, and it uses a 4-inch high-power fan similar to a PC case fan.

u/D00D238 · 1 pointr/modelmakers it works really well, I haven't had any issues with it so far.

u/AsymmetricCats · 1 pointr/Gunpla

Yet another question about paints! I'm grabbing some Mr Color paints (because the stuff I want to do does not have an applicable Tamiya paint mixture laid out anywhere and I don't want to try 'eyeballing' shades just yet) but I have one small worry about them.

How bad ARE the fumes? I live in an apartment that's a pretty decent size and my current gunpla workroom is large but has no windows. So how much trouble am I signing up for here? I've been eying this thing here : but again, no nearby windows to run the piping to. Would it be okay to just run it out the door of the small(er) room into my larger room, which does have a patio door I can open for natural ventilation, or is that also too little?

I just really don't want to end up making myself sick for my hobby.

u/hatgineer · 1 pointr/modelmakers

You are right that acrylics are relatively safe. You still don't want to breathe in the particles though. Just get one of them spray booths and extend the hose with something similar from Home Depot.

u/ice_09 · 1 pointr/minipainting

I have this one :

without the light and it gets the job done. It is not the fanciest setup, but it really does work.

u/n0vast0rm · 1 pointr/modelmakers

>is there any advice you guys could give me so that I end up ruining the finish on my kits?

Why certainly, just spray with tar thinned with engine oil, i garuantee you will end up ruining the finish on your kits =D

On topic though since i'm not much of a DIY-er and looking for a spray booth myself, i've found they don't have to be very expensive.
Example 1
Example 2

Those have a hose that you can hang out the window making ventilation no longer a problem.
Disclaimer though: i'm still looking and haven't actually used any of these nor done much research into them yet so they might be utter crap, but hopefully some fellow modelers will have experience?

u/MiscalculatedRisk · 1 pointr/minipainting

You really want a spray booth not so much to avoid spraying other objects, but to avoid inhaling paint particles that can fly back into your face.

Here is what my buddy bought it's very compact and works well, I've used it myself as well.

u/cacaus · 1 pointr/Gunpla

Can I use an aluminum or pvc viynl hose to replace my plastic hose in my airbrush station?

I have this airbrush station and due to long time being stored on my window, the sun has made the plastic hose dry out and crack. I am looking for a replacement and can't find any with just the 4inch diameter plastic hose. However I do see some 4 inch diameter exhaust hoses made with different material (aluminum / pvc viynl). Can I use one of those instead of having to a replacement for the whole plastic hose unit? Which one would be best?

u/honda_fast · 1 pointr/ModelCars

I use this:

Loved it so much I bought another one to increase the size! One is enough for all cars and most planes. If you like to built huge 1/48 planes you'll need two pushed together.