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Master Lock Cable, Steel Cable With Looped Ends, 72DPF,Black,15' x 3/8
Cable lock provides security from theftCable is best used for securing large or bulky items like bikes, grills, lawnmowers, ladders, and gatesCable is constructed from braided steel for strength and flexibility and protective vinyl coating to prevent scratchingRecommended for use with Master Lock laminated locks, solid steel locks, and mini U-locks, sold separately15 ft (4.6 m) long with 3/8 in. (10 mm) outside diameter
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7 Reddit comments about Master Lock Cable, Steel Cable With Looped Ends, 72DPF,Black,15' x 3/8" Diameter:

u/codewired · 8 pointsr/buildapc

Chassis lock: This lock replaces the thumb screws making it harder for someone to open the side panel. It comes 1 per pack, so buy 4 if you can.

Padlock + [Security Cable]( + Drill: This depends on the case. I have the r4 and was able to drill a hole in the back. I tied my PC to my bed frame. Here's what mine look like on a R4

Lastly a Kensington lock for the monitor.

u/reggae_muffin · 3 pointsr/liveaboard

I think the main deterrent is always making breaking into your boat more trouble than it'll be worth. Make sure everything is stowed away when you're not on board, don't leave things laying around in plain sight for anyone to eye up. If you store anything easy to sell (like propane tanks or diesel jerry cans) then do your best to either lock them away, or to thoroughly tie them up. Get various lengths of looped steel cable and some heavy duty locks to secure anything else you might keep on deck (like kayaks or surf boards). Do the same with your dinghy outboard, and even your dinghy when you're on shore. Make sure you hoist and visibly lock your dinghy every night.

Fitting security screens on your hatches and companionway makes a big difference too, since it's pretty easy to pop a hatch with a crow bar. When you're away, pull your covers/curtains so no one can peek in and have a look at what might be worth stealing.

You can get some wireless motion sensors and set them up at various places around the boat. They'll flood the area with light and sound alarms so that's also a pretty effective method of startling someone off. There are also personal alarms which you can activate yourself if you're on board while someone tries to break in. A good ol' air horn will also do the trick. I've got a couple friends who have a Christmas ornament made of maybe 10 jingle bells tied to the back of their companion-way latch so that if anyone fiddles with it, you can hear.

u/SamEEE · 2 pointsr/guns

Steel braided security cable with loops at both ends crimped. Run through trigger guard and through an eye bolt attacked to a wall stud.

Should cost about 30 dollars all up.

Seems I was about on the money.

u/pointlessdude · 2 pointsr/biggreenegg will give you something to think about, 2 guys just grabbed it right off his porch. a Camera will just give you a good shot of people you wont recognize. least try slow them down with a Cable lock:

u/PeaceBeWithYou- · 2 pointsr/Dualsport

Not OP, but a fellow XR owner. My solution was to hide away a kill switch. This combined with a cable and lock, and have never had a problem in the City. You can probably go without lock and chain in a small town, but I don't want someone picking up my bike and tossing it in their truck. Better safe than sorry

u/jidery · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Most cases with a lock have minimal protection anyway. I use a thick cable and thread it through my jacket and pants and through my tail bag and lock with a master lock for protection at my school. Would take a lot of effort to steal any gear from me.

u/sidusnare · -7 pointsr/gatech

Some are as easy to pick you can do it with a pen cap. A wire rope with a circular shrouded padlock is the hardest to steal, the wire is a pain to get through with a bolt cutter and the padlock is resistant to shimming