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Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U
Built in TurboCompatible with all games supported by the Wii Classic ControllerCompatible with all games supported by the Wii Classic Controller ProThe button A, B, X, Y, L, R and Z can be customized with Turbo
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u/Boba2007 · 706 pointsr/gaming
u/Rhinne · 119 pointsr/gaming
u/dmalvano · 56 pointsr/gaming

Or just buy make it so I can use this for it

u/MajorasAss · 50 pointsr/smashbros

> wired Wii U compatible Gamecube controller

I refuse to believe anyone who keeps saying this shit has even held a Wii U Pro controller, or hasn't seen the link to the Wii U GC Mayflash adaptor that gets posted every other thread.

u/faortiz · 20 pointsr/wiiu

I purchased two adapters on amazon and here's what I got.

Both are the same, inputs are only for OTHER Wii remote accessories. I'm so frustrated because I was excited to finally use my GC controllers. But anyway, I'm trying to ask for a replacement but Amazon doesn't let me and says it's only for standard refund. DAMMIT.

Has this happened to anyone? How did you handle it? I don't want to pay for returned shipping and I would REALLY like to receive replacements already instead of having to look online again and purchase two more. I didn't even know that they made these? The picture clearly shows a slot for GC controllers. But yeah, all help/advice appreciated.

EDIT: I didn't mean to give amazon any bad light, they gave me a full refund right away and I'm still going to buy another pair of adapters to use my GC controller. Didn't mean to rant so much, I just thought this unlucky fail was hilarious enough for reddit to see.

EDIT2: I realized after reading some comments that I forgot to mention that I own the Wii U, although I hoped it was rather obvious seeing as how I posted this in r/WiiU. Thanks to those who rightfully assumed this

u/GomaN1717 · 20 pointsr/Games

If you get a Mayflash Adapter, you can still use your old GCN controllers.

u/ChibiSheep · 19 pointsr/smashbros

I stand by using this adapter to play with my GCN controller. That's how I play MK8 and all of my virtual console games. Hoping that it works with Smash U.

u/CajunTurkey · 16 pointsr/gaming
u/Matsurosuka · 11 pointsr/mariokart

You can use these to play MK8 with Gamecube controllers. I've had one since MK8 came out and it is still working great.

u/kitsovereign · 8 pointsr/Games

There are a few options right now - The Mayflash adapter lets you connect a GCN controller to a Wii remote and have it spoof a Classic Controller. Additionally, the PDP Wired Fight Pad and HORI Battle Pad are Classic Controllers, but modeled after the classic Gamecube controller shape.

There's always the chance that Nintendo will make the GCN adapter work for things other than SSB for Wii U, but I'm not sure I'd hold my breath. Honestly if they just made it work in Wii mode it'd be amazing.

u/Sirgoku1 · 8 pointsr/smashbros

There actually is an adapter to get Gamecube to Wii U. You can purchase it here

u/seehanth001 · 7 pointsr/gaming

No, but it's possible to connect a Gamecube controller a Wii Remote as if it was a Wii Classic Controller.

u/billpika · 6 pointsr/smashbros

It's a convertor that recognizes the GC controller as a classic controller.

u/davidvkimball · 6 pointsr/smashbros

There is sort of a solution. Check out my video here.

Basically, there's an adapter (link to amazon here) that connects from your Wii Remote to your GameCube controller, and it essentially treats your GameCube controller like a Classic Controller.

More details are in the video. :)

u/BombTicker · 6 pointsr/smashbros

you can get an adapter online I believe mayflash makes one, also you can get the new white controller for like 36$ on amazon. Let me find you the links one sec... that is the controller and is the adapter. Also why the fuck does the url for that last link say B00BS lol its like someone is fucking with us! hahaha. But a tilt is just when you SLIGHTLY move your control stick up, down or forward and press A and you will do a tilt attack that is weak and is great for comboing/juggling for most characters. You can do it with your wiimote + nunchuck itll just be bad. Also play Project M as it has melee physics since if you have a wii U u probs wont be playing melee anytime soon so you can get good without having the game.

u/AvoidingIowa · 6 pointsr/Games
u/HeroOfLegend · 5 pointsr/smashbros

It works perfectly on the wii u. I ended up switching to the classic controller pro due to the lack of GC ports on the wii u. However you can get an adapter to use your GC remotes for it.

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/wiiu
u/John_Lawn · 5 pointsr/gaming

Well, there are these things. Assuming that SSB4 supports the classic controller from the wii (which I'm 90% sure they will), your problem is solved.

u/EnduranceProtocol · 5 pointsr/nintendo

Unfortunately no. Wii games are played in the WiiU's Wii mode, which is basically Wii hardware. The Gamepad simply shuts.

You can use the Wii Classic Controller (Pro). There are 3rd party Wii to Gamecube controller adapters such as this one, if you're interested in that, although I can't vouch for any brand or if they're even reliable at all, as I've never experienced any.

u/iRanch · 5 pointsr/smashbros

If the game allows for Wii Classic Controllers, you can use the GC to Classic adapter, otherwise everyone will use the new Pro Controller.

Some people have played Melee with the Wii U pro controller through homebrew and said it felt fine, so i'm not so worried.

u/midsummernightstoker · 5 pointsr/Games

There is an adapter that lets you use gamecube controllers with the Wii U. Still no BC for gamecube games though.

u/IAmAGayPenis · 5 pointsr/wiiu I have not purchased one yet myself but I've seen people post about them a few times on the subreddit and heard they work just fine!

u/Tiger_Millionaire · 4 pointsr/Games

I have one of these:
It works great! You plug it into a Wiimote and then plug a cube controller into it and you're golden. The only downside is you only get one port but it's whatever.
Edit: wrong link

u/schmorgyborgy · 4 pointsr/wiiu

Because not everybody has a Game Cube and Wii, and it is sometimes easier to just have everything on one console. Also, you can use your game cube controller with this

u/bpear · 4 pointsr/wiiu

If you don't want to use homebrew like someone else suggested (HID to VPAD) . Homebrew is super simple to setup btw, just put some files on your sd card and launch a web page on the wii u browser.


You could get this adapter it plugs into a wii remote and the wii u reads it as a classic controller. I don't know why it has such poor reviews. I have one and it works perfectly fine.

u/Hudbus · 4 pointsr/nintendo

Take a look at this.

That's really the only way to get official GC controllers to work with all Wii U titles that support the Classic Controller.

The overhyped adapter only works with Smash Bros. for some (possibly marketing related) reason.

u/Connor53 · 4 pointsr/smashbros

I believe you will want to get one of these.

u/rageaholic55 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

You can use a Gamecube Controller. Nintendo does have a problem with not patching/updating games. I hope, now that they're finally doing DLC, that maybe they've changed their tune on that (Probably not though).

u/ZombieHousefly · 3 pointsr/wiiu

>except GameCube controllers

There are adapters that convert Gamecube controllers to classic controllers though.

edit: There is a lie on that product page - it is not compatible with all games supported by the Wii U Pro Controller.

u/Neversoft · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You can get GCN to Wii Remote adapters (gives you a GCN connector on the Wii Remote and even works with the Wavebird) and I think they're programmable so you can map the buttons how you like. So hopefully, a dedicated Fightstick shouldn't be necessary for those of you who prefer the GCN controller... Personally I'm shit at Smash Bros regardless of the controller :D

Here you go

u/Bill_H_Cosby · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/Oshtoby · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

Project M on the Wii U will only support Wiimote, Wiimote and Nunchuk, Wii Classic Controller, and Wii Classic Controller Pro. It will NOT support the Wii U Pro controller, the Wii U Gamepad or the 4 port Gamecube Adapter that plugs directly into the Wii U's USB port.

Now, what you CAN do to play with a Gamecube controller is buy a Gamecube Controller to Wii Classic Controller converter. There are only two that I know of. They are these two links:

These will make your Gamecube controller plug into the bottom of your Wiimote and make it act like a Wii Classic Controller with all the functionality of a Gamecube Controller.

u/ScorchRaserik · 3 pointsr/wiiu

It plugs into the Wiimote and treats the GC controller like a Classic Controller.

u/tacoyum6 · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U by Mayflash

I've been using this for the past couple months, works great

u/Zesso · 3 pointsr/smashbros
u/PJRobinson · 3 pointsr/smashbros

[You could always buy third party adapters] ( They plug into the wiimote and trick the console into thinking you're using a classic controller

u/lorderk · 3 pointsr/SSBPM

There is a WiiU in the breakroom at my work, we use 4 of These to play Brawl, and Brawl Minus

u/ArmyDude956 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

Get this third party adapter, I have it and it works perfectly.

It makes it register as a Classic Controller in the game, so the game would have to support Classic Controllers for it to work.

u/Gammapod · 3 pointsr/wiiu

There's only one game in Nintendo Land that requires a Nunchuk, but it's one of the most fun (it's the Metroid one). The rest only need Wii Remotes (be sure you buy ones with MotionPlus, though, as the Zelda game requires it).

For Brawl, you can use either a Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk (my personal favorite), Wii Remote + Classic Controller, or a Gamecube controller. There are no Gamecube controller ports on the Wii U, though, so you'd have to use an adapter.

Mario Kart Wii can be controlled with a Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuk, or Wii Remote + Classic Controller. I wouldn't recommend buying any Classic Controllers unless you plan to play a lot of Wii games. The newer Pro Controllers are better, but are incompatible with Wii games.

edit: Linked to a gamecube adapter.

u/nthny · 3 pointsr/nintendo

There are a number of solutions that involve plugging the controller into the Wii Remote so that the Wii U will read them as a Classic Controller.

For GameCube, you've got a couple of options. You can go with this adapter, which lets you use your existing GameCube controller. There's also this controller from Hori, which is an actual Classic Controller in the exact shape of the GameCube controller. I have both, and they both work well, but I prefer the Hori controller.

For N64, there's this adapter. It's the same idea as the GameCube adapter linked above. I haven't used this one myself, so I can't tell you from experience how well it works.

Because all of these options register as Classic Controllers, they have the advantage of being compatible with any Wii or Wii U game that uses it, which is very many of them. For N64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, you'll be able to adjust the button mapping in the options menu to make sure everything plays just the way you remember it.

I hope this is helpful. Enjoy your Wii U, and welcome to the club!

u/RastaSauce · 3 pointsr/smashbros

There is, but only with an wiimote and adapter for each GC controller.

u/Kajean · 3 pointsr/gaming

Apparently this is a thing. So just keep using GC controller I guess.

u/DJWhyYou · 3 pointsr/gaming

You can buy adapters that plug into your WiiMote for your GCN controllers.
I'm not sure if that exact one will be compatible with SSBU, but it is compatible with Brawl when played on WiiU. There are more out there now than will be compatible with SSBU.

u/theblamergamer · 3 pointsr/Games

This may solve the problem.

u/tafovov · 3 pointsr/smashbros

You could try one of these.

It lets you plug the GC controller into a wiimote like a classic controller, so it will work for any game with classic controller support, like brawl.

u/Ligless · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/SteroidSandwich · 3 pointsr/gaming

I brought this up before... Over 30 redditors sent me a link to this

u/Randomwaffle23 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

If you want, you can pick up one of these adapters for $15. It lets you use your GC controller as a classic controller.

u/Navolas2 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

"a converter"

I'm assuming you mean this, the Mayflash Adapter. From what I've heard it works great. It just maps the Gamecube controller as though it was a Classic Controller.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Here are some links for the product in the above comment for different countries:

Amazon Smile Link: This adapter


This bot is currently in testing so let me know what you think by voting (or commenting). The thread for feature requests can be found here.

u/marioman63 · 3 pointsr/wiiu

no controllers have been confirmed for smash 4, but your safest option would be the classic controller. i have heard this is a good option if you want to use gamecube controllers on wii u. note that games do not detect the controller as a gamecube one, but it at least gives you the button layout of a gamecube controller for games that use classic controllers. because the system thinks it is a classic controller, it will work in both wii u and wii mode, and therefore brawl and (most likely) smash 4.

u/TyranusCannabis · 3 pointsr/wiiu

You could get something like this adapter and plug your GC controller in assuming you have one:

Or the Hori Battle Pad (Which isn't as good as a real GC controller but still nice), both are plugged in through your wiimote to act as "unofficial" classic controllers. So you can use a GC controller on any game that allows a Classic Controller.

As for an actual 64 Controller, that'd be pretty difficult but I think the GC controller is fundamentally better.

u/ThisDudeIsRad · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have an adapter that basically tricks a Wiimote into thinking a Gamecube controller is a classic controller and I love it for Virtual Consol games. There's a TINY bit of lag, so it wouldn't be really useful for Smash Bros or Street Fighter ir other fast paced games, but it works great for Star Fox and Zelda, etc...

Here's a link!

u/porygon21 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Just going to leave this here:

u/H0B0onDRUGS2 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

For Wii U I use these (Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U)

Also to help fix the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 use this through Homebrew Channel if you are using Homebrew Channel: (

link of where I found that zip file: (

u/Dacvak · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

I have two of these, and they work flawlessly. No lag.

u/hichewsu · 2 pointsr/smashbros

You could try a mayflash adapter here, but weird stuff can happen

u/Norviskor · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Don't forget that Mayflash sells an adapter that plugs into a Wiimote and ports to a GC controller. This way is not effective for SM4SH because it uses two controllers per person, but for single player games, it's great.

u/MegaHaxorus · 2 pointsr/nintendo

That won't work on Wii U, as that adapter replicates a GameCube controller. GameCube controllers are only compatible with Smash 4 and certain vWii homebrew titles.

You could use one of these to use a GameCube controller.

Edit: This was supposed to be a comment on a comments. Oops. Oh well.

u/StudlySquirtle · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I'm about to blow your mind op.

17 dollars well spent. It works excellently. Only downside is the amount of cords. If you have any questions about it let me know.

u/reg_pfj · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Here are some good pictures of the wii u mobo. Maybe one will show you the area you're interested in and you can look for traces and pads.

Make sure you take pics and share your results on this project.

Our you could maybe get one of these:

u/KallyWally · 2 pointsr/smashbros


What I meant by "not natively supported" is that the Wii U doesn't support GC controllers, hence the need for an adapter.

u/SlibIsSandwich · 2 pointsr/gaming

Yeah. I believe they have them. Its the only way so far you'll get the feel of a GC controller on the WiiU. While looking for it I found this as well but personally I don't like the looks of it:

Info on the other version and more:

u/Bent_00 · 2 pointsr/BrawlMinus

This adapter will let you use a GC controller, but only 1 per adapter.

It connects to a Wii Remote, and the GC controller registers as a Classic Controller.

u/wuzup11 · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

Ok so this question does get asked (and answered) a lot. I know Reddit's search sucks, but given the number of other posts about this topic, I'm sure it'll come up with something.

But to answer your question: you can use a GameCube controller for PM on the Wii U, but you can't use the Nintendo adapter (or any USB adapter that plugs into the system). You have to use an adapter that plugs into a Wiimote to emulate a Classic Controller, like this one, because the Wii's operating system was never designed to take GameCube controller inputs from any USB ports, and neither was Brawl, and neither was PM.

u/aunaste · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I have a one of these,
It works just fine, the tricky part is remembering to press the start button multiple times for + and - on the classic controller.

u/Jaws12 · 2 pointsr/wiiu

From what I can gather, the Wii DDR game supports classic controllers. You can hook GameCube port peripherals to WiiMotes with this adapter (Warning!: These adapters only seem to work with original WiiMotes, not MotionPlus WiiMotes, so be warned!).

I own three of these adapters myself and they work quite well for using GameCube controllers as classic controllers in other games, so they might work for this as well! Good luck!

u/Hambone321 · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

You always use this one

While not ideal I've been using it with little issue for about a year now.

u/markymawk · 2 pointsr/SSBPM

wii games do work with GC controllers, you just need a wii that has Gamecube pluggy holes. USB adapters won't work outside of Nintendont.

you can either get a new Wii, or get an adapter to plug into your Wii remote. This probably won't be allowed at tourneys but if you're playing on your own it's a cheaper option

u/yonkomother · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I'd consider this as well. I have one and it's great. It should do all the things you want, but with actual GC controllers.

I also know a lot of people really like this guy as well, but I've never used it. Same deal, just different brand.

u/doorknob60 · 2 pointsr/wiiu
u/Vrekk · 2 pointsr/smashbros

They will come out there. It is released world wide, there are just far more people who want them then adapters. And like i said, this this should work, I just haven't personally tested it.The game will see it as a classic controller but the game supports classic controllers. This Should work too. Its not really a gamecube controller, but should feel like one.
Or you could play the game with a great Pro controller, or gamepad. The game cube controller isn't the only way to do it.

u/darkwareddit · 2 pointsr/WiiUHacks
u/danzaku79 · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/urahonky · 2 pointsr/gaming

There is an adapter on Amazon that allows you to connect a GameCube controller to the wiiu. I'm on mobile so I don't have a link handy but give it a search. I'm not sure if it entirely works but may be worth it for you.

Here you go:

u/al3xtec · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I just ordered GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii & Wii U and the [Dual GC Controller Adapter for PC] ( I should get them today and I will let you know if they work on the Wii U.

u/Neskuaxa · 2 pointsr/gaming
Yes is says boobs, big whoop wanna fight about it?

u/kentonbomb84 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Here you go, works suprisingly well after some tinkering. You can thank me later in a match when it comes out lol

u/AnonTheTerrible · 2 pointsr/gaming
u/Yokuo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would love to win this adapter

Cheesecake is AMAZING, for real. SO GOOD.

cheesecake all day everyday

u/yankees27th · 2 pointsr/wiiu

This adapter says it works for both Wii and Wii U. So I can use gamecube controllers to play both Brawl and Smash 4? Buy two of these and two gcn controllers and I'm good to go for multiplayer?

u/minizanz · 2 pointsr/wiiu

all n64 vc games on the virtual wii need the classic controller pro. you can use the official ones, hori battle pads, or the pdp ones. if you install nintendont on the vwii you can use wiiU pro controllers, ps3, or ps4 controllers or the usb game cube adapters. all of them on the wiiu require a full pro controller of any gen (so non wiimote)


you can also inject roms so long as you own one game with that emulator. so if a game is not on the wiiU but you have it you can use caffeine on the current firmware to hack any rom into virtual console.


edit- there is also this guy from mayflash that will make your gamecube controllers plug into a wiimote and work as classic controller pro , mayflash also sells this guy that is better than the nintendo smash game cube adapter

edit2- if you plan on playing online you need the lan adapter as well, there are lots of 3rd party for that as well since you only need the same chipset (ASIX AX88772)

u/Spockrocket · 2 pointsr/wiiu

They also work if you buy an adapter to have them recognized as Classic controllers, e.g. this

u/erwan · 2 pointsr/nintendo

If you don't want to get a classic controller, you can get this:

But it may be better to wait for the official Gamecube controller adapter that will be released for Super Smash Bros.

u/ss4444gogeta · 2 pointsr/wiiu

I've heard people have had success with this one.

u/gamegirlpocket · 2 pointsr/WiiHacks

Amazon sells the Mayflash version, it just reads the GC as a Classic Controller:

Not an 'official' product but you definitely don't need to mod a controller.

u/sboles66 · 1 pointr/smashbros

I mean, the product is fine. It does what it does. Buying one for practice while waiting for the adapter to release? Seems like a good idea. Buying 4 for your friends to come over incase it doesn't have backwards compatibility? I wouldn't. Get one for now, then buy any others if the official adapter doesn't have compatibility. This is the one I have - "Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U"

u/blindpone · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I didn't know the official worked on PC though, that's cool. I'd probably go with the cheaper more available option.

u/Dancthetank · 1 pointr/wiiu

Buy this to use GameCube controllers with your Wii U, it's also on EBay

I have 2 and I'm ordering 2 more. They are fantastic. Hook up either a wired controller or a wavebird base and it works great with either. No delay.

The Eshop is getting better week by week. The upgrade fee for $1.50 from Wii VC titles to Wii U VC titles is awesome because you get full tablet support once it's a Wii U supported game. Even if the game is not Wii U supported the games can be transferred and still played through the "Wii" app on the Wii U. They work just as easy as they did on Wii. I use my adapter to use GC controllers with them. Right now I'm Rolling through OoT and it's awesome. Beats the shit out of the Wii controller Nintendo offered before.

Go for it. More games are coming out in the coming weeks and months. I love my Wii U and ill never think twice about ever having it. I've convinced a few friends to pick one up as well :)

u/dreauxx · 1 pointr/smashbros

Facepalm. I was thinking of a different mayflash adapter.

u/Xuralei · 1 pointr/smashbros

On the topic of controllers, does anyone use this adapter? Also, does anyone use a 3rd Party controller?

u/Dark_Shroud · 1 pointr/gaming

Depends on which one you're talking about, Mayflash does/did make some USB adapters for the PC.

I have this one:

It lets the Gamecube controller be plugged into the wii remote in place of the Classic controller or Classic Controller Pro, which I also have.

u/p0rtugalvii · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/AlexD336 · 1 pointr/nintendo

I just pre ordered one at best after reading this post. Id rather get it late than not get one at all.

Will this one work instead?

u/Socksfelloff · 1 pointr/wiiu
u/itsJimboFresh · 1 pointr/gamecollecting

Works with this controller, my wavebirds, and my other nintendo GC controllers. Some 3rd party controllers may not work.

u/TheManDudeGuy · 1 pointr/smashbros

Can anyone confirm if these work?

u/_wytOut · 1 pointr/smashbros

maybe he's talking about this

u/bluntsncuntss · 1 pointr/smashbros

Mayflash sells gamecube adapters that plug into a wiimote. That's what I use. I really don't see a difference in lag at all. They only work for the official nintendo gamecube controllers (not wavebirds) though. Here's the link.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/MrBanjankri · 1 pointr/gaming

There's hope for the gamecube controller yet. Wii U gamecube controller adapter on amazon

u/LadyDraconian · 1 pointr/gaming

Can I brighten your day here by saying.. There is an attachment you can buy for your wii-mote that will make it gamecube controller adaptable.. If your anything like me it takes a gc controller to play wii games like mario kart.. and classic games like majoras mask and oot. 16 dollars is a cheap price to pay for a more comfortable controller :3.

u/iRacist · 1 pointr/gaming


Plugs right into your Wiimote.

u/BanetheKira · 1 pointr/gaming

>The only problem is that it can't have Gamecube controllers


u/Reynard_Austin · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Refurbished WiiU Pro straight from Nintendo is usually $200-$250, but it seems they're out of stock right now. Its fully compatible with Wii games and controllers, and most first party games so far support Classic controllers in addition to the Gamepad and WiiU controllers. This here will let you use a Gamecube controller as a "Classic Controller" through the Wii Remote. Mayflash makes some good adapters, I'm absolutely happy with my Classic Controller-PC adapter. The official adapter only works with Sm4sh and Dolphin on the PC currently, so the unoffcial one is needed for other games.

The WiiU is the only system really worth getting in addition to PC right now, it makes a great compliment.

u/watwait · 1 pointr/wiiu

Long shot, a Gamecube racing wheel and a Mayflash Gamecube to Classic Controller adapater

u/dr_wario_PHD · 1 pointr/wiiu

There are some adapters that allow you to plug your Gamecube controller into a Wii Remote, which should be compatible with games that support the Classic Controller. I had one so I could play Brawl on the Wii U before Smash 4 came out.

Amazon Link to the one I have

u/nemeth88 · 1 pointr/wiiu

If the Wii game is Classic Controller compatible, you can still use a Gamecube pad using one of these Wiimote-to-GC adapters: I have one and it works well for SSBB.

However, this only works on Wii games that have the Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro icon on the box.

The good news is that RE4: Wii supports classic controllers:

u/fifosexapel · 1 pointr/nintendo

I have both the Mayflash Adapter and the PDP Fight Pad

If you already have the GCN controller, the adapter works well enough, specially if you want it for VC games. Every once on a while, The adapter disconnects mid gameplay for a few secs, so that can be bothersome, I used it with a pc like you intend to, works just fine. The downside is you have less buttons than the classic controller (no select/- and only 3 shoulder buttons) and the L and R are recognized as such instead of ZL/ZR which can be confusing in some instances.

The PDP Fight pad works beautifully, has all the buttons and the right analog stick is actually a stick as opposed to the shorter c-stick. The one downside is the controller feels kinda empty, which makes it feel cheap (kinda like the classic controller or those awful gamestop branded GNN controllers), but it only feels cheap cos they are very responsive.

I would recommend the fight pad over the gcn adapter, unless you absolutely positively need the original gcn controller. Havnet used the hori pads, they have turbo built in but as far as i know are pretty similar to the pdp pads.

u/CompC · 1 pointr/wiiu

Oh right. I forgot about that. Nintendo doesn't, but Mayflash does. That's how I use my GameCube controller with my PC.

u/PurePsykosis · 1 pointr/wii

Try this then. Kind of expensive for what it is though.

u/OG-Mudbone · 1 pointr/wiiu

Wait, if I softmod my wii mode on my wii u, I can use the gamecube adapter with wii?

OP: I'd suggest getting a mayflash gamecube controller adapter. They're $17 on amazon and it allows you to plug in your gc controllers straight into the wiimote and it reads it as a classic controller.

u/Archnation · 1 pointr/wiiu

Pretty sure you can do that already by using the wii menu on your wiiu. Also you guys should know about this. It's a little buggy but works really well for most games.

u/voidFunction · 1 pointr/smashbros

I'm talking about this. If you are trying to use this, then you are using the wrong tool entirely.

u/andysaurus_rex · 1 pointr/wiiu

This one does not work (I know from experience). This is the one I was thinking of, but I was wrong. It plugs into the wii remote.

u/Shnazzyone · 1 pointr/wiiu

Hey... there's always this:

and the hori pads they run as classic controller pro controllers then which is compatible with N64.

u/browningtons · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/TQQ · 1 pointr/Games

i know this is late, but there are 3rd party adapters in stock on amazon

u/russiangn · 1 pointr/Connecticut

I don't own any consoles so I don't know what kind of an adapter you're looking for. But, I see that amazon is selling various types of adapters. The ones which are Prime eligible like this one can be shipped overnight for a few bucks extra.

edit: looks like they're not shipping over the weekend. Sorry :(

u/esm8m · 1 pointr/wiiu

The USB adapter only works with Smash 4. However, I have one of these, which essentially makes the Gamecube controller into a classic controller, and it seems to work pretty well.

u/killer4u77 · 1 pointr/nintendo
u/Prof_garyoak · 1 pointr/wiiu

You can always get a wiimote adaptor to use whatever controller you want (since these will be read as a classic controller.

Wiimote to Gamecube Controller:

Wiimote to N64 Controller adapter:

I haven't used the N64 but my friend has a gamecube one and I used it to clear through most of DK64

u/___Preek · 1 pointr/wiiu

No. I don't use a gamecube shaped classic controller. I use a original gamecube controller with an adapter into my Wiimotes. Don't say stuff like that if you don't know what I own, my friend.

Take a look at this it's German but you might understand what it is.

u/L_Caret_Two · 1 pointr/SSBPM

Melee runs with the adapter through Nintendont, which is a Gamecube loader. It doesn't load Wii games. The reason it works with Nintendont is because that program supports USB controllers.

That said, I run PM on my Wii U using my Brawl disc and an SD card. I use the PM launcher. I use this to connect a Gamecube controller. But yeah, a wired solution would be preferable.

u/SmileyyFML · 1 pointr/SSBPM

This one will though.

I just ordered 2 and I'm itching to try them myself.

u/anothershittyalt · 1 pointr/smashbros

They offer an adapter for the Wii U, but paying 30 dollars for 1 controller port as opposed to what should be 20 dollars for 4 ports doesn't sound particularly enticing...

Other than that, I got nothing. Hunting for the official adapter is gonna be hard as shit for a while.

u/Fuzzy_Socrates · 1 pointr/smashbros

They are very scarce at the moment, but I played (and a blast tonight) with two of these:

This does require you to have wii-motes, but I can confirm that it work just fine. I will be getting the official nintendo one, but for now this shall do.

u/Mvance30 · 1 pointr/gaming

i have an old gamecube that doesn't read discs anymore. I wonder with some USB cables if I can rewire it to work on the wiiu.

fyi amazon has 2 left for $115 lol

but there is this. I just ordered one.

u/mdunlap59 · 1 pointr/gaming

I bought this adapter that connects the game cube controller to wii stick for like 13 bucks. It's great, it makes it wireless too.

Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U by Mayflash

u/Kasen_Ibara · 1 pointr/touhou

if you've got a GC controller you can use an adapter IIRC both sticks are octagonal gates.

u/brobroma · 1 pointr/smashbros

As of right now, nothing official. You could buy a GC to Wii Classic Controller adapter. There is an official GC controller adapter coming later this year that will work with Smash 4, but there is no confirmation that it will work with Wii games however. I think it's pretty likely to happen, however.

u/Greatjob18 · 1 pointr/gaming

might be quite expensive, but it's probably your only option if you want to use a GC controller.

u/Alchy919 · 1 pointr/gaming

Alternatively if you still wanna use your Gamecube controller for the new Smash Brothers there's this

u/EpilepticWaffle · 1 pointr/gaming

yes, but it is not the same. I still love my gamecube controllers, and I was able to find an adapter that connects to the Wii U remote, and makes the gamecube
controller technically wireless.

u/TallestSkil · 1 pointr/smashbros


And there's already a WiiU controller. This will never happen.

u/Joker1980 · 1 pointr/gaming
u/Mackiller123 · 1 pointr/smashbros

Are they not coming out with adapters to support the gamecube controller such as this? why not use these?

u/L_Pag · 1 pointr/SSBPM

can't really answer one and two, but there is an adapter

u/Giggity-Gooo · 1 pointr/smashbros
u/maximumzero · 1 pointr/wiiu

Okay so I can't seem to find the one I originally linked you to on Amazon, but I did find this PS2 Controller to Wii Adapter and this Gamecube Controller to Wii Adapter that you could try out. Both seem to have decent reviews on Amazon.

I have not personally used these, but their Wii U Pro Controller Adapter has gotten some glowing reviews & impressions from those that use it, so the company as a whole is probably legit.

u/-MarisaTheCube- · 1 pointr/smashbros

GameCube controllers do work with N64 VC games on the Wii (just tested it, I own Smash 64 on my Wii) but I don't think they work with anything on the Wii U other than Smash 4. You could get an adapter like this one if you really wanted to use GameCube over a Classic Controller, but I'm not seeing the best of reviews for those.

And yeah, a lot of people do say that there is input lag (it's why the VC version isn't recommended for tournaments), but I'm not an expert on it as I don't own an actual N64 to compare. Sorry.

u/Lumas202 · 0 pointsr/nintendo

Depending on what you are using it for, this might help. It connects a Gamecube controller to a Wiimote. The system recignizes it as being a Classic Controller. It works for Wii and Wii U games.

u/laWiin · 0 pointsr/nintendo

Also you can buy the GCN to Wii/Wii U controller adapters :)

u/UrinalChopsticks · 0 pointsr/smashbros

Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U by Mayflash
If you cant wait.

u/firestar1215 · 0 pointsr/gaming

Actually you can plug it in to the bottom of the wiimote with one of these. They said something about "using any controller you want" so maybe you can.

u/cnskatefool · 0 pointsr/SSBM

Buy this -> Mayflash Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U

u/Z-Ninja · 0 pointsr/wiiu

>I wish I was able to charge the gamepad using the system itself.

3rd party option or this

> hooking up a sensor bar and trying to use that on the plane is a bit.. untenable

Hold B while starting up the Wii U, you will go straight to Wii mode without needing to select anything using a wii mote, then the gamepad has a built in sensor bar (around the camera), so you can use motion controls with just the gamepad - no sensor bar required. You can also order a classic controller pro, wii classic controller, mayflash adapter with a gamecube controller, or a knock off - all of which plug directly in to a Wii mote, but let you play with a more standard control option.

>I can't wait for this (if it's still true)! I'd love playing Mario Kart 8 with my wife when we're without a TV.

Just get 2 other controllers and switch the gamepad to display the race instead of the race/map/horn/items etc. then it's just a tiny TV

u/Zenithiel1 · 0 pointsr/wiiu

Actually there is an adapter that you can get that plugs into the Wii controller, and makes your gamecube controller act as a classic controller. Not sure how good it works, but I hear that it works well.

u/OMGitsDSypl · -1 pointsr/smashbros

About the Best Buy Smash Fest, I really hope more info comes about this soon!! I am dying to see if this is available in my location!

Also, there is only one major expectation for this event that I will have: Gamecube Controllers. There MUST be Gamecube Controllers, and not just Wii Motes with nun chucks. I won't be expecting to see every character on the roster unlocked or anything, I simply hope that if I do get the chance to play this game in advance, I do so with the Gamecube controller (or at least a Wii Classic controller).

edit: TIL that the Nintendo Wii U doesn't have Gamecube ports, although there is a third party adapter? Probably won't have gamecube controllers then :c.