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2 Reddit comments about Mennonite Community Cookbook/spiral:

u/cbsauder · 1 pointr/Pennsylvania

You need to get your hands on the Mennonite Cookbook. I'm almost certain the recipe would be in there.

This is the one my parents have. I can't guarantee your recipe will be in there, but If it isn't then I don't know where it'd be.

u/masterpooper · 1 pointr/Cooking

All the reviews I've read on newer KitchenAid mixers say they're basically rubbish compared to old ones. Apparently they can't take a beating like they used to. I've heard wonderful things about the Cuisinart version, though. No matter what brand you get, make sure it has the twirling paddle thingy, it saves so much time it's unreal.

I haven't found a brand of pots/pans that I absolutely love yet. I just replace my cheap crappy ones piece-by-piece when I find a good deal. If you can keep up with the upkeep, cast iron is a dream. Otherwise, look for a good, thick, heavy bottom and solid sides and you can't go wrong. I have a copper-bottom Potobelo saucepan (Ross, $5 woot!) that is a dream to cook with. Be wary of enamel-coated pans - some are great, but some brands are made really poorly and the enamel chips off after only a couple of uses. NOT a fun cleanup.

Wood/bamboo utensils are a must. If you keep them, they're tough and they last forever. Other than that, just play with utensils in the store. Knives are a matter of taste (everyone's preferences are different). I will tell you my dad would whip me blind roll his eyes and give me a funny look if I even looked at a serrated chef's knife for more than five seconds.

The Mennonite Community Cookbook is an amazing collection of fairly simple recipes using regular staple ingredients. Not lean or low fat by any means, but all the recipes are easily tweaked to fit almost any dietary needs. This is the book that taught me to cook, and I know several people who are thankful for that.