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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
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11 Reddit comments about Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium:

u/_cbright_ · 2 pointsr/gaming

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium should be just fine for you. Operating systems are always expensive, but you can always find discounted ones. Search around before you finally purchase. Happy gaming!

u/Muttly2001 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Also, I really really really want Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium as it is part of the process getting my computer back up and running. However I realistically do not expect that :-P

In real life I could use a tactical pen I have to do therapy and home evaluations in pretty shady neighborhoods and it would be cool to have a pen and semi self defense tool just in case.

u/worstpossiblepic · 1 pointr/applehelp

Yeah, you buy windows just like OS X (except it costs much more). Retails for $200 but you can get it on amazon for cheaper: You might also consider Parallels, that makes it possible to run Windows/Mac simultaneously!

u/display_block · 1 pointr/applehelp

I'll give you a little more in-depth+opinion, which is probably what you're looking for here:

  1. Yup! Support for installing Windows on your Mac is bundled with Mac OS X in a utility called "Boot Camp Assistant". It comes with all the drivers you need to take full advantage of your Mac's hardware while running Windows. Switching back and forth between the two systems is fairly simple, but you need to restart the computer each time.

  2. Very helpful. Practically the whole reason I use Boot Camp. You're also able to install the latest drivers for your graphics card straight from the card's manufacturer (NVIDIA or AMD typically if your Mac comes with one), so you're always getting the best performance possible in the latest games. Heat management is a little wonky so your fans might run loud, but I haven't had any other problems.

  3. Here's the current setup guide for Boot Camp. It'll split your drive in two partitions so that Mac and Windows have their own space. You'll be able to install Windows via a USB drive in all Macs made past mid-2012, and you're also able to use a Windows Install DVD if you have a DVD drive on your Mac. You'll need to purchase a full license of Windows 7 rather than an upgrade copy, so it'll cost something like $170, $269 or $292 depending on the features you need. Be sure you're getting the 64-bit version included, where ever you decide to purchase.

    And welcome to the darkside! Here's a video to give you the basics during your transition.
u/--Kai-- · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Does not matter weather it's transferable or not firstly since you're buying this for one PC.

I've not had any troubles moving Windows Vista or 7 OEM copies from one machine to the other. They don't activate online but they activate just fine over the phone.

If you really want a retail copy this should be it and it starts at $93

Perfectly legal ways you can still get Windows 7 cheap (or even free). Also if you have Windows 8 Pro you can use your downgrade rights to get a Windows 7 Pro key if I remember rightly?

u/cmmts · 1 pointr/apple

Windows. You might want to check out Google and Amazon in general, they're great resources.

u/flagwhaletop · 1 pointr/techsupport

Okay, OEM is a new word I just googled. May I prod you for clarification to be certain I understand situation?

If I go buy windows 7 home premium here then I may only install it once, on one machine.

If I buy this copy of windows 7 here then I may install it on one machine, remove it, then install it on a second machine and the software won't give me any issues or complain that I've already used 'my one install' or something silly like that.

I'm assuming that the first, cheaper product is what you mean by OEM.

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/buildapc

the full retail is windows 7 for any computer capable (aka it has both 32 bit and 64 bit windows 7) and theres the OEM windows 7 meant for one version of windows 7 so it comes as 32 bit OR 64 bit. Also windows 7 OEM is meant for one computer and there is no tech support from microsoft. Here is where you can find the differences ( ) Here is where the versions are located ( Full Version ) ( OEM 32 Bit ) ( OEM 64 Bit )

u/cyancynic · -1 pointsr/AskReddit

MacOS $29.00 is much cheaper than Windows $153.09 - $275.54.