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Three-ply, anti-static, premium record sleevesUsed in Mobile Fidelity LP packaging for the last 35 yearsPersonally used by more music reviewers & record labels than any otherThe finest protection for all of your valuable recordsKeep your collection clean and dust-free
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u/JimboLodisC · 24 pointsr/vinyl

I replace the inner sleeve with MoFis for every purchase.

u/vandelay82 · 15 pointsr/vinyl

I second this, I keep a pack on hand at all times and any time I buy an album I clean it (new or used) and then slip it in. They are also used by the library of congress for preserving their records.

u/merkeyterkey · 13 pointsr/vinyl

Can't beat these, really.

u/Arve · 11 pointsr/audiophile

You'd better invest in some record outer sleeves.

Since you don't seem to be using those, this is a good time to suggest that you also invest in antistatic inner sleeves.

u/roundsounds · 8 pointsr/vinyl


u/Somnifac · 7 pointsr/vinyl

Inner sleeves?


u/mr-prez · 7 pointsr/vinyl

Nice collection, however I notice you have some picture disks in plastic sleeves. If I were you, I'd check and make sure they're not PVC (Polyvinylchloride) based plastic. If they are, they'll have a chemical reaction with the vinyl in the record end up either molding into the grooves, or creating a haze over them through a process called outgassing. Both of these ruin the record permanently.

This old post shows pictures of this and goes into more detail. I'd, at least, swap those out with paper or, optimally, something like Mofi Sleeves ASAP.

EDIT: Another post with more severe damage. Even if they aren't PVC based, something like Mofi sleeves are better for long term storage anyway. I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

u/bookfancier69 · 6 pointsr/vinyl

From the advice from a few users here I do the following:

I take the records out of their original inner sleeves, then place them in these. I then place the album jacket in an outer sleeve, the orignal inner sleeves are stored inside the jacket and the records are stored outside the jacket.

u/NolanWind · 6 pointsr/vinyl

For all the new collectors looking to frame their favorite records please take the actual vinyl out and invest in these products to keep your record from warping/causing ringwear to the cover. I see a lot of people buying expensive records and not taking proper care of them. Hope this helps! (Amazon links here and here )

u/SharkVanilla · 5 pointsr/TheNational

This is news to me. So are these considered PVC sleeves? Because this is what I am using for my records right now.

u/nevermind4790 · 5 pointsr/vinyl

Yay. I replace paper sleeves with plastic ones (the MFSL are my favorite) to preserve the condition of the vinyl. Seriously it's such a small expense...I don't understand why everyone doesn't do it. I also put the records in plastic outer sleeves. Also another extremely small expense. It preserves the cover and makes it easier to get your records in and out of the shelf. I use these outer sleeves and they work great.

u/h00paj00ped · 5 pointsr/vinyl

2.5mil outer sleeves (sleevecity via amazon) Work great. Enough space for gatefolds, even the stupid thick ones that seem to be the rage right now.



MOFI Original Master Sleeves These are by far the best inner sleeves I've come across.



I actually put my records back in the jacket and take them out when i want to play them. Something I like about the experience.

u/creamcolouredDog · 5 pointsr/vinyl

Never heard of them, but it does look like every polylined sleeve that comes with some brand new records nowadays (if they use them, marry them).


I prefer MoFi sleeves, they're in the same price point as those sleeves ($20).

u/Captain_Asthma94 · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Outter sleeves Resealable 3 mil Outer Record Sleeves (50 Pack)

Inner sleeves Mobile Fidelity - Record Inner Sleeves (50Pk)

Trust me these do wonders for the long haul . I've been collections roughly four years now and I have stuff from when I first started looking as if I just bought them . You can seal them at the place where there's the opening to get the records out and never have to actually mess with the jacket and such . It keeps everything looking so nice and the inner sleeves are the best on the market just clean your records prior to putting them and you won't worry s bit . Yeah they're a bit pricy but spending this little amount on both every few months is so worth it in the end .

u/JelicityFones · 4 pointsr/Metal

Everyone has already mentioned shelves, but besides that, I put outer sleeves on all my records and replace all inner sleeves with Mobile Fidelity sleeves. PVC inner sleeves are the biggest offenders at damaging records, so I always replace those ASAP whenever I get one with my record.

u/LukeGreatGuy · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I got some of these.

I like them, they seem much safer than the paper ones. There's no resistance when I pull the LP's out, they just kinda glide, whereas just the paper sleeves seem to add some resistance which I'm guessing over time would scratch up the disk. The Mobile Fidelity brand inner sleeves seem to be the best, but the ones I got are cheaper and I don't think too that far off.

u/fam0usm0rtimer · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Here - basically replacing the stock inner sleeve with one of these. Helps keep dust and static down. Less worrying about scratching from removing from the sleeve. - Give your record a good clean before putting it in and you'll be good. There are dozens of other generics that are basically the same thing, plastic and soft rice paper, but you can't go wrong with these..

I replace all my inner sleeves with them.

u/Wraith8888 · 3 pointsr/vinyl
  1. Brush before is a good idea but not always necessary. Spin cleaning before each would be extreme overkill.

  2. They're fine.

  3. Inner No opinion on outer

  4. Normal. Dust them off.

  5. Cleaning would be a good idea.

    Just remember that they are records, not your offspring. Play them. Enjoy them. Don't worry too much about them.
u/explosivo563 · 3 pointsr/VinylDeals

I use these. Very nice quality. Never have to worry about bits of paper flaking onto your records again.

Just make you don't tear the packaging all the way off. They just come loose with a cover inside the plastic package.

u/jawboxer · 3 pointsr/vinyl

The Mobile Fidelity sleeves are available on Amazon. I have some and they are just like stupidsexyflanders described... high quality and won't scratch your records, just not as stiff as paper sleeves:

Last night I ordered these Diskeeper 2.0 sleeves to try out, which are a little less expensive:

u/spectraldesign65 · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I'm no expert, but these sleeves were recommended to me and I've noticed they've reduced my static and little white paper particles considerably since swapping them out for all of my standard paper inner sleeves.

u/The_Wreckard2012 · 3 pointsr/hiphopvinyl

Just here to suggest MoFi sleeves: I use these

u/hujibanation · 3 pointsr/vinyl


u/CatZach · 3 pointsr/vinyl

You're correct! There are both inner and outer sleeves. The outer sleeve protects the record jacket itself, and the inner sleeves protect the record from damage while it sits inside the jacket. Here are examples of each found on Amazon:

Inner Sleeves:

Outer Sleeves:

There are plenty of threads on this sub with discussion about this if you need more information about protecting the records! I'm really sorry about your loss and I think it's great your trying to preserve his valuables.

u/_stupidsexyflanders_ · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I use [these] (üllen-Original-Master-Sleeves-Packungsinhalt/dp/B001LQSFKY/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1411900220&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=mfsl+anti) and they do fit inside the jacket, the paper sleeve with artwork and record in the anti static sleeve separate. I don't know if the one you linked will fit inside the paper sleeve though. I would recommend keeping them separate so you do not damage the artwork sleeve and jacket.

u/sharkamino · 3 pointsr/vinyl

All good.

For a few dollars more than 16, I just like the heavier 14 AWG and that one is also Pure Copper Oxygen Free. Won't make any difference for short runs though. Optionally add banana plugs. Or already with banana plugs, AmazonBasics buy 2 for a pair.

Add some speaker stands if you don't have any. Despite their name, bookshelf speakers are designed to go on stands. Size to get speaker tweeter at ear height from your seated listening position. Low budget Dayton Audio SSMB24 or Monoprice Glass. Sturdy 4 column Pangea Audio DS400 Heavy Duty Speaker Stands or 3 column Pangea Audio LS300 All Steel Speaker Stands can both be filled with lead shot, sand or kitty litter.

Cleaning supplies: How to clean vinyl records and make your own cleaning solutionBest way to clean your vinyl records. It is also the most economical!DIY record cleaningHow to clean VinylWet and Vacuum Clean a Record On the Cheap. Then store your vinyl in new anti-static inner sleeves and you won't need to use an anti-static dust brush very often.

u/cdargis · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I use these for inner:


For gatefolds or double LPs I use the same brand as above but they are 5 or 6 mil thick. Forgot where I found them.

u/flavianpatrao · 2 pointsr/ericprydz

This is what i use:

Outer Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

u/designersquirrel · 2 pointsr/vinyl

For inner sleeves I use Mobile Fidelity Master Sleeves Amazon

For outer sleeves I'm not terribly concerned so I use the cheap ones Amazon

u/dashcob · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/JonahKillam · 2 pointsr/vinyl

In that case I would highly suggest getting these and these . This will allow you to provide max protection in your investment! And might I ask, are there any good record stores around you? One of my favorite this is walking into a record store and buying a record I’ve been hunting for!

u/creepyrob · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/Laetteralus · 2 pointsr/VGMvinyl

These are the only ones I will buy. They are the best damned inner sleeves on the market!

u/GarionOrb · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I purchased these master sleeves:

And I replaced every paper sleeve with one of these. Albums that came with printed sleeves that had artwork, etc, I left alone though. But yeah, these sleeves are amazing.

u/mjmilino · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Here are my tips:

  1. Get some sort of record cleaning device. Could be a Spin Clean, could be a Squeaky Clean, or something more expensive than that. But get something. Once you have it, make sure you wet clean your records within a week or two of getting them. They'll sound better and it's worth it.

  2. Now that you've cleaned your new or used record, why not put it into a nice anti-static sleeve. I'm a sucker for the MoFi sleeves, but just find something that works for you. If you're wondering why you'd want to spend another $20 right now it ends up being $.40 per record.

  3. And once you've put that record in a nice anti-static sleeve you should put the whole thing into a nice poly outer sleeve to protect the jacket. Again, you can get a bundle of these (30 or so) for $5 at your local record store or find any number of places online. But the point is that if you're going to spend $15 - $30 for a new LP it's probably worth an extra $.50 total to protect it. People do things differently, but I put the jacket in the outer sleeve and plop the record in the anti-static sleeve inside the outer sleeve behind the jacket.

    Store those well-protected records vertically and out of the sunlight and you should be good to go.
u/Keleven · 2 pointsr/radiohead

I usually use Mobile fidelity's sleeves. The usual paper or wax? sleeves are supposedly not good for the records.

u/herpalurp · 2 pointsr/Metal

I just use these.

They're cheaper on the US site for whatever reason. Probably doesn't help you.

u/TheCrickler · 2 pointsr/deathgrips

Anytime. Get second opinions of course; /r/vinyl and /r/audiophile are good places to start. Lots of old threads with valuable information.

Also shout out to MoFi inner sleeves.

u/xhopesfall24 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

The Mofi ones are supposed to be the best inner sleeves. There are many outer jackets out there, I get the "Invest in vinyl" brand from Amazon, I think sleeve city is supposed to have the best. I've had no issues with what I get and I use them for my laserdiscs as well.

Edit: Inner

u/Hordes_Of_Nebulah · 2 pointsr/vinyl

So for outer sleeves I use the Sleeve City Ultimate Outer 5.0 on my best records and the thinner 2.5 on everything else. I like them because they are super protective but also absolutely clear and doesn't obscure artwork. For inner sleeves I use the MoFi Original Master Sleeves. There is another I am meaning to buy but I totally forgot what it is and I can't find it on Amazon haha.

u/adayinalife · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Typically something like this: distilled water, isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher, not rubbing alcohol) and dawn dishwashing detergent. Mix 1/4 alcohol to 3/4 distilled water, with 1-2 drops dawn. You can also buy similar liquids but will be more expensive. Use microfiber cloth to apply and a clean microfiber cloth to dry. Then air dry.

As for inner sleeves, I use MoFi

u/KINGCLVN · 2 pointsr/hiphopvinyl

If I were you I would invest in some inner sleeves since those paper sleeves can scratch your records if you are constantly taking them out and putting them back in.

I have these and they are great in my opinion.

u/franks_futura · 2 pointsr/FrankOcean

I get the no flap outer sleeves in both the single and double LP sizes from here. They fit perfectly and are super clear. I also bought their inner sleeves but a lot of people swear by these MoFi inner sleeves. They’re a bit pricey tho

u/whitlash54 · 2 pointsr/VinylDeals

DiscountVinyl Records sells them for 17.99 on amazon free shipping. Mine got here under a week. Best!

u/lucastimmons · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I did it in 2017 when I hit 365 albums. I tried for one a day, just whatever I felt like listening to. Some days I did 2 or 3. Some days none if I didn't have the time.

Do you have them catalogued on Discogs? You can do an export as a CSV and open that in excel or google sheets to keep track. Using the random button on discogs helps a lot too if you can't decide.

It was neat. A couple of times some songs convinced me to reconnect with some old friends. A couple albums I decided I just wasn't into any more and turned off after a couple of songs.

If you're really into keeping them in good shape, this is also a great chance for you to change the inner sleeves to something better and to give each record a cleaning.

It's also a great way to decide if you want to sell any of them.

Have fun and enjoy it!

u/m1chaelmichael · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/Zodsayskneel · 2 pointsr/vinyl

You're going to have to do a little investing. Here's what I use to keep my playback experience the best I can get.

I use this stylus cleaner once a week, or depending on how much listening you're doing. Careful not to over-clean, as you could cause damage to the stylus.

Purchase this brush, follow the directions on the back of the package and use it every time you put on a record.

Wanna keep dust off as much as possible? Consider investing in these inner sleeves or an equivalent. You have no idea how much dust accrues in paper sleeves, and these static-free sleeves help keep dust out.

Of course, it helps to start with a clean record. But that's a whole other topic. Clean vinyl is happy vinyl.

u/Dirttymike · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Process of any record I receive. Open it, air spray big dust particles off, use cleaner with a simple microfiber cloth (i damp the cloth) after that I put back all the internals into the record sleeve and then put the actual record in some good inner sleeves and put it behind the record sleeve and put all of that in some simple outer sleeves. I do this to every record and I do it because I value the money I put into my collection and would like to prevent wear and tear (I have a 13 month old daughter on the lose) especially for trading purposes in the future.

u/amandahugandkiss- · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/ferricyanide · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Just to confirm, Amazon does sell the Mo-Fi sleeves. I think those and the Diskeepers are the most popular - I use the latter for 7" and 10" since Mo-Fi hasn't developed the technology to make those. What was the scratching issue?

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Kanye

Ahh gotcha bro, they’re called poly-inner sleeves but I would honestly stay away from them. Although they are cooler and they provide less friction than paper, they can get foggy real fast and warp the vinyl. You should be good if you buy something that was made recently (old ones are dumb cheap) because it’s kinda a dying art to find records with soft poly sleeves I’m not sure why...

These are probably the best for your buck:

or you could check out:

There’s tons of different sleeves with that clear plastic look that you’re going for just make sure the material isn’t something cheap that can stick to your record from intensive heat from bad storage... cheers 🌊

u/doitswitchfakie · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Hey! Stoked on your purchase! Curious though, did you mean LP120?
But hope I can help answer your questions!

  1. I tend to not, the main dust cover is plenty imo.
  2. A stylus brush, a wet anti static record brush, along with the one you have in your post. Basically just cleaning tools. Another good buy is one of these record sleeve packs. Once you start collecting, its best to replace the paper sleeve a new record would come with or an old sleeve from the thrift store. Keeps the records in their best shape. Lastly, one thing ive been eyeing is one of these. Seems to have some pretty good reviews.. haha
  3. Stick er on the turntable, turn it on and use the wet brush for a few rotations. NEVER move the brush in terms of side to side motions, always let the spinning do the work. This video has some tips on cleaning, give er a watch
    Hope my answers help!! Enjoy your new turntable!! Whatcha listening to??
u/TGTX · 1 pointr/vinyl

Yep, I use my Disc Washer pretty frequently and have been replacing my inner paper sleeves with these:

Any used record automatically gets a disc washer treatment. New records sound fine with a carbon brush treatment.

u/Jonlaw16 · 1 pointr/vinyl

I use these and I strongly recommend you go with this over paper sleeves:

As for a jacket, you could get a good condition Goodwill record and toss the record out and use the jacket to store your record

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/vinyl

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/RoyTheGeek · 1 pointr/vinyl

I just placed an order for these items:

I gave up on the container because of the price, I'll have to find something else. Are all the items good? Have I forgotten anything?

u/absolut3go · 1 pointr/vinyl

These ones? I ordered some of these earlier this week. Hopefully they do the trick!

u/patrickstarfox · 1 pointr/vinyl

*edit: ive done some more reading, and im thinking that the mobile fidelity /disk keeper style may be the way to go. they are the ones that are rice paper sleeves lined inside AND outside with poly. like these

or these

u/weegee · 1 pointr/vinyl
u/codythomashunsberger · 1 pointr/vinyl

I use these and I love them. I toss the paper ones my new wax comes in every time. Not only are the stock paper ones rougher, but they leave paper bits all in the grooves which pisses me off.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price History

  • Mobile Fidelity Record Inner Sleeves (50Pk)   ^PureLink
    CamelCamelCamel - [Info]Keepa - [Info]Discogs

    Price Chess > Price Checkers
    ^(Info) ^| ^(Developer) ^| ^(Inquiries) ^| ^(Support Me!) ^| **[^(Report Bug)](/message/compose?to=The_White_Light&subject=Bug+Report&message=%2Fr%2FVinylDeals%2Fcomments%2Fdozi67%2Famazon_mobile_fidelity_50_mobile_fidelityinner%2Ff5rnja2%2F%0D%0A%0D%0A
u/tbp0701 · 1 pointr/Jazz


Jazz is quite varied so it's difficult to pick out an album unless you have some idea of his/her taste. Listeners of traditional jazz, for instance, tend to have a strong dislike of "smooth jazz" (and say things like "it's not jazz at all but instrumental pop"; well, at least I do). Were there any examples? I'm not familiar with the Cheating the Polygraph album. I listened to a couple samples and, while somewhat interesting, didn't wow me.

A couple I'd be interested in are Jack DeJohnette's In Movement found on UK Amazon here and ECM's product page here and Brad Mehldau's Blues and Ballads. I also just saw Mehldau's label, Nonesuch, has 15% off on its store liked here, but I don't know if they have a UK shop.

Again, those would be good ideas for me. This person may be very different or may already have them.

Another route may be some accessories, as there are quite a few related to vinyl. For instance, here are some inner record sleeves. You may want to consider outer sleeves, too. I didn't see the ones I know on the UK site, but there are a few. I think any vinyl collector could always use good sleeves.

There are a few book options, as well. I'd like this Jazz Image book, for instance.

u/diabolical_furby · 1 pointr/vinyl

Hey all,

Just ordered my first turntable (a Pro-Ject DC Esprit) and I'm extremely excited to receive it and play my first ever record! I'm ordering a few classics on Amazon to get started and I notice that some of them are remastered versions (e.g. Pearl Jam's "Ten"). How do these remasters hold up compared to the originals? Am I better off tracking down the originals of these classics or would I be okay ordering the remastered record? Also, is Amazon typically a solid place to order records, or am I better off getting better quality from another website? Unfortunately I live in a small town in Virginia with no dedicate audio store so anything in-person will be extremely hit or miss.

Part two: Should I be concerned about ordering inner sleeves for my records? Something like these or these? I know I need to go ahead and order a brush to clean the records every time before I play them, but I saw these sleeves as well and don't know if they're really even necessary or overrated, or if they're absolutely necessary. Thanks for any pointers for a newbie!

u/funkytoejam · 1 pointr/vinyl

The paper sleeves are crap for sure. The inner sleeves I use are the Mobile Fidelity ones. They are expensive but they are legitimate archival-grade sleeves that won't scratch your records or attract static. I use them on most of my records (the only ones that don't have them right now are because I'm currently broke and can't buy more for a while). I highly recommend them, a 50 pack will run you in the $25 range (including shipping).

u/jcwise89 · 1 pointr/Blink182

Buy new sleeves for all your records pronto, tbh. Plain paper scratches them up. Something like this

u/EmoMemeDaddy420 · 1 pointr/vinyl
u/xDedalusx · 1 pointr/vinyl

In addition to a Spin Clean, I have 2 other recommendations. First is a roller-cleaner like this and the other is Mofi inner sleeves.

I clean everything I buy in a Spin Clean first. Once the records are sparkly clean, I put them in the MoFi inner sleeves to keep them clean and static-free. At that point, there is very little dust or anything to deal with when I pull them out, and what is there the roller pulls right off in a couple swipes.

I never need to use my carbon fiber brush anymore... as in never... I don't even know where it is these days. And I very very rarely need to use my Groovewasher anymore either.

Good Luck.

u/Psychedelicized · 1 pointr/KGATLW

Just use these sleeves and throw out the paper ones.

u/met4llic_primate · 1 pointr/vinyl

Looking for good vinyl inner sleeves and have come down to these two:
Vinyl Guru
Mobile Fidelity
any opinions would be greatly helpful, at the moment I'm leaning towards VG due to the paper exterior.

u/kf7695 · 1 pointr/vinyl

What about the Mobile Fidelity sleeves? They typically go for $20 for a 50 pk. LINK. LINK

They are poly sleeves with paper on one side.

u/cm2881 · 1 pointr/vinyl

Thank you for providing me with an idea of how to move forward based on what is available right now. I thought about just ordering them off Amazon since I have Prime and order in packs of 50 as needed. These ones are the ones I was talking about:

u/WintryGrey1984 · 1 pointr/vinyl

Good call on the anti-static inner sleeve. I use the MOFI's myself.

Cleaning... there are literally hundreds of methods out there (even within this thread there is a wide variety). From my observations, if the "tiny scratches" on a brand new LP are very light and hairline then I would be willing to bet they were more likely caused by the hard paper sleeve. These hairline scratches rarely affect the sound and typically only result in a very light crackle that is way below the playback level of the audio (so you can only hear it during the lead-in grooves between tracks). Soft microfiber cloths will not scratch a record unless extreme pressure is applied.

Most cleaning techniques are fine and you work with what you have. I don't like to go too crazy. I personally make my own solution out of distilled water, 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, and a couple drops of jet-dry rinse aid OR dawn dish detergent. In your case, spray the solution directly on the record and let it sit for a minute. Then use one cloth to wipe off the solution, and another dry cloth to "polish" it. Then let it air dry on a soft lint-free microfiber cloth for an hour or so. This really only cleans dust and dirt that is directly on the surface. The same basically goes for the brush that came with your kit. Again, in order to get IN the grooves you have to go with a vacuum suction method or wood glue method. I would say you don't need to do this unless you are hearing consistently loud "pops" during playback.

All in all, if you are only hearing a little crackle in between tracks I wouldn't go too crazy. Just enjoy the music, and don't let little things like hairline marks and occasional pops drive you insane. If it gets excessive, and you've tried cleaning and wood-glue than it is likely just a poorly pressed LP - they are more common today than you might realize.

u/hatsreverywhere · 1 pointr/vinyl
u/Nokjaw · 1 pointr/vinyl

Hi, first time poster here. I'm about to pull the trigger on my first turntable setup, but I feel I need to check in with the helpful people on this sub with the equipment I'm thinking of buying and whether or not its all compatible. Other things like isolation pads for the speakers, better record sleeves, a cork matt, a record brush, gram scale, and a cleaning kit are accounted for. Are any of those things unnecessary?

The following is strictly the hardware. I've been torn between two different set-ups however.

SET-UP 1: Audio Technica AT-LP120 ($299) & the Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers ($120). TOTAL: About $419

SET-UP 2: Audio Technica AT-LP120 ($299), Micca MB42 Passive Speakers ($60), and the Yamaha R-S201BL 2-Channel Stereo Receiver ($130) TOTAL: About $489

I'm also unsure about adding a subwoofer for I don't know if one is essential or just a nice thing to include for the complete package. My eye is on this one: Pioneer SW-8MK2 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer ($160)

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

u/Lanark77 · 1 pointr/vinyl

I've always heard the opposite. I like the Mobile Fidelity sleeves.