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Modern Control Engineering (5th Edition)
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8 Reddit comments about Modern Control Engineering (5th Edition):

u/xeltius · 4 pointsr/ControlTheory

If everyone just got this book, their lives would be simple. Most of what you need to know to tune a PID is in here.

u/spartan5386 · 2 pointsr/engineering

Modern Control Engineering by K. Ogata is pretty much required reading for any aspiring controls engineer.

Source: my colleagues swear by him

u/The_Amp_Walrus · 2 pointsr/reinforcementlearning

I leaned control theory from the Ogata textbook during university. The lectures were useless so that's really all I used to prepare for exams. Might be a good skimmable reference if you can find a PDF somewhere.

I suspect the control theory being referenced by model-based RL might be a bit more advanced than an entry level textbook though.

u/stevewilliams198 · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

I have this book after being recommended it for a mechanical engineering degree:

It has a section on frequency response and also shows how to solve things using matlab which is very useful too

u/doddyk96 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

For example this book is $207

Exact same book in Pakistan is rs. 788 or USD $7.5

This was literally like the first book I found on that Pakistani website and googled it. I'm sure you can find most books for dirt cheap this way.

u/waspbr · 2 pointsr/aerospace

During my Control Systems course we used Ogata's Modern Control System Engineering. It is very comprehensive.

u/masterkuch · 1 pointr/berkeley

Thank you for putting in the time to look up these courses. If you don't mind, can you please tell me how taking this modern control sequence compares to just reading the textbook linked below? I am asking strictly in terms of content/knowledge to be gained (as being mentored is always preferable to reading the textbook alone).

Background in you are curious:

I am preparing to take this course at Waterloo - - which mentions control theory in its description.