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Moen AB Bar
A/B BAR PEDAL SWITCHER. True Bypass. Buffered in option.Very tiny footprint makes it possible to fit any type of pedal board.Solid build and a great price.
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u/Reply_Hazy ยท 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Aside from getting a new ABY... not really. A lot of ABY boxes do have issues like this on certain boards. Really no rhyme or reason, unfortunately. I think that you may wanna check out MOEN's AB Bar. At that price, it seems completely worth it for your particular board. Even has a tuner out for your Pitchblack. Perfect. I used to use one of these for smaller gigs where i only needed a few effects, but also wanted the simplicity of everything up front. I can vouch for it working just as it should. It also has the buffer switch on each loop which is killer for your RAT. I've always thought running a rat into a buffered input was the key to getting them to sound like a Rat should. I think this is the case for most ''distortion'' style effects actually (fuzz boxes not withstanding). Some might disagree with me on that, but at least the option is nice.