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Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (Mosby's Reviews)
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8 Reddit comments about Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (Mosby's Reviews):

u/Sete_Sois · 7 pointsr/jobs

the course was 12 weeks

we used this book

you can self study if you're that sort of person

I passed on the first try for i guess four months?

u/VisceralMel · 2 pointsr/PharmacyTechnician

Photolabrat is correct. I just finished a pharm tech course here in California and can tell you they are %100 right. To break it down in simpler terms tho, here you go.

Here in the US you can either get a pharm tech license by state OR just pass the PTCB/PTCE exam which would then allow you to be licensed in ANY state in the US. That's because the PTCB is the preferred test here for technicians. Most employers will hire you with just a state license but they might require you to take it later on. Also, some employers pay you more for being PTCB certified.

As of right now in 2019, you can sign up to take the PTCB without having taken any prior courses. It's a great thing really if you're good at self-teaching. BUT, this will change starting next year and you WILL be required to take an accredited pharm tech course just to take the test. (The PTCB test itself will be undergoing an update next year as well.)

If I were you, I would just say screw it and do everything I can to take it this year. You already do tech work so it shouldn't be too hard to pass. I say this because you never know how long transferring any necessary paperwork might take you know? Also, transferring any type of license here in the US usually requires you to take the exam for said license anyway so might as well get ahead of the game.

This is one of the more popular books ppl here use to study for the exam. I mean srsly, I have this one friend who is a total, total dum dum and all he did was work at a pharmacy and study this book, and he passed. It is the same book I'm using myself to study for the exam and keep the things I learned in class fresh. If you DM me I actually have a PDF copy of this same book that I don't mind sharing. I just can't post the link here for obvious reasons.

Useful links: This is the Utah board of pharmacy website which has a contact section where you can probably call them and ask them all sorts of questions. (Every state has its own board here, hope this link helps.)

Note: You'll have to register at the PTCB website and pay for the exam there ($129). Afterwards, after your payment is approved, you'll get a link in your email to the Pearson Vue website to schedule your exam.

u/happyfamilygogo · 2 pointsr/Pharmacy_Technician

life saver

This is amazing! Totally aced my test thanks to this!

I know it's kind of expensive, but see if you can buy it used or rent it out from a library. It has a LOT of practice tests which helped prepare me a ton.

u/feliks_cat · 1 pointr/Pharmacy_Technician

I used several books but the best one was Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, 3rd edition.

This book will be great by itself if you already have experience as a tech but if you don't, you will probably also need a textbook with a dedicated math section. The amazon reviews mention that many of the questions have incorrect answers in the answer key but it's not a big deal since the corrections are posted online and the answer key has each answer written out. The most valuable part of this book is the practice exams in the back. They were incredibly similar to actual exam compared to any other book I used. Definitely get this book and spend the most time with it.

I also used books that were given to me by CVS which were pretty helpful. If you're currently working for a retail chain, there's a good chance they will give you books for free. The math one was great. I completed basically the entire thing and got all the math questions correct on the exam.

"The Pharmacy Technician, 5e" by APhA, Perspective Press and the accompanying workbook (pretty sure you can find the PDF online)



"Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician, 4e" by APhA

u/CptJango · 1 pointr/pharmacy

Personally, I recommend this one: Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, 3e

u/QueenVisenyaT · 1 pointr/PharmacyTechnician

Mosby's Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (Mosby's Reviews)

u/Riousenkai · 0 pointsr/AsianMasculinity

Hey, sorry for replying so late. So which state are you in? I'm pretty sure you need a PTCB certification and a state registration to apply for a hospital job.

You need to study a book for the PTCB examination. Some people recommend going to school, but I only studied a book to pass the PTCB test. It's quite easy.

I recommend this book:

Pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Afterwards, just take the test. Make sure you are ready because it costs 150+ per exam and you can only have three tries per 6 months (or something like that).

When you get your PTCB certification, apply for the state registration. There's no requirements but your record must be clean.

Once you get both, apply for a hospital job. Always aim high, you never know where it'll get you. And never go for a retail pharmacy job.

Hope it helps.