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Mount for Oculus Rift Sensor - 3-Pack - Tape Included
Spring tension 3D print for a strong hold without limiting rotation/rangeEliminating stands clears up valuable desk spaceHigher sensors improve tracking inside Virtual Reality3M mushroom tape provide enhanced adhesionEasy command strip installation included - Designed by rweiher licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
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7 Reddit comments about Mount for Oculus Rift Sensor - 3-Pack - Tape Included:

u/Grays42 · 5 pointsr/ShouldIbuythisgame

I have over 300 hours in an Oculus Rift. Actually, I have three Oculus Rifts, because I accidentally dropped and broke two of them. (Not a design fault per se, I was just careless twice. If you drop it on a hard surface from 5 feet up, it WILL shatter the screen.) I also possess a HTC Vive--which is in a box on the shelf.

I decided to try this "VR thing" when I found a good deal on a used Oculus. It blew me away. Holy crap. I dove so deep that I decided to also get a Vive, to play around with them both and possibly sell whichever one I didn't want.

What I found is that the Vive controllers are obnoxiously heavy and unwieldy, especially with my favorite game, Beat Saber. I felt like I was swinging cleavers around. By comparison, the Oculus Rift touch controllers were more balanced around my palm. Especially in my "Beat Saber grip", which I found was easier to play with if I moved my fingers up into the ring until the outer ring rests against my knuckles. This centers the weight of the controller squarely in my palm, and makes it so that I can swing the controllers faster than humanly possible.

Either of the headsets will do pretty good tracking. However, I do strongly recommend getting a third sensor, regardless of which set you choose--adding another sensor DRAMATICALLY helps with tracking for any game that requires you to turn around, and even helps with tracking on games that you face forward but sometimes your hands go in weird angles. Set the sensors in a triangle formation around the room.

I can go over cons of both if you want, but my absolute endorsement is going to go to the Oculus Rift, based primarily on the controllers. The controllers are your window into the world, and the Rift Touch controllers are phenomenal digital extensions of your physical hand. The controllers are BY FAR the most important thing to consider when choosing a headset. And, when the next-gen headsets come out, I will be making my choice based solely on the controllers.

A few things you will want to accessorize with if you pick the Rift. You'll notice that half of these are to keep your equipment clean--this is a lot more important than you think at first.

  • Wear a sweatband if you're going to play any physically demanding game, like Beat Saber. You'll get sweaty. You don't want to get sweat all over your headset.
  • Baby wipes or makeup remover wipes, use on all smooth skin/hair contact surfaces (headset harness, handsets) after each session.
  • Get this washable faceplate cover, or two of them, and wash them regularly. Guests to your Oculus will thank you. :\
  • Get disposable foam earpiece covers for the same reason.
  • Get a AA battery charger and some good rechargeable batteries.
  • Get a third sensor (mentioned above)
  • If you want to mount the sensors on your wall, either buy or 3D print these.
  • Get a USB 3.0 extension cable and an HDMI extension cable so you don't have to worry about the cord length.

    There are kits out there to let you suspend the cord from the ceiling, but I feel like that's overkill--I always just have it run between my legs to the computer. I can feel it against my lower leg or calf and know where it is so I don't trip. Note that this is fine for beat saber, but for games where you are turning around constantly, it may be a problem. The main thing is to have plenty of slack on your cord so if you trip you don't yank something, you can really damage the USB cord if you yank it at an angle. If you can somehow pin the cable against or under furniture so that a hard yank does not tug at your USB port, even better.

    Finally: some games are a goddamn workout, like Beat Saber. Treat these games like you would treat cardio: stretch beforehand, warm up, drink water, have a towel nearby, and have a fan on you. AND KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT CLEAN.
u/Guitarchy · 4 pointsr/oculus

I found some on Amazon and they work neatly well. Low profile and sturdy.
Mount for Oculus Rift Sensor 3 Pack - Tape Included (Black)

Edit: link

u/rwalby9 · 1 pointr/oculus

If you want something low-profile ish that's pretty inexpensive, I use these which work really well. I've had them up over a year now, never had an issue. The 3M strips won't hurt paint or anything either.

u/PwncakeIronfarts · 1 pointr/virtualreality

Here's the drawing I promised. It's not perfect dimensions, but it's pretty close. I used the speaker pictures in place of the Oculus sensors, and the red lines are the USB cables. I forgot to mention that I used wall mounts to stick them on the wall, though that's not strictly necessary.

The wall mounts can be bought here. You can also 3d print them with files from thingaverse, if you have access to a 3d printer.


EDIT: The TV/Monitor picture is backwards. I'm a moron. Lol.

u/Ikarostv · 1 pointr/oculus

I bought a pack of these.

Do you believe they'll hold up? 3M tape is nice, but I wasn't sure how heavy a sensor is and all.

Why the ceiling vs the wall specifially? Just to get higher up?

u/PizzaCowDragon · 1 pointr/VRchat

I just used the stands the sensors came with and put them on my roof upside down, but you can buy proper wall/ roof mounts from amazon or you could even 3D print your own. The mounts would help if you want a good looking setup though.

I put the sensors on the roof so I would t run into them and knock hem over

u/Lieutenant_Lit · 1 pointr/oculus

I bought some like this

They use command strips