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Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 32 Oz, Gray with Black Lid
The original. The trailblazer. The Sir Edmund of water bottles. Nalgene's BESTSELLING water bottle for more than 30 years.For Your Everyday Adventures! Take your Nalgene bottle to the gym, office, camping, exploring and everywhere in between.This Nalgene water bottle is completely leak proof, made of virtually indestructible BPA-free Tritan, easy to clean and dishwasher safe on the top rack.Suitable for both warm and cold beverages (-40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit); wide mouth makes cleaning and adding ice cubes easy.Free of BPA, BPS and phthalates, opening accommodates most water filters; marked with milliliters and ounces for easy measurement.Whether you're looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, you'll find a Nalgene product that gets the job done.Nalgene is a proud part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, for 70 years Nalgene has been making a wide range of BPA/BPS free reusable water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle here in the USA.
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14 Reddit comments about Nalgene BPA Free Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 32 Oz, Gray with Black Lid:

u/MulberryStreetHippie · 9 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Upon recommendations from this subreddit I bought a 32-oz Nalgene Tritan (Amazon link).

Love it.

u/zchlan · 9 pointsr/EDC

Here's a list of my usual EDC:

u/crispyscone · 7 pointsr/EDC

A few things I would probably get.

  • Flash light always comes in handy. I noticed you didn't say anything about one. I streamlight is a great brand with nice seemingly durable lights. You will probably lose it before it shits out on you or breaks. I prefer the stylus pro or the microstream (difference between the two is microstream is shorter. It's penlight size makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket.

  • Always carry a good pen. Zebra makes decent pens. If you want to stretch your gift card further, you could get the f301 but I really prefer the f701, it's just a nicer pen. There is also the space pen if you ever feel you need to write something in zero gravity. If "tactical pens" are more your thing, you have plenty to choose from

  • saw you were looking at a cheapo fixed blade. If you were to get any "cheapo" fixed blade at all, seriously consider mora. You can read more about mora in this post, but I assure you that you will not find a better fixed blade for the price.

  • You have anything to carry your beverages in? Nalgene bottle or camelbak for water, thermos for hot beverages.

  • Get you a nice rum cake or whiskey fudge
u/giggidywarlock · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Done
  2. Definitely
  3. Nalgene Water Bottle because Krys is such a refreshing person, and I'm sure she is also REFRESHING this page to see all the nice things :)
  4. Happy Birthday, /u/Sp3cia1K!

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Bushcraft

Wow, That cooking set looks absolutely amazing.

I saw that $58 price tag and was a bit put off (as I was looking for cheaper starting stuff) but after going through the contents and seeing what I could remove from the amazon shopping cart It really doesn't seem that bad.

With the items mentioned in the original post I also added this and this the total came out to $65 on amazon.

After removing the stuff included the kit and having the tarp, knife, and paracord it is about $35. With the kit its puts the total up to about $95.

Considering this is about a $30 increase but with all the extra kit it really does seem tempting.

u/whereitstarts · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

I've found that the 8x8 rule works really well water wise. Should have 8x8oz throughout the day. Totals out at 64oz or Half-Gallon of water a day. Having a 32oz bottle (Like so works really well. Drink one before lunch, and one before bed then fill it up and have it at your bedside. Boom you're at your recommended water intake. Hopefully that helps a bit. It has helped me, because I've always had issues drinking enough.

u/cH3x · 2 pointsr/Bushcraft

The Nalgene bottles are pretty standard. Here's a link:

Although I am not likely to buy from Heinne (pricey for making multiple backup kits), I did see that their sheaths tend not to be as wide as others I have seen. I sent them an e-mail and will update if I get a response.

Thanks for the tip.

u/ilikesleep · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wow that's a lot of items for hot beverages on your wl. How about something a bit colder?

u/zaikenandzeppelin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everyone should have a Water Bottle

u/elphabaisfae · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

I want to send this water bottle and this shoulder bag to Janine.

u/IOutPlay · 1 pointr/PKA
u/TroyDowling · -1 pointsr/videos
  1. Quality: Frequently less regulated is an understatement. I challenge anyone to definitively prove the ability to distinguish a regulated municipal line and your bottled water. In fact, I'd bet my right nut you're buying it from a Canadian Tire, or other similar store which buys it from a company using the municipal line anyway.
  2. Convenience: You are packing bottles into a lunch bag or cooler. I'd argue that the labour of picking up a flat of water is equal to or more work than filling reusable bottles from the tap. I did roofing for a summer job a few years ago. Filled up a milk jug with water and brought another canteen to carry around. Jug stayed cool in the cooler box we had. If the ~5 liters somehow wasn't enough, there was always the hose.
  3. Price: Your "awesome deal" is still a rip off. Here is my citation. Assuming 24 500 mL bottles @ the lower side of your range of $2. That is about $0.17/liter of water. Using the citation, Canada pays about $0.31 per cubic meter which is a factor of 1000 times greater. Therefore, average municipal water works out to $0.00031 per liter.

    Unfortunately, your argument can be debunked on all three counts.

    Furthermore, presuming you are not reusing the plastic water bottles from your flats (smart considering the potential health risks surrounding the plastics), a reusable bottle will pay for itself.

    A good bottle can be found between five and ten dollars. That means after drinking between 27 and 30 liters of water, the reusable bottles between to save you money.