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Napoleon: A Life
Napoleon A Life
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6 Reddit comments about Napoleon: A Life:

u/hairway2steven · 11 pointsr/MapPorn

I'm reading a really excellent book on Napoleon at the moment. Recommended.

Napoleon: A Life

u/meathorse1 · 4 pointsr/todayilearned

"Napoleon: A Life" and "Napoleon the Great" are the same book. The US release has a different name for some reason. This should help with price shopping. Life is a cheaper hardcover. Great is a cheaper paperback.

u/Braves3333 · 1 pointr/history This book i found to be very interesting when talking about old egyptian history. It gives a look into early society and how they went from scattered communities to a kingdom, but it focuses on the religious aspect.

I would think a book on Napolean would be a good start, and also a book on the French Revolution.