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Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2
Smallest USB DJ audio interface in the world, fits easily in your pocketThe perfect travel companion for any DJCirrus Logic 24bit/96 kHz AD/DA converters for pristine audio qualityNew low latency Mac and PC drivers for tightest possible responseTwo high-gain stereo outputs for punchy output levels
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5 Reddit comments about Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2:

u/guitar574 · 5 pointsr/Beatmatch

Your first link is the Mixtrack Pro II; basically the revised edition of the original Mixtrack Pro. An audio interface is included in the controller, so you won't need to purchase any external accessories to connect it to your computer, just the USB cable that's included.

Your second link is the Mixtrack II (NOT Pro); this is the same thing as above, but DOES NOT include an audio interface. You'll need to buy an audio interface like this in order to use it with your computer and DJ software.

The third link is the original Mixtrack Pro, which does have a built in audio interface.

You can't really go wrong with the Mixtrack Pro or Mixtrack Pro II, it mostly depends on whether you're willing to spend the extra money for some more buttons and improved design; there's not really anything you can do on one of them that you wouldn't be able to do on the other. I would recommend against the regular Mixtrack II though, just because it doesn't have built-in audio; you'll have to spend some extra money to buy an interface. I have yet to try to Mixtrack Pro II, but I have played around with the original model and can say that the Mixtrack Pro is a great beginner controller. Construction is plastic but still solid, and all the basics you would need are there.

Have you decided on any DJ software yet? The Mixtrack Pro comes with VirtualDJ LE, and the Pro II comes with Serato DJ Intro. Both are limited versions; enough to play around on, but if you want to really get into DJing you will want to upgrade to a full version. The controllers will also work with Traktor as well (my software of choice), if you download a mapping.

u/djdementia · 2 pointsr/Beatmatch

Unless your software can select two different soundcards then yes you are hosed.

Return it immediately! If you can return your m-audio and sell your mixtrack for a mixtrack pro (with included audio interface) you'll be much better off. Failing that you should return the M-Audio for a NI Traktor Audio 2 which has all the interfaces you need and is cheaper at $100 than what you paid for your m-audio.

Honestly I don't see why anyone would buy the mixtrack instead of the pro, it's just a product waiting to fail as it did for you without a good way to CUE.

u/ickeroomorgan · 2 pointsr/SwingDancing

Audio quality starts with your soundcard. I highly recommend investing in one of these, which have great sound quality, and the 2 channels allows for previewing.

I also have a Fender Passport, and with this audio card, I go straight into one of the channels with a standard 1/4" cable.

u/spazdor · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

That only has 2 channels of output, meaning you could only output mono to the house if you wanted to reserve 1 channel for headphones.

If you get a couple of rca Y-splitters from the dollar store that'll work though. Something like this would be more suitable and less hacky.

u/kunho · 1 pointr/DJs

audio2dj is a great card to start with.

if not you can get a numark dj i/o, but I highly recommend the audio2dj over the numark