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NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-30''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 19.8lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80
UNIVERSAL: Fits Most 17'' - 30'' Monitor with the load from 4.4 lbs up to 19.8 lbs, VESA compliant 75x75mm 100x100mm,While if your VESA hole is inside a recession area, Pls noted that the size of the whole VESA Plate of this product is 120*120mm, Extra Longer Screw & Screw spacer may be needed in order to make it fit well.FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The durable gas spring system ensure easy positioning of your monitor in any desirable position; Personalize your workstation any way you want; Support C-clamp or Grommet installation; comes with all needed hardware, Heavy duty construction and super quality materials keep your arm mount stable- This is the sturdiest desk mount on the market.FULL MOTION MOUNT: A Wide range of movements, The monitor can be rotated and tilted effortlessly in any direction, Tilt Angel from-30 deg to +85 degree with a combined 360 degree landscape rotation, Upright range is 10”(260mm) with swivel angel ±90 degreesErgonomics: Improve your overall well being by creating most comfortable viewing angle for work or gaming- Enjoy the freedom to adjust your monitor height and angle: Your spine, neck and shoulder will be thankfulKindly noted: (1) USB CABLES are NOT PROVIDED, The USB hole on the basis is ONLY for DIY purposes. (2) Monitor Cables and Cable Tie are NOT PROVIDED (3) Pls DON'T adjust the tension screw without the monitor mounted on it
Check price on Amazon

91 Reddit comments about NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-30''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 19.8lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80:

u/taheer1919 · 73 pointsr/pcmasterrace

The real kicker is I have a monitor mount I picked up off of amazon for that exact has been sitting in my office for a few weeks unopened.

u/nguy8931 · 12 pointsr/buildapcsales

I also have this desk. This is my setup at full height:

Monitor Arms: North Bayou Arms

Monitors: Dell U2417H 24" monitors

Keyboard: Ducky One Side Print 100% Keyboard

Mouse: Logitech MX Master (Meteorite)

Mouse Pad:PECHAM Extended Pad

Speakers: Logitech Z313

Chair: Amazon Basic Mid-Back Chair

Lamp: Desk Lamp

Drawers: IKEA Alex

Plants: Random succulents from Trader Joe's

Wallpapers: Studio Ghibli Wallpapers (1920x1080)


Cable Management: involves the cable raceway attached below the desk using Command Strips from Wal-Mart. The cord management sleeves came in 4 pieces and I used that to organize all the wires. I have the speaker remote attached next to the lifting mechanism under the desk which is nice for quick volume control. The sub-woofer is placed on the desktop due my preference of having the fewest number of cables coming down from the desk. The one cord that hangs down is the power strip that runs to the outlet. The power strip is placed within the c-clamp of one of the monitor arms.

JOTO Cord Management System

J Channel Cable Raceway

Command Strips (Assorted)


Price: I was able to get a lower price in September 2018 at Office Depot using a 20% off coupon that was in general circulation. The final price with taxes and shipping to store was $149.90. But, I would gladly pay the $159.99 listed here.


Overall, I love the desk. In fact, I bought another one for my wife. The ability to switch between standing and sitting with the lifting mechanism is well worth the low price I paid. The setup requires minimal effort to lift - I personally use two hands for stability. I do think that an addition of a computer tower on the desktop will make it difficult, but not impossible, to lift. There is mention of wobbling in one of the review videos on YouTube, but it is barely noticeable on a day to day use. I will say that my only complaint is the desktop is not solid wood and I have experienced a bit of surface lift after a cup with condensation was left on the desktop overnight. I recommend using a coaster if you plan to having drinks on your desk.

u/bedintruder · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have the IPS version of this monitor, and while the stand isn't bad, I ended up grabbing one of these desk mount swivel arms and absolutely love it. Can't beat the price either.

u/DesTT · 7 pointsr/buildapcsales

All of the monitor mount/arms in this class come from the same manufacturer. They often go on sale down to this price floor.

u/Kyle292 · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/salondesert · 6 pointsr/DestinyTheGame

It's this one:

Amazon sells an Amazon Basic stand to convert monitor mounts into laptop sends, so I got that as well.

Works fine. Typing on it right now while loading into IB. :)

u/notmarlow · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

I gave my roommate the single arm NB version of that for his LG 29" ultrawide and it works great.

u/jce504 · 5 pointsr/simracing

Here's how I have my racing and desk space setup.

Sim Racing
Entire desk

I have my Rift sensor and my second monitor attached to two of these monitor mounts ( Works very well for being able to adjust it both the sensor and monitor to swing from desk to racing mode. Just have to reset the view when you launch a game. The Rift cable runs under the desk from my computer to just above the trash can - so in desktop mode I bring the cable between the pedal brackets and the legs of the desk, and racing mode it runs along side the rig. I actually have two Rift cables, one by itself and another that is in a braided nylon sleeve with a USB extension for my Leapmotion. Switching is a little bit of a pain, but the nylon sleeve is way cleaner than the "weaved" solution that Leapmotion suggests.

On the left upright for the steering mount I have a button box mounted that controls a bunch of automated scripts for switching between the two setups - change audio devices, display modes, as well as a few Teamspeak functions. When racing I disable my larger 144hz monitor so I can isolate what I'm doing to a single monitor and don't have to worry about losing a program on the other monitor that I can't see from the 80/20 rig.

I just got the aluminum extrusion rig (Bosch Rexroth), which I got locally for about $100 less than what I would have paid for an equivalent 80/20 setup through ebay. I haven't really cleaned up the wiring of the extrusion rig yet as I am in the process of adding SimVibe to the mix, which the first round of hardware should be here today!

/u/ZeosPantera, any suggestions on a 'cheap-ish' amp setup to power 2 to 4 AuraSound Transducers, ideally all separate channels?

u/bgunn925 · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have two of these and they're great. Looks overall very similar to the Rosewill model, except this one supports up to 14.3lbs, whereas the Rosewill only supports up to 13.2lbs. This one has gone on sale for $20 pretty regularly -- I bought both of mine at this price on separate occasions.

u/Veighnerg · 4 pointsr/Monitors

Attach one monitor to another? Not a great idea. What you should use is a VESA mount that allows it to be positioned where you need it. Here is just one example

u/PPVPVP · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

For smaller monitors their 17-27" model is really good, on sale for 21 right now:

Obviously doesn't compete with high end mounts. Maxes out at 9" over my desk with a 24" monitor, which I wish was a little higher, but it seems like most issues people have with these are with obtuse instructions. Considering it is made in china, and sold by unknown brand, I was pleasantly surprised by it's sturdiness.

u/Mis4nthrope · 3 pointsr/battlestations

>70 Inch Sharp 4K HDR
>1x Dell 34 Inch Ultra Wide U3415W
>2x Dell 27 Inch Ultrasharp InfinityEdge U2717D

Built the wall mount for the middle and left. Right Monitor Mount

u/jwy9 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Yea, 30-40 is not that expensive for a stand. If 30-40 is out of your budget, then I’d understand. You get what you pay for in my opinion. If you have the stock stand, i’d just stick with that. If it is too expensive to buy a new one, i’d just stick it out, wait, and save until it is within your means. Better safe than sorry!

North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand:

This one is $25. If your monitor is VESA compatible, this one isn’t too shabby. It has good reviews on amazon for the price. You can drill it on the top of your desk or clamp it to the side. And if you don’t have amazon prime for the free 2 day shipping, maybe you could ask someone who does to order it for you and just pay them in cash?!

Good luck with the search!

u/cvcjebus · 3 pointsr/battlestations

North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount with Mount and Gas Spring for Computer Monitors 17'' - 27 LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 4.4lbs upto 14.3lbs F80

It works great!

u/nrhinkle · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Do you have monitor stands? If not, do your monitors have VESA mounts? Get monitor arms! I got this one when they were $30 each, but they have another (newer looking) model for $40 which is still really good for a gas-spring monitor arm. I've had them since July and they're still working great, I have 3 with 2x 21" and 1x27" monitors. Leaves way more room on my desk and makes it really easy to reconfigure my screens to put one in portrait or whatever. Best random accessory upgrade I've done yet!

u/insan3guy · 2 pointsr/ultrawidemasterrace

Glad I could help! For reference's sake, the Z35P is on an Ergotron LX mount, and the other monitor is a Sceptre u275w-4000r on a mount I got from amazon (also, this mount does NOT swivel 360* on the lower portion, but it's a decent buy for $30)

u/Photo-Joe · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Keyboard is an anne pro 2 with custom keycaps, mouse is a Gpro Wireless with lizard skins sat ontop of a glorious helios/ PC specs are Ryzen 7 1700/ B350 Motar/ 16gb DDR4 3000MHz/ Msi gtx 1070ti, and the mounts are available here

u/GinkoWeed · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I bought this one a little over a year ago, and I love it. It's a little bulky, but that's because of the cable-management. Bonus of being half the price of the cheaper one you listed.

u/tuxlovesyou · 2 pointsr/Monitors

I like the full native w/o scaling, so... yeah. I need all the lines of text I can get :)

If you put the monitor on a $35 free-moving arm you can freely adjust the distance, orientation, etc.

u/Kaiyotie · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Would this work?

Maybe I'm just being a dumbass and installing the arm the wrong way. I have this monitor arm.

Can anyone who owns a Dell S2716DG link me the one you have?

u/Conormerrill16 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-27''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80

These are awesome! Way more adjustable and able to move the monitor up and down. They also have a dual monitor one as well. I will be upgrading my mount soon, once I get another monitor that has a VESA mount.

u/nesnalica · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

i bought this one and can recommend it

but considering the price you might aswell just get a new and larger table

u/ccrich02 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Sorry for the late reply

North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount with Mount and Gas Spring for Computer Monitors 17'' - 27 LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 4.4lbs upto 14.3lbs F80

u/Ambedo_1 · 2 pointsr/modernwarfare

Bro try a desk mount. Super easy to mount a montor arm to your desk vs a TV stand in your wall like this

u/LoveNotH86 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace
u/GobHoblin87 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Get three of these:

North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''-27'' Computer Monitor from 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs

Those are just the ones that I got. They make them for larger monitors as well. My largest monitor is a 27".

I have a triple monitor setup and use one of these mounts for each monitor. I can adjust all three monitors independently. I was also able to independently adjust the mounting location of each arm because they're each separate units. I, like you, have three non-matching monitors. Using three of these should accommodate the issue you've described. IMO, having three mounts is better than a single, triple monitor mount because of the versatility in placement and adjustment for each monitor. They're only $20, too. Another thing I really like about them is that the desk mounting hardware comes with two options: clamp (for edge clamping) and bolt on (for more secure and permanent desk mounting). They also have a very small footprint and so they take up very little desktop real estate. I'm very happy with these mounts and I highly recommend them.

u/JacobIsBlob · 2 pointsr/pcgamingtechsupport

Swivel!!. A big 1080p 60hz tv could also serve your purposes if you get a mount. But HTPCs are really just normal PCs, but with a different case.

u/pbjames23 · 2 pointsr/ikeahacks

I'm really happy with the monitor arm. It can be mounted with either a clamp or bolted with a thru hole, which is how I did it. It has an excellent range of motion, easy to instal, and has a channel for running cables.

u/wuzzywezzer · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I use this one for my Dell S2417DG and really happy with it.

u/elwunderwalrus · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Hi, if you don't mind me asking, where did you find that desk? I've been looking for one like it for some time.

a.) I'd suggest a quality headset stand. Massdrop has them on sale fairly regularly, although if you have Prime you can probably pick one up relatively cheaply (less than $40 US, I believe). I'm actually using my Blue Yeti as a headset stand and it works famously.

b. I'd suggest a taupe/light beige, since it would fit with the table, and leave your possibilities open if you end up getting another desk or if you want to change the room into something else. Saves you from having to re-paint at least.

c. I personally have a monitor arm that mounts to the desk. It's an Ergotron Neo-Flex, but I wouldn't really recommend it. Not a lot of articulation since it's a mechanical hinge instead of a gas hinge like this one I was looking at before I found mine in my dad's office. Almost all of them will require a Vesa mount, but those are pretty common on Asus monitors. Even my low end 22" has one. Plus it'll free up a little real-estate on your desk for a headset stand/microphone if you want one.

u/kaje · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

I have my monitors on individual mounts like this.

It's way better than the Vivo dual stand I had previously.

u/formerlybamftopus · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Just the $30 amazon special. I've had it almost two years now and it still works great.

Amazon link

u/Kaoculus · 2 pointsr/buildapc

If you find a cheap monitor and have money to spend, this great monitor arm is only 30-40 dollars:

I personally use it. Cheaper than all similar monitor arms but high build quality too.

u/BackwoodsMarathon · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I own one of these monitors and put it on this great!

u/domestic_theories · 1 pointr/MouseReview

This is the one I got. Works great. I clamped it, but it has a feature where you can mount it through a desk as well if needed. Not sure if you're in the right sub for this btw, but here is the arm:

u/DGPantherX · 1 pointr/battlestations

For both the center and right monitor, I'm using the NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/JigglyWiggly_ · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

The North Bayou mount that was posted here awhile ago is incredibly stable for the price.

It's out of stock on amazon,

But you can still get it on Ebay

Not sure how they sell for so cheap, it's really good.

Holds my vg248qe and the s2340m easily.

So much more room on my tiny ikea micke desk now :D

u/WalterEKurtz · 1 pointr/Monitors

I got this mount on Amazon: North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''-27'' Computer Monitor from 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs and can't figure it out. The bracket on the arm is too big. The holes line up but the screw holes are recessed just enough where they don't reach. Is there some sort of fitting that you need to fit it on? Anyone?

u/Ashleigh2247 · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's no longer on 50% off but 10€ more it's definitely a fair price

u/xXFall3nLegacy · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

It’s the North Bayou F80!

u/wastingtimeonreddit_ · 1 pointr/battlestations

I use this for the 2 portraits and one like yours for a landscape.

u/trojanrob · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

Oh damn!


The cheapo one is gas ( )


Are the main differences in build quality the weight it can support? If the cheap ones works just as well I will be returning the basics one.

u/_joe_king · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Have this monitor and love it! I bought this mount as the stock one is kinda crap. I will be buying 2 more of these as 144hz is best hz

u/Daemien67 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

You have taught me so much. I'm ordering an arduino starter kit, Gonna mess around with styrene over the weekend. and I have some sweet TvMounts on there way for keyboard and mouse swingouts. Seriously Jag, you have no idea how similar our goals are with our rigs. Im going with your suggestion of screen mounts, cause my previous frankenstein of sheet-metal custom rigged to articulating lamp arms didn't pan out... keyboard too heavy. who knew :(.. lol rookie mistake. I don't know about you, but my motivation was the orginal Chris Roberts' kickstarter video when he's sitting in the Hornet

Instead of using a swing arm to mount the center stick I'm going to build a center console out of mdf that either leg will go around. I looked into base extensions and that's just too much work. Plus with a console I can rig up custom control similar to how you have the two extra switches (which are mad sexy btw).

I've wanted to mount LCDs behind my MFDs. Initially I was going to use 2xASUS memopads(100$ each) and run a PC monitor extender to them or use ROCCAT. I like your method, seems cheaper and smoother.

Again.. Jag, you beat me to the punch on the HUD, well in your case Targeting computer. I was going to implement a HUD akin to the F-16 or any real world fighter with the same concept you employed. LCD lay flat, 45' plexi reflect image. I was hoping to use it with raw game data if thats available in the future.

One different aspect Im doing is an HDMI, peripheral switcher. No matter how much I've tried to make it comfortable, the FPS just doesnt work in the cockpit. So I'm migrating my gaming rig out of the cockpit via HDMI switches and perif switches. At my main desk I have an old gaming PC that I use for less graphic intense stuff. They will both parallel the desk monitor and the desk keyb/mouse. Upon hitting the switches the star citizen rig will become active and taking over those devices so I can FPS more comfortably.

Funny bit is that when I exit the ship in game... I actually have to exit my cockpit and sit at my desk :p

u/thisishowiinternet · 1 pointr/buildapc

No, they'll plug into your wall(Or surge protector)

They're on sale too, which is a bonus

Also, if you want to do arms, you could do An arm like this

u/Daamus · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I use this at the office for a 34" ultrawide and it does the trick

u/cad_deal · 1 pointr/Monitors

Actually the majority of IPS panels are 60Hz. Newest models often supports 75Hz but it isn't the norm yet.

Gsync/Freesync is always useful especially if you have dips in your framerate (low FPS). You could go with this model:


and buy a separate monitor arm because you'll restrict your options otherwise. Something like this :


or this:


You can go much cheaper though if you don't want VESA/stand though:


Also, keep it mind that at $200 usd, you can buy a 144Hz VA panel such as this:

u/coffeesippingbastard · 1 pointr/Monitors

damn near anything would work.

I bought the 27UK600 when it was going for $330 at bestbuy and then mounted them on some cheap arms.

Everything i've read so far has the U2718Q and the LG 27UK650 series as identical from a panel perspective. The main differences are going to be price, inputs, and interface.

I think the LG has a stronger OSD design with it's little joystick. I've read that the Dells have problems if you have to switch inputs a lot but I haven't seen that substantiated. If you aren't switching between sources a lot then nbd.

Finally, the Dells have USB3.0 hubs built in. It's roughly a $30-$50 premium over the LGs which don't have it so whether or not that's worth it is up to you.

u/bertleywjh · 1 pointr/battlestations

This is the one I have. Supports up to 14.3 lbs -
North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount with Mount and Gas Spring for Computer Monitors 17'' - 27 LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 4.4lbs upto 14.3lbs F80

Edit: just saw 10kg, not lbs.

u/hodograph · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

I have an x34 and had this arm that failed after about 2 weeks. Switched to this ergotech arm and I've had it for about 2 months. Works great and isn't even fully tightened.

edit: fixed link to ergotech arm

u/SideDish120 · 1 pointr/battlestations

North Bayou Desk Swivel Arm for Computer Monitors 17'' - 27 LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 4.4 lbs upto 14.3 lbs with Gas Spring F80

u/davey_darling · 1 pointr/DIY

You can get monitor arms that mount to your desk and let you position the monitor wherever you need it to be.

Here is an example, there are dozens more on Amazon.

u/bendvis · 1 pointr/buildapc

You could get one with arms like this, but the price jumps up a lot.

Alternatively, you could get 2 of these and hope that it'll hold the second monitor high enough.

u/Kagrenac00 · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

You should be able to use any Vesa mount [Like this one](North Bayou Full Motion Desk Mount with Mount and Gas Spring for Computer Monitors 17'' - 27 LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 4.4lbs upto 14.3lbs F80

I have the LG 34um95 and I'm using a Vesa mount with no issues. Keep in mind though the one I linked I have no knowledge or opinions on. I just grabbed a link for the first one I could find on Amazon so I could show you what to look for.

They have Vesa mounts for the wall, desk clamp, and desk stand so it will work for just about any set up.

u/jpete24 · 1 pointr/MSILaptops

It’s just a monitor arm from amazon and a laptop stand that you attach via the VESA connection.

AmazonBasics Notebook Laptop...

Similar to this- NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-27''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80

u/SGNitefox · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Cheapest option is probably to buy two of these.

NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-27''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs) Computer Monitor Stand F80

u/squishy_qubed · 1 pointr/MouseReview

Not OP but I use this mount here for my 27" with no problem.

u/Zomiq · 1 pointr/battlestations

hey is that the same/ similar monitor stadn to this one: (yes its amazon Australia...) nice setup +1

u/csblub · 1 pointr/battlestations

I love the northern bayou, I really do but I loved the aesthetic of this more because the monitor hides the mount almost completely. The northern bayou is probably best bang for your buck, considering the amazonbasics mount I have for my ultrawide ran me about 100$ usd. I use the bayou now for my pc workshop, so its still in use.

This was the northern bayou i was using

u/Minibjorn · 1 pointr/Monitors

I wouldn't even know what manufacturer to go to for a monitor in that price range.....

Jump on Amazon and browse through monitors, until you find one that fits the bill.
I almost think the best option for your need might be to buy the cheapest monitor you can find, maybe used, that has a VESA mount and buying an arm, such as this: Link

u/BrewingHeavyWeather · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here we've used the linked one by /u/Brostadamus, its clamp variant, and a few North Bayou hydraulic models (single, dual). Get one with a max size over what you have (the sizes supported correlate to weight), and you'll be fine.

u/dcoulson · 1 pointr/Workspaces

I'm using the Samsung U28E590D displays with some cheap-ass monitor arms I found that are similar to this:

I previously had a three monitor stand, but it was way too wide with the 28" monitors.

u/ChaoticRoon · 1 pointr/Surface

I've thought about combining a gas spring monitor arm with a laptop vesa tray. It would certainly be awesome when using it docked as a desktop (with an second monitor and keyboard/mouse) but I don't think it will be stable enough to draw on.

u/PangoWin · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

I would get this one instead. I'm fairly certain they're all made by the same oem. That should be everything you need.

u/Brodieman90 · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

I use this

I do have to tighten the the screws in the arm all the way though due to the wait of the monitor but it wrks and the monitor does not move unless I move it.

u/derpherp128 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Anyone know if a North Bayou F80 mount can hold a QNIX QX2710, an Acer XG270HU, and an Acer XF270HU? (Not all at once, obviously; just the individual monitors).

u/Dessum · 1 pointr/buildapc

Here they are on Amazon.

You really can't beat that price. It doesn't qualify for Prime, but for $35 who cares?

u/TheGnomeKing17 · 1 pointr/battlestations

These ones I got from Amazon, pretty decent and no real complaints.

u/kl0pfgeist · 1 pointr/ultrawidemasterrace

I have this one:оrth-Mоtiоn-Spring-Cоmputеr-Mоnitоrs/dp/B01AI2YGK4/

It can be clamped to the desk but also screwed through the desk. I think that's what you want.

I am just not entirely sure if it will support the weight of the AW. Until today i had a LG 34UM65-P on it and that worked perfectly, no sagging or anything like that. Didn't try it yet with my new X34P which just arrived today. But i am quite positive it will work with that as well. And i guess the AW has a similar weight.

u/bacnation · 1 pointr/battlestations

I had to get the heavier rated arm (6.6-19.8 lbs) for the x34 because when I weighed it it was around 16.6 lbs without the stand. Glad I did to because I got the 14 lbs arm for my XB271HU and that seems to be about the max weight it will hold (~12.5 lbs).

For the X34:

For the XB271HU:

u/kbryan1111 · 0 pointsr/Showerthoughts
u/Pickle_Dump · 0 pointsr/Monitors

I’m returning mine. The panel itself is gorgeous.

I tried to use my monitor mount I got on Amazon and it doesn't fit (this thing works perfectly on my two Dells). The Vesa mount square (recessed area) in the back of the LG is too narrow to accept this mount. It would have required I shave down the corners of the bracket to get it to fit. Edit - got a spacer kit from amazon, I’m happy with it now. But others should be aware of it anyway.

So I tried to deal with the stand, but man oh man do I hate it. It doesn't allow the monitor to get low enough to the desk, it felt like I was looking up at it (and I'm tall). Compared to any Dell monitor stand I've touched, the LG's is just poor.

The power cable with the external brick is too short for good cable management on my desk so I had the cord jutting out to the side and since the monitor doesn't get low enough, it's very visible and an eyesore for me. Even the display port cable it came with is too short.

Again I thought the panel itself is pretty, but the inability to use my mount and the stand it came with are total deal breakers. I was very frustrated by it.

Edit -

For comparison on the amount of space under the monitor. The LG is at it’s lowest setting compared to the dell.

The height of your desk could make or break it.

u/Butternuttie · -3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Don't wall mount it desk mount it