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11 Reddit comments about Neon Genesis Evangelion: Perfect Collection:

u/uuid1234567890 · 6 pointsr/anime

No, Evangelion is merely expensive (short search leads for example to this).

u/ichooseyounyancat · 3 pointsr/evangelion

There is one other release, the Holiday edition, a repackaging of the platinum collection. It has no advantages over the platinum collection and is pretty hard to find. Also, your link to "a very silvery version" didn't work for me but I assume it is the platinum edition with the aluminum box.

You heard right that the platinum collection has better audio and picture. The Perfect collection has no remastering so it looks noticeably worse. Some scenes have shaky or blurry visuals. Platinum collection did a lot to fix this issues.

As far as the different platinum releases go I recommend the slim/thinpack version. All around I would say it's the best release. It has the best audio and visual, the directors cuts for eps. 21-24, however there are zero bonus features. This isn't too big of a deal as the bonus features on other releases are things like clean OP, trailers, english commentary on a few episodes, so nothing necessary. Also the slim version seems to be the easiest to still find.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else.

u/thinwhiteduke · 3 pointsr/dvdcollection

The only anime in my DVD collection is this edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, which was actually given to me. I'll probably pick up some Miyazaki stuff at some point, but horror films are currently my focus.

u/OmgItzShiggidy · 1 pointr/evangelion

First of all, I want to say that it's really awesome that you're doing this for him. I've been an Evangelion nerd for the longest time and the thing I've wanted more than anything was the entire collection, like these:

But that's just me. Also, I think you should watch it with him so you can see why he loves it so much. It's a really great anime, even if you don't like anime.

u/Fishy_Old_Man · 1 pointr/anime

For 1; There should be links somewhere. Perhaps another method that may work is to compare popularity of soundtracks with their respective DVD/Blu-ray equivalent. It might be worth looking into. Evangelion ost on amazon and subsequent DVD/bluray sales It's EVA, it's super popular, so something went right?

For 2; Sorry man. Interpretation is hard in the art world. Analysis of classical music might give you some footing to stand on as it has been critiqued to no end with various input from people in the musical field. You may be able to draw something from one of their conclusions.

For 3; Bollywood comes to mind immediately. They live and die by their soundtracks. Lord of the Rings trilogy from Peter Jackson is a good comparison tool. I'm sure you can find something in that vein. Google search pulled up an 84 page dissertation into it. Here I have not read it but might after this.

For 4; Your teacher is right. However, so are you. This statement is more about "what could be used as a control?" rather than a "find a control." (especially this late in the game) The basis of all music used in film and television is that is has impact relative to what is happening on screen. Proving that is difficult but it is assumed in most cases. This is the best example I have ever come across that illustrates my point. It's the first look we have of Jurassic Park. It is THE REVEAL...and we are treated to poorly played melodica music that clearly does not match. If that doesn't suffice to prove a point, I'm not quite sure what else will.

u/metroninja · 1 pointr/PuzzleAndDragons

So if you want to do it in Order first watch the original series NGE.

The ending is pretty out there (VERY meta), and doesn't answer a TON of questions. Thus a lot of fans were pissed so they made 2 movies that "re-wrote" the ending, they are Death and Rebirth and end of eva.

THEN, a bunch of years past till recently and it was decided to distill the ENTIRE series down to 3 movies and change a bunch of stuff. These movies are why the collab came along and it's basically a distilled version of the series without extra fluff and some differences in characters, story flow, etc. these are 1.11 - 2.22 - and 3.33

u/de_throni · 1 pointr/anime

I got that one 10 years ago when it was around $50. Do NOT buy the malaysian bootlegs that you can get on eBay and other sites.

u/veggiesama · -4 pointsr/movies

Watch the anime. Ignore the re-released movie versions of the show (1.11, etc.). They have neat FX but they breeze through character development and gut the original story. This is the DVD set you want. It's 26 episodes long. Then watch End of Evangelion.