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Coheed And Cambria
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u/antent · 2 pointsr/Music

Maybe off topic, but I just had an idea. I would like to see them put out a high quality atdi version of this. Have consecutive shows where each night is dedicated to an album. Record it in high quality then let the name die. Move on. If these fellows want to create new music together they merely have to pick a different name. I think this is where I'm leaning now. I would love to suggest this to them, but who the hell am I? So long as these guys (atdi members) are happy, I s'pose I am too.

edit: added words that fell off my screen.

u/Taintbusting · 1 pointr/TheFence

I'm not 100% sure they ever released the CD's separately from the box set (they may have though).

You can find the box set on Amazon if you're willing to drop over 200 bucks for it. Alternatively, the standalone DVD set is on Amazon for 14 bucks:

You could always rip the DVD audio tracks and chop them up with Audacity or something like that. That would also get you the full version of Good Apollo (they cut some of the jams on the official CD release). Though it also means 21:13 gets cut off at the end.