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New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle (Round)
This New Wave Enviro product is BPA FREE, made of only the highest quality Tritan Resin. Through well-known testing and experiments, science has proved that the production of Tritan is 100% unassociated with and 100% free of all Bisphenol compounds inclThe bottle has a capacity of one gallon and is sized with dimensions: 6. 5" Diam. x 11" Height. Includes a tethered, 48mm Stainless Steel Screw Cap that will ensure you won't misplace the cap.Its one-gallon, high capacity and chemical free structure makes it the perfect travel or camping companion with a grab and go handle for easy carry. The bottle opening is sized to easily fit ice cubes, so you can keep your water cold at all times.FDA approved, food-grade plastics, ensure you can drink worry free from a sustainable, reusable bottle that can fulfill your quench anytime, anywhere.Reuse Again and Again
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7 Reddit comments about New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle (Round):

u/seancarter · 14 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Congrats on starting the process man! It'll be tough, but if you believe in yourself, you can do it. If you slip or lose focus, just get back on it and push.

A bit of unsolicited advice:

The jogging will get easier as your lungs recover. Remember that fat loss comes with lower heartrate exercises. There's nothing wrong with high intensity cardio, just listen to your body. Cardio is important, but don't be afraid of the weight room.

Also, I saw you cut out soda. Great job! I'm still trying to kick Zeros completely. This helps with the water drinking. Drink one to two a day and you're golden (but your pee will be clear).

There are some great communities on Reddit. If you're considering low-carb and haven't checked out /r/keto, /r/Paleo, or /r/ketogains, there's plenty of info and good people in those and other subs (/r/loseit, /r/weightroom, /r/c25k are some I like). Regardless, talk to your doctor before making major dietary changes.

Lastly... remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. Just because you cross the finish line, it doesn't mean the personal race is over. Whether it's 15lbs, 150lbs, or more the goal is always the same... be a better version of yourself so you stand a chance during the zombie apocalypse.

u/the13thdoc · 2 pointsr/HydroHomies

Fuck that.

Tell them to install a damn water bottle refilling station (fuck it, convince Costco or Kirkland to install it). I don't know where you live, but for fuck's sake I thought we were getting it through our head (as a world) that this plastic shit is over with. Grab yourself a glass jar (wide mouth and a County Line Kitchen lid), a tritan bottle, or one of Hydro Flask things I keep seeing around here. Get yourself some clean water and get electrolytes appropriately (none of that artificial sweetener shit in Gatorade).

Edit: This was the New Wave tritan bottle I meant to link. Sorry for the Amazon link (because they're evil).

Edit 2: Crossed out tritan. I think Eastman Chemicals heavily funds Republican campaigns. That's not fine anymore. Maybe it is for you (I doubt it, if you like clean water and a healthy planet). Maybe someone can verify that.

u/AceVenturaMD · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I do the cheap water gallons also! I also have this I swish it with soap then rinse it upside down with a sink spray hose thing. Its pretty strong.

u/Carb_killa · 1 pointr/keto

My goal is 1 gallon (128 oz) per day. I have a few of these that I refill with filtered water from the fridge dispenser and then just refill my glass or smaller water bottle from that. Using the gallon jug makes it easier to keep track.

u/sweetchilli · 1 pointr/golf

I just bought one of these suckers. Lasts me all day.

u/mokshahereicome · 1 pointr/ZeroWaste

New Wave Enviro BpA Free 1 Gallon Water Bottle (Round)

Gallon. Pay for itself after a couple cases of bottled water not spent. These are tough too, last a lot longer than refilling regular gallon water jugs over and over. These can be set down on the rocks, cement, be accidentally kicked and whatnot. Should be enough for two people for the day