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NieR:Automata: Short Story Long
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u/NeoIceBreaker · 4 pointsr/nier

She has her backstory outlined in this book.
NieR:Automata: Short Story Long:
Though I do agree it would be cool to have a game dedicated to her.

u/tomvs123 · 1 pointr/nier

Here's the ones I've either bought or want. They're all official:

Grimoire Nier (Japanese only). There's fan translations on the web of this:

Drakengard 3 art book and guide (Japanese only).

Nier Automata world guide volume 1 (English). I suppose there might be a volume 2 coming in the future:

And for the poorly-translated novels. Get only if you're not irritated by bad sentence structure, typos, and translation errors.