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Nintendo amiibo - Corrin (Player 2) (SSB)
Just tap an amiiboTM accessory to the NFC touchpoint to enjoy fun in-game extra features in compatible games on the Nintendo Switch system, New Nintendo 3DS system, or Wii U console.Recommended for children ages 6+For more details on amiibo, please visit
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30 Reddit comments about Nintendo amiibo - Corrin (Player 2) (SSB):

u/SyMag · 6 pointsr/amiibo

SS Link and P2 Corrin are Amazon exclusives. Nobody knows where MM Link and P2 Bayonetta are going to yet.

u/LimitingFreedom · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

[P2 Corrin's] ( back up amiibros.

u/random11x · 3 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

wouldnt it be cheaper to import it from the states? and you get NA box still
Edit, now sold out

u/Raphman90 · 3 pointsr/amiibo
u/Beddict · 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

I bought three more volumes of Tokyo Ghoul, and bought the Female Corrin Amiibo. It wasn't in any of stores in my area so I had to order it on Amazon. Hilariously enough, the Female Corrin Amiibo is $94.94, but the Female Kamui Amiibo is only $38.00. I don't give a shit if the package is in Japanese, the amiibo itself is the same. Getting it in store for $15.00 would've been best, but I'm not about to complain given how annoying it is to pick these up. I'll pick up Male Corrin at one point or another, just not immediately (oh, and there's only $1.00 price difference between Male Corrin and Male Kamui, why I don't know).

I am also in the midst of downloading Civilization VI. The Digital Deluxe edition was on sale for 40% off, $62.99 altogether which is far better than $104.99. For comparison, the regular version is normally $79.99 and was 33% off for $53.59, and the five currently released DLC as a total price of $31.95. I imagine a complete edition with expansions and stuff would be dirt cheap a couple years from now, but eh, whatever.

So yeah, solid day overall.

u/rezzyk · 2 pointsr/amiibo

Do you have a laptop (or is your computer in the same room as your bed)? If so, download Page Monitor for Chrome, and tell it to monitor this page:

Set it to just let you know if the "There are currently no listings for this product" text changes. You can have it check the website over and over as much as you want.

It will only go off once, which might be an issue, but it does work. I snagged the Carbon Fiber D.Va Pop today with it.

u/Classic_Megaman · 2 pointsr/nintendo
u/XZero319 · 2 pointsr/amiibo

To add to this, there is a link on Amazon for Corrin P2. It is not live yet and since we know Cloud P2 is a GameStop exclusive, we know for sure that the picture associated with the listing is incorrect, so it looks like Corrin P2 is an Amazon exclusive, but it is unconfirmed.

u/yoshiibo · 2 pointsr/AmiiboCanada

Oh found it:

This is weird... LOL

u/ScorchRaserik · 1 pointr/amiibo

Sign up for email alerts on the product page, send emails to your phone (or some other device you constantly check). In the past, they've sent emails giving people advanced notice, and even if they don't, you'll know exactly when it goes up.

u/Peachrules14 · 1 pointr/amiibo

Someone stated that they preordered an amiibo that they believed to be Female Corrin at GameStop about a week ago. There wasn't a name to the amiibo on their receipt, but they seemed sure that it was Female Corrin, but that was before we found out we were getting two of Cloud and Bayonetta.

There's no way that Target or TRU would get a Bayonetta figure (imo), so Best Buy or Gamestop seems likely. Corrin could go anywhere, but I think that placing Cloud or Bayonetta in stores like GS/BB would possibly get fans of the series to pick them up, even if they don't have a Nintendo console.

EDIT: Actually, it looks like Cloud (or Female Corrin?) may be an Amazon exclusive

u/Jo351 · 1 pointr/amiibo

This is named Corrin Player 2, no idea if it is correct as the image is wrong.

u/Sages · 1 pointr/amiibo

This one doesn't seem to link directly to the Amazon sold one if you're on desktop (windows 10 & Chrome), although you can navigate to select the Prime Tick Box on the right side.

This link will take you directly to the 12.99 one.

u/SaiyanOfDarkness · 1 pointr/amiibo

30 mins gone by. The suspense!

Edit: Corrin P2 is up!

u/pancakesandhyrup · 1 pointr/amiibo

Corrin P2 is currently available on Amazon.

You better talk to them soon to get a replacement order replaced before it's gone again.

u/MrRosh23 · 1 pointr/amiibo
u/Obeaner2 · 1 pointr/funkopop
u/jellytrack · 1 pointr/AmiiboCanada

It's on the Amazon product page

> AMAZON Exclusive