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NOLS Wilderness First Aid: 3rd Edition (NOLS Library)
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speaking just from our experience (me and my wife) plan on being stuck in a hotel for a week, on top of however many other zeros you planned to do. she got severe thigh chafing in oregon. she had never had an issue with chafing but I guess it was just cold and wet enough where the skin rubbed raw enough to the point of bleeding. she knew she was chafing but not THAT bad. had to use my spare pare of underarmor to make it to timberline lodge. it was bad enough where we needed to really keep it in a clean environment (a hotel) to prevent infection. All she could do was sit in bed for a week. too much movement would effect the skin growing back. There's always a chance that you will have some kind of injury or illness come at you out of nowhere. even if you're on top of everything. dont let this stuff scare you from doing the trail. just know most people brush this kinda stuff off and think "it wont happen to me" and it might not. but if you're prepared to deal with it, it makes the whole experience a bit less stressful. one last tip... I read the NOLS wilderness first aid book at the beginning of our hike. I recommend it. It gave me a lot more peace of mind about handling a situation if anything came up...