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Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display - KM18 Black
1. THE BEST: Consolidated for customers the best FM Transmitter on the market the Nulaxy KM18 won the market for its superior quality and reliability. [Nulaxy Direct] is the only store to purchase authorized and authentic Nulaxy KM182. GREAT ADVANTAGES: Compatible with most devices on the market. Play your favorite songs on your car stereo through Bluetooth, TF Card, Aux Cable. Advanced noise reduction technology will ensure quality, crystal clear sound.3. BIG LCD DISPLAY: 1. 44 inch screen to better visualize phone calls, music, car battery voltage. The ideal screen size to assist you in driving safe without disturbance.4. TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR CAR: 1) Bluetooth connection; 2) Answer phone calls with the press of a button; 3) Voltmeter function to monitor the quality of your car battery; 4) 3 different ways to play music in your car, and more.5. SAFETY FUNCTIONS: Safety first. KM18 is equipped with a voltmeter to show you the condition of your car battery. Voltage should be between 13. 2V to 14. 7V when your car is on and moving. 12. 2V to 12. 8V when your car is parked and ignition is off.
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91 Reddit comments about Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display - KM18 Black:

u/mishugashu · 344 pointsr/Android

I don't have Bluetooth built into my 2007 Honda, but I still listen to Music via Bluetooth in my car. Can either plug it in via 3.5mm audio or use the FM transmitter if you don't have a jack in your car.

Had Bluetooth in my car without it being built in for a decade or more. It's really a non-issue.

u/Guyutestash · 40 pointsr/Showerthoughts

This bluetooth'd my car inexpensively.

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display Supports TF/SD Card and USB Car Charger for All Smartphones Audio Players

u/Slowmyke · 25 pointsr/GooglePixel

Personally, the lack of a headphone jack annoys me a fair amount. It's manageable, but i haven't bought any adapters for it and i find myself wanting to listen to things at work when i need to be charging the phone. Better planning for charging my phone (i usually don't bother until I'm at work) or like i said, buying an adapter would help the issue. It's annoying that i need to spend money to solve a problem created by a crappy design choice in the first place, but the options are cheap enough i suppose.

In your case, something like this car Bluetooth adapter should solve your problem for less than $20. The one I've linked has a ton of decent reviews, so i think it should be a safe bet. The bottom line is the lack of a headphone jack is annoying and stupid. But overall it's a good phone and it's manageable enough that you can overlook the stupid shortcoming.

Edit: spend a few more bucks and get what u/funmonkeydisease suggested below instead. It'll probably sound better/clearer.

u/dotVillain · 17 pointsr/videos

I drove all the way from L.A. to Phoenix on a single station (105.3) using my Bluetooth FM transmitter. I used to have one where I would have to scan every 20 miles or so. The quality of these transmitters are definitely hit or miss.

Here's the one I have:

u/cocoagiant · 15 pointsr/whatcarshouldIbuy

I would look for Kia Souls or Honda Fits. At your price point, those are the two likeliest candidates. Both can carry tons of stuff, decent mpg, and pretty reliable. Especially if you can drive a manual transmission, but their automatics are fine too.

You should be able to find something within under 75,000 miles at that price.

I think both have Bluetooth, but if they don't, just get a Bluetooth transmitter. This is the one I use ( and it works better than the built in version in some of my friends' cars.

u/badnamebandit · 9 pointsr/techsupport

You can get a bluetooth Fm transmitter that will plug into your car and allow you to usb charge your phone and play music. Any 2003 car is not going to have the best sound but this will be much better than a cassette converter. Plus you have the added benefit of charging your phone. Here is a link for one on amazon with good reviews.

u/Ramquat · 8 pointsr/sanantonio

Even old ass cars have cigarette lighter sockets. So jam in a bluetooth adapter for your phone into one of those that broadcasts out to a radio station you set and listen to your phone.

Its 17 bucks and works with just about ANY type of input.

Has FOURTEEN THOUSAND reviews at 4.5 stars. So you know... join the present day

u/laflame232432 · 7 pointsr/iphone

Upgrade to an iPhone XS. There is a device that you can use that makes your car bluetooth enabled for audio. Its a FM-Transmitter Bluetooth. I use it in my car and it is great and its pretty cheap in price. I link it for you

FM Transmitter( Amazon)

u/nukelauncher95 · 6 pointsr/cars

Your choice are:

u/millenniumxl-200 · 4 pointsr/deadmalls

I bought this for my son's car.

Works great.

u/Ilovethemarina · 4 pointsr/sanantonio

If you have a smoke cigarette thingy (idk what they're called or what they're used for) Amazon has 13-15 dollar Bluetooth transmitter that has great quality and connects to it.

I personally have this one but there's others

u/Oneshoeleroy · 4 pointsr/Conservative

You need an FM transmitter.

I don't know anything about this one, but there's quite a. Few out there. They let you listen through a normal FM radio

u/burnt_wick · 3 pointsr/CrownVictoria

The FM transmitter I have let's you stream bluetooth to your stereo with your phone and it also has an analog AUX input and will play audio off of a micro SD card as well. Love it!

u/austex_mike · 3 pointsr/technology

> Since no bluetooth works in my car, no matter what.

Why wouldn't it work no matter what? Do you not have an FM radio? You could use one of these. Although I still prefer the headphone jack, I do use a FM transmitter sometimes too.

u/pjor1 · 3 pointsr/technology

Not an advocate for Apple's shitty choice to remove the headphone jack, but the solution is very simple. $20 Bluetooth FM transmitter to make your jack-less phone work with any car.

u/Amesb34r · 3 pointsr/e46

This is what I have and I love it. Bluetooth and aux cord input are options.

u/BigHungry70 · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS7

I have this one and it works great.

u/rakesh11123 · 3 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Yeah, in that case, you'd need a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter. There are other options, you can see if your car supports bluetooth natively and if it doesn't, you can buy a bluetooth transmitter off Amazon for about 20 bucks (like this one) and have it to where your phone connects to the transmitter via bluetooth and the transmitter sends out whatever music you set to play on your phone via radio waves and you just tune your car's radio to that specific channel.

u/teeroy766 · 3 pointsr/tumblr

Maybe they had one of these?

u/whotfislukespiller · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

I have this thing that plugs into my charging port in my car (old 2002 jeep) that allows me to play bluetooth by taking an unused radio station and adapting to my phone (I actually dont know how it works, but that sounds kind of smart). Here's the amazon link if you're interested

u/LEGENDARY-TOAST · 3 pointsr/pics

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger

That's the one I have, better than other one I tried that was twice as expensive and more durable/higher quality too. It even works in the big city surprisingly, since almost no stations are free >.< Sometimes I have to switch stations if they decide to transmit over the station I'm using.

u/r0wb0yr0w · 3 pointsr/XTerra

Get this, it worked well when I had the same issue

u/AlexMalik · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS9

If you have a working radio, this is worth it's weight in gold.

u/Lil_Jening · 3 pointsr/AboveandBeyond

You could try using a bluetooth fm transmitter for future travels in the vehicle. With my FM transmitter the sound does start to crap out when I turn up my phone (not radio) too loud.

As for why WW07 doesn't play I cannot answer.

u/sneakerguy323 · 2 pointsr/LosAngeles
u/llamagish · 2 pointsr/Music

My aux port is broken too and I bought one of these. You connect to it via bluetooth from your phone and it transmits a radio signal that you connect to.

u/The_Chillosopher · 2 pointsr/indieheads

Excellent suggestion!

Would one of these work?

u/jargonoid · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

I have this and am very happy with it.

u/Ihatetheinternet22 · 2 pointsr/ChevyTrucks

$200 is only liability for me. If winters aren’t that bad then just get whatever tire you like, even if it is just for aesthetics, the KO2s did great on ice. If you’re going for aesthetic you can also do -12 offset wheels to get out wider and it’ll still sit flush since your truck has the factory flairs.

All I have for music is a Bluetooth-FM transmitter , you do get some interference if you turn the radio way up and the volume on the transmitter itself down but it’s really not bad, it’s the only way to really look stock.

u/xXdeathstar101Xx · 2 pointsr/Moto_Z

I recommend getting a Bluetooth to radio adapter. You plug it into a cigarette lighter outlet, and it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and plays music by radio signal. I found it to be pretty handy, and I don't have that much interference from radio, I just use one of the super low frequency's, like 88.7 or 88.9.
Here's the one I have, I recommend it.

u/phoxix3 · 2 pointsr/howto
u/Jwr32 · 2 pointsr/iphone

I used to use them but I got this Bluetooth adapter that goes into the outlet on the car. Connect to phone via Bluetooth and to car via empty radio station. Really neat and has pause/play, skip song/go back, answer phone button etc.

check it out

u/Dnlyfe30 · 2 pointsr/jetta

Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display Supports TF/SD Card and USB Car Charger for All Smartphones Audio Players

u/weaponwang · 2 pointsr/cars
u/Digitlnoize · 2 pointsr/ShittyLifeProTips

It was years ago and I don't see the exact model on first glance through Amazon, but it's essentially similar to this one:

The point is that there are options better than buying a new car if you don't have Bluetooth. This is by far the cheapest option. Installing a new aftermarket stereo is another, which would run around $100 bucks plus installation (or DIY) at least for a solid unit with Bluetooth.

u/sousss · 2 pointsr/cars

If you have a cigarette lighter, use this.

It transmits through bluetooth and it also comes with an aux cable if you want to plug in an iPod or mp3 player. I use it on my 2001 Acura MDX. Let me know if you have any questions.

u/dalazybastards · 2 pointsr/B5Audi

100% agree. After owning 5 b5’s and loving having a factory console. This is the way to go.

u/PoonOnTheMoon314 · 2 pointsr/G37

This is what I have:

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display - KM18 Black

Works great and theres no sound clarity issues either

u/moduspwnens14 · 1 pointr/apple

5% may not be accurate, but they'll be accounting for how often it gets used, too, and how easy of a problem it is to solve with an adapter.

This thing might be pretty cool, as it'd work for non-iPhones and work wirelessly for times when you don't need to plug it in to charge. It's fairly cheap with good reviews.

u/Regular_Erik · 1 pointr/Music

I'm in a similar situation with my car - no aux jack - and plan to keep this car till it turns to dust around me. So I've become quite familiar with a few FM transmitters. But firstly, it's worth mentioning that all FM Transmitters are garbage compared to direct input audio, at least in my experience.

But the best FM transmitter I've had thus far is this guy:

It's bluetooth so you don't have to deal with any cables that will undoubtedly twist and loosen and break. It's also a lot cheaper than the FM Transmitters you'd find stores like Best Buy (I've seen them for upwards of $50(!) in that place).

Some other advice... If you stick to mainly listening to music/radio/whatever through your phone and rarely use the actual radio, you will get a better, clearer signal for your FM Transmitter if you remove your car's antenna. A few years back my car's antenna got ripped off during a snow storm and it was the best happy accident I could have imagined. Because of that it's very easy to find a clear radio station to play the FM Transmitter through.

Good luck!

u/Yggdrsll · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

I have an 04 Subaru that doesn't even have an aux jack, and this has been the best purchase I've made recently. I use it every day, sound quality is good enough that I can hear audiobooks clearly over high speed road noise (and my car is noisy), bass sounds solid, music quality is way better than AM/FM radio. And it has a USB port so I can still charge my phone at the same time. The built in microphone isn't great, but it's good enough and is super low hassle and easy to use.

u/8bhizzel8 · 1 pointr/CarAV

The cheapest solution might be to just a fm transmittor.

u/FightingPolish · 1 pointr/JeepLiberty

I use this one in mine. Works great. you get in the jeep, it pairs with the phone in your pocket and then you can play your stuff. Unless you're in a really urban area where you will have trouble finding unused fm channels I would go this route so you don't have to take anything apart and you can move it to different vehicles if you want.

u/Checkers10160 · 1 pointr/Miata

I have a Bluetooth to FM transmitter right now (This one 4.5/5 stars and 4,000+ reviews) but I'm still unhappy with the sound, but I'm not sure if it's the speakers, the stereo (Because there's no external amp, it's being powered by the stereo) or the speakers. It's fuzzy/muddy, it clips, etc.

Although replacing the speakers would be done anyways, so maybe I will just start with that..... And maybe put an external amp in between the MSSS and speakers, so it can be a little more powerful without having to remove the stereo..... Really the only "broken" part is the Mode button, which switches between top up or top down sound modes, doesn't work right so I had to put a McDonalds straw shim in to keep it depressed, and the cassette player doesn't work.

So I'm torn because I'd like to have a modern stereo and just be able to plug a device in, but I also don't want to get rid of the MSSS (Although I did see an AUX mod for it). Thanks for letting me talk this out by the way, it's definitely helping. I think I will start with the speakers, then maybe an amp, and if I still don't like the way it sounds, I will remove it, store it somewhere safe, and throw a new deck in there.

Thanks again!

u/Cabroncito0518 · 1 pointr/subaru

Something like this would work with any working stereo.
A little less expensive and no real install needed.

u/drewdog173 · 1 pointr/Sacramento

> Oh, you think your opinion matters to the radio station and you give them your cell info for free on top of it. That's Complaining about corporate radio is naive in 2010. In 2018 it's just crazy.


u/DyceFreak · 1 pointr/technology

Hell yea, I rock the bluetooth in my 2001 Buick LeSebre. I used to use a wired one but that finally broke and the one I replaced it with ended up shitting out within a month so I replaced it with this and it's been golden.

u/daddy_nobucks · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

For $23 you can get a Bluetooth FM Transmitter on Amazon.

Wireless sync to your phone as soon as you get in the car.

No affiliate link, just good advice. Good Guy Daddy_Nobucks

u/TerminusBest · 1 pointr/audiobooks

I recently purchased the item linked below for my wife's car. We have a newborn and she needs my car because it's bigger for the car seat, and I have been extremely happy with the clarity and ease of use of the fm transmitter. I'm sure there are many similar options out there, but I can stand by this one without hesitation you just need a cigarette lighter adapter.

u/da9ve · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I'm still happily using this MPow one well over a year on, most of which time I've been moving it back and forth from one car to another. Sadly, it's no longer available.

When I decided to get a second one to eliminate the swapping, I got this Nulaxy one which has also been great so far,... but I've only had it for a month or so.

The MPow one is built solidly - I can't imagine it breaking, so I'd expect their newer model to be solid as well. Interestingly, though, it seems that a number of different brand names of these devices are literally the same hardware, with brand-specific firmware as the only distinguishing difference. So generalizing about hardware/manufacturing may be invalid. E.g., here's another that looks to be the same hardware as the discontinued MPow, but still available. Scrolling through the available models, I see at least 4 other brands that look identical to the MPow and numerous ones that look identical to the Nulaxy.

Exactly how have the ones you've had failed?

[Edit - caveat: I've been perfectly happy with both devices for playing music (flac player on Samsung Note 3 > Bluetooth to fm), but never have gotten the MPow to perform as a speakerphone worth a crap. Its mic just doesn't pick up my loud voice in a moving car competing against road noise, though it's possible I just haven't been able to adjust its input volume properly. I haven't had a chance to try the Nulaxy one yet as a speakerphone. ]

u/spyder994 · 1 pointr/Cartalk

I own both styles in different cars. I use them to listen to Audiobooks rather than music, so keep that in mind when I talk about sound quality. Bluetooth adapters are great because you can pause and skip from the adapter, and keep your phone in your pocket. I don't like the idea of my phone just sitting loose in the car. In the event of an accident, after which, you'll really need that phone, I don't want it to have gone flying somewhere.

In my car that has an aux port, I have an MPOW Streambot. It's very compact and has pretty good sound quality... no static or muddiness. Battery life is 7-8 hours before you have to recharge it through its micro-usb port. Build quality is a little suspect, but hey, it cost $15 and it hasn't broken yet. I can't complain too much.

In my car that doesn't have an aux port, I have a Nulaxy FM Transmitter. As FM transmitters go, it is pretty great. There is only one frequency here in Dallas I can tune to and not get static, but that's all I need. You can use Radio Locator to find empty frequencies in your area. I feel like the sound quality is just a touch muddy sometimes, but it is far better than any other FM transmitter I've used.

A bluetooth head unit is the ideal solution, but at much higher cost and complexity.

u/skyhi11 · 1 pointr/starbucks

I recommend buying and FM transmitter! I had an old car that was like that too

u/Schwaxx · 1 pointr/CarAV

Actually, he can look through this link for one that appeals to him most. There's plenty here that would do the job just fine.

This one in particular caught my eye:

u/Heero1988 · 1 pointr/accord
u/adalaza · 1 pointr/ColoradoRockies

Have you considered one of those FM transmitters with bluetooth, like one of these?

u/ScreamYouFreak · 1 pointr/civic

Wireless FM transmitter (w/ USB charger)

There's the one I purchased. You can find plenty that look similar to it at a fraction of the price. Being as I didn't have PRIME at the time, I was trying to meet a requirement of $50 for free shipping. That's the only product that still works. Super lightweight, bendable, durable, clear. I love it.

u/Gothbot6k · 1 pointr/SmartCar

I don't want to cycle through all of that though just to find a song. I'd rather just talk to my phone and tell it what to play next.

I have one like that, the problem is the quality is too poor.

This is what I currently have:

u/Amaegith · 1 pointr/Android

You sure can listen to music without a headphone jack. Unless of course, your radio also doesn't work.

That's just me playing devil's advocate though. I like using my wired headphones, so I won't be buying the new pixels if they don't come with a headphone jack. Shame too, because I was really hoping to go that route when they were released.

u/TranmanWonder · 1 pointr/Miata

You can use a [Bluetooth adapter] ( that you plug into the cigarette lighter. It works great but you just have to find a good radio station to use.

u/blacmac · 1 pointr/Android

I have this for my car, it's not a steering wheel accessory, but it works. I haven't tried the actual FM function, but it has aux output so I use that.

Basically, I get in my car, and my phone automatically pairs with this (which now also opens up Android Auto with this update), then I use the controls on the device to control my music. Music is bluetoothed to the device, and played through the aux port. A lotta work and a little convoluted, but anything for physical controls for my music.

u/kraize00 · 1 pointr/cars

> rear-view mirror with compass

i said the same thing a few years back. The new ones are actually really good. I've had 0 problems with mine. Worth trying.

u/Tec_ · 1 pointr/CarAV

So the basic would be a FM transmitter. Moving up from that you get a hardwired FM transmitter. Again up from that would be a device like the PAC-audio AAI-HD3 or the grom audio device. Again moving up you've got units from isimple and grom that add Bluetooth streaming and hands free capability. But at that price point it's starting to hit the level where it's more cost effective to replace the radio. I would recommend replacing the radio out of all the solutions available. It will add more functionality and just sound and work better in the long run.

u/uncreativegeek · 1 pointr/subaru
u/MADMasomi · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have a question regarding cassette adapters vs FM Transmitter Radio. I have an old 2004 Hyundai Sonata so I am currently using this in my car to listen to music on my phone. I've had it for a minute now but recently the quality has deteriorated and is no longer acceptable. I wanted to buy it again however I saw this product on amazon. I was wondering if this would provide better audio quality compared to the cassette adapter? Or if anyone has any other options that can provide the best sound quality possible for my car, i'm open to all suggestions.

u/fksnowm · 1 pointr/Hyundai

I know these tend to have bad sound and break constantly but I've had this specific one for 2 years and its still going strong. You can put it in your glove box plug in or the cig lighter. I have the same car and it works great

u/YoroSwaggin · 1 pointr/whatcarshouldIbuy

In my past search for cars I just Google the phrases:

[Model name year] repair price -> for the estimated annual repair price, IMHO if you buy CPO or something with less than 40k miles and sell within 3 years you won't be needing anything other than the scheduled maintenance in the manual.

[Model name year] problems -> there are reviews on Edmund, and there is another website whose name I cannot remember with a helpful graph of problem reports for each years, you'll find it it's pretty high up the list

And lastly check out the subreddit for Volvo's.

Volvo's are quality cars and I believe they keep using the same overall engine design for many years with small adjustments each year, so their engines are fairly reliable. Again, just a generalization, you'll need to ascertain this for your model.

As for Bluetooth, I'm not talking about an actual part that you'll need to spend time putting in, but just a handsfree dongle! I'll link you soon.

Ok so:
Besign Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit Hands-Free Wireless Talking, Music Streaming Dongle With 10W Dual Port 2A USB Charger, Magnetic Mounts, for Car with 3.5mm Aux Input Jack

This one plugs into your aux port and usb charger. Starts when you leave it plugged in and start the car. This is the closest you can get to seamless Bluetooth streaming.

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - Supports Apt X

This is the more expensive option of the same thing, IDK if it's higher quality or just brand tax.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver, Streambot Hands-free Car Kits & Wireless Music Adapter for Stereo System

Completely wireless but you need to recharge it every now and then and turn it on every time.

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit with 1.44 Inch Display and USB Car Charger

This is what most people use, connects to your phone with Bluetooth and streams the music thru the radio to your car. IMHO the Volvo's you're buying will most likely have an aux port, and the placement of the charging port wouldn't work very well with this device, so I wouldn't recommend it but I'm linking it anyways in case you buy a car without an aux port.

All in all I'd recommend the first link.

u/amyhenderson_ · 1 pointr/newjersey

No excuse for this in any car with a cigarette lighter - you can get a Bluetooth FM transmitter for under $20

u/TempUserName924 · 1 pointr/Camry

I use something like this in my old pickup. The device acts as a Bluetooth device. You sync your phone to the device then tune the FM radio to an unused channel and you hear your calls via the FM radio. The device has a microphone. Works pretty well.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display - KM18 Black

Does the car have an Aux cable input? You may be able to transit to the cars speakers using the aux input too, using the phone as a "microphone."

My car has BT but only for phone, not for audio. When I want turn by turn GPS, I set the input to Aux and I can hear Google Maps telling me the directions.

u/ztora · 1 pointr/Audi

I just use a Bluetooth FM Radio Transmitter. I plug it into the cigarette lighter below the armrest and the screen/buttons stick out perfectly in front of the armrest. Quality is good enough - there is some static noise tho. Convenience is top notch, as if the car came w/ Bluetooth. Link to the one I have:

u/tru3gam3r · 1 pointr/headphones

You need an fm transmitter

u/NoLockedThreadsBot · 1 pointr/NoLockedThreads

Original post: How many of you guys still actively use your headphone jack? Assuming you have one.


Author: kumquat_juice Body: There's something weird going on in the comments here, a bunch of accounts with extremely low karma (less than 5) are coming out of the woodwork and commenting. Mods are looking into this and reaching out to admins to confirm.

Author: AFruitShopOwner Body: I don't have Bluetooth in my car

Author: MDCCCLV Body: I do but it's a flaming piece of shit, a wired connection works easily in half a second

Author: ConnectedVG Body: Smartphone manufacturers think everyone drives in a car from 2017+.

Author: mishugashu Body: I don't have Bluetooth built into my 2007 Honda, but I still listen to Music via Bluetooth in my car. Can either plug it in via 3.5mm audio or use the FM transmitter if you don't have a jack in your car. Had Bluetooth in my car without it being built in for a decade or more. It's really a non-issue.

Author: ConnectedVG Body: I bought that but i always bump that thing out when I shift a gear.

Author: mishugashu Body: There are smaller units. That specific one is pretty bulky, but it's the best one I've owned w/r/t quality and longevity. I've gone through quite a bit over the last 10+ years, but this one I've had for like 3 years without issue. My cigarette lighter thing is on the passenger side so I never come close to it.

Author: Gidge18 Body: My one always pops out of my cigarette lighter on bumps, but I think that's my cigarette lighters fault.

Author: Nephyst Body: Why would I buy that when I can just use the headphone jack?

Author: epsiblivion Body: Cars have had Bluetooth standard since 2013 probably 2011

Author: alerighi Body: Not true, basic stock radios in a lot of cars came only with FM and CD even in 2013, some of them didn't even come with an AUX input, and bluetooth was an extra, even today I'm not sure that bluetooth comes as a standard in all cars.

Author: eminem30982 Body: > even today I'm not sure that bluetooth comes as a standard in all cars I looked at a few subcompact cars and they all had Bluetooth even on their lowest trim levels. I'm willing to bet that Bluetooth is at least overwhelmingly common if not standard in all cars nowadays.

Author: NightFuryToni Body: There is a chance that said Bluetooth is only for phone calls.

Author: 6thyearsenior Body: 2013 tahoe LTZ. Blu tooth for calls only. Need my aux cable to listen to music from my phone.

Author: FrivolousTracklights Body: Extremely common but the very basic work 1/2 ton trucks meant for fleet vehicles and companies have radios from the 90s. Our company Silverado (a 2017?) has only line-in.

Author: MJDiAmore Body: It may have when backup cameras did on safety grounds. But that's like 2016 or so at best.

Author: ConnectedVG Body: Ofcourse they have but I still see a lot of cars that are younger than that and doesnt have bluetooth.

Author: Heelricky16 Body: Funny thing was I was driving an 07 Pacifica for the last year before getting my 12 Sonic a few months back and that car didn’t even have an AUX port or Bluetooth!

Author: themarmotreturns Body: We just bought a couple of dodge promasters for work '16 and' 17. One base trim, one mid trim. Neither radio has Bluetooth (wasn't really expected) but no aux jack either.

Author: cdroid1 Body: In that case, I'm not all that surprised. The cargo versions of the promaster (especially the lower trims) are meant to be workhorse vehicles, and probably weren't designed with user comfort in mind.

Author: themarmotreturns Body: Still though. I'm going to buy a $40 radio from crutchfield, because while there is a usb port that can read a flash card, there is not a headphone jack?

Author: BeMoreChill Body: I got like a $20 Bluetooth receiver for the aux port in my car. Total game changer

Author: ConnectedVG Body: My shit car doesnt even have an aux :(

Author: hfccfh Body: Radio transmitter squad!

Author: ConnectedVG Body: My shit car also has an awkward placed lighter thingy where when ever I shift gear I push the transmitter out of it.

Author: Ripdog Body: For a couple hundred dollars you can install an aftermarket radio with aux and bt. It's a compromise free solution.


u/OddGuyOut · 1 pointr/BuildaCarAVForMe

By washed out I mean at the high volumes the sound becomes gravelly and loses definition, and does not sound good or accurate. Currently the system is the stock head unit (which is 29 years old), these 6.5" Sony speakers, and a bluetooth transmitter. My best guess is either the head unit doesn't have enough ass to drive the speakers or the speakers just aren't amazing for playing that loudly. My phone volume is maxed out too.
Thanks for the help

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I’m hardly an expert on quality but if you want something that works and is cheap try these

If you have an aux port

If you don’t

It’s important to note that the first one need to be charged every so ofhen. But you should be able to find a similar model Bluetooth receiver that can plug into your cigarette lighter.

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That cassette thing wouldn't work in my truck so I bought myself one of these. Works like a charm with Bluetooth.

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I feel your pain brother, 2006 Cadillac CTS. The good news is that I can vouch for this. Totally worth the money.

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I got one of these and I plug my tape deck into the aux port. It's nice because I don't have a power cord and the aux cable running to the phone and I can use the transmitter controls to change the song, pause etc.

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Hi! If your car has a cigarette lighter slot, you can use an adapter that lets your phone connect via bluetooth. Here’s a link to one that lots of my friends use in their car. It works great and it’s cheap! Link

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If it does not have Bluetooth, get something like this. It goes phone->this->FM radio to a blank station. Doubles as a phone charger!

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I was in a similar situation and bought one of these works great, just set it to an unused FM frequency and it's nice and clear. The Amazon reviews and bestseller status are also a good indicator. Even has AUX input, if needed. Save $1470. Recommended.

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I've been very impressed with this transmitter. I've had a lot of problems with background static in the past and this transmitter has been able to cut through that for me.

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There are plenty of inexpensive radio frequency transmitters which will take the output from your phone and change it to a radio wave which your car radio can then pick up. Rather than trying to chop this wiring harness apart and frankenstein something together back there, why not take the easy route?

Typical unit, but there are plenty of other brands:

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literally any car can have Bluetooth these days by buying one of these. Most older cars also have cassette players which is another way to access phone/mp3 music through an aux adapter. Just in case anyone reading this didn’t know about these things.