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nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, 5' x 7' 5
Designed with resilience against everyday wear-and-tear, this rug is kid and pet friendly and perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallwaysSleek and functional 0.37” pile height allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorwaysStylish and versatile, this Moroccan-inspired rug adds the right amount of chic to your spaceA neutral color palette ensures this rug can be seamlessly integrated into any existing décorEasy to clean and maintain, we recommend vacuuming regularly and spot treating for any mild stains with carpet cleaner. Dry cleaning recommended for major stains
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4 Reddit comments about nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, 5' x 7' 5", Grey/Off-white:

u/acornedbeefhash · 11 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Love what you’ve done with the place! Love the mirror above the fire place. I’d recommend this rug from amazon. The soft geometric pattern isn’t too harsh or too floral and “girly”. I find it to strike the perfect neutral.

A soft off white or grey rug to match the accent chair would be perfect.

Also a nice deep wood rectangular coffee table would looks great to tie in the wood tones of the table.

u/LoomaHome · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Cool art on the far wall!

Update your pillows and rug, and I agree with the suggestion to get a throw blanket to drape over the couch.

u/katibear · 0 pointsr/thebachelor


And yes, I do actually like it a lot! It looks good on my wood floors and with my furniture. It's better quality than you would think for such a low price, TBH.


Edit to add- when I bought it, it was $86. Seems to have gone up in price. Maybe it will be on sale soon? Either way, its not a bad price for a rug.