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NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition
11GB GDDR6CUDA Cores: 4352Display Connectors: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB Type-CMaximum Digital Resolution: 7680x4320
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6 Reddit comments about NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition:

u/rareas · 12 pointsr/JusticeBoner

Yeah. Take a look at the product on amazon:

Notice it's not only in a hard box, it's built with a case around it.

u/Integralds · 9 pointsr/neoliberal

/u/baincapitalist I would like to note that my entire 16-core compute workstation cost less than this RTX 2080 Ti founders edition graphics card.

Now, the 2080 Ti has over 4,000 "cores" and could be useful if I could figure out how to GPU-accelerate my work. There is a 2011 JEDC paper that talks about some GPU-based solutions. For now I'm just using the CPU.

u/Nekurou · 4 pointsr/Animemes
u/Galil_Mai_Raifu · 4 pointsr/Animemes

lol he sent you the model below the one pictured

u/mattadamsapple · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Thanks so much for taking the time!

For the gpu the 2080 Ti is the best you can get before looking at Titans, RTX 2080 Super and RTX 2080 follow. It's a good way to make this a bit cheaper, since the 2080 Ti is really expensive after all.

Yeah, the nVidia GeForce RTX-2080Ti Founders edition is really expensive and also hard to find out here in Austria where I live. Currently, I can only find it on Amazon for €1499. Do you think the Gainward version that you recommended compares with the nVidia?

In terms of a processor, you recommended the 3900X instead of the i9 but since I work a a lot with H.264 footage, the link actually recommends the 9900K but as it also states that it can be a complicated decision!

Did you get the expensive Z390 board for a specific feature?

I didn't get it for a specific feature other than it being compatible with the 9900K. I also saw that it was frequently paired together /bought together on Amazon so I thought that must have been for a reason.

As for the other recommendations re SSD's and Power, that all makes sense.

Thanks again for the help! Right now, I think I am still leaning in the direction of the Intel 9900k but am still unsure. These are tough decisions! :)

u/the-silky-road · 2 pointsr/intel

>Nvidia cards generally run cooler as they tend to offer more performance per watt.

i agree with that but lets just think about it for a sec.

here it says RTX draws 215w right? and RTX 2080ti here it draws 250W okay?

now the verge benchmarks show that between RTX2080 and RTX2080TI there is a 15-30% increase of performance right?

but the price is almost 100% more expensive?

according to amazon the RTX 2080 is worth 700$ on strix copy while the RTX2080TI STRIX is worth 1300$
and on the RTX2080 FOUNDERS EDITION its worth 780$ while the RTX2080TI FOUNDERS EDITION is worth 1300$
not mentioning the previous gen because it gets more ridiculous.

now... is it worth it to pay 90% more for a 40% more performance? and its not very dumb? okay thats how you see it but i see this differently