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Olimp MCT Oil 400 ml by Olimp
Olimp MCT OIL 400 ml
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3 Reddit comments about Olimp MCT Oil 400 ml by Olimp:

u/ZG2047 · 3 pointsr/SebDerm

Hello and welcome to SebDerm you are in the right place.

First and foremost : stop buying new products every week, unless you have desastrous effects or flare ups.
Introducing a new product in your skincare routine means that you must use this product dilligently for 3 to 4 weeks before you can draw any kind of concrete conclusion.

You mentionned that Dandrazol works for you that's very good, hang on to it- use that frequently for a few weeks with a type of oil as suggested below for at least 3 weeks before you draw any conclusion.
If you have a big problem with flakes I strongly recommend one type of oil for your scalp and behind your ears:

  • MCT Oil.
  • Mineral Oil.
  • Squalane Oil.

    PS: I'm personally a fan of MCT OIL for the cost efficiency I used this one in the past but do your research and try to find a product yourself.

    If you want to relieve the symptoms on your face and still keep it budget friendly :

  • Benton - Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel - use this after washing your face - Generally Safe contains Propolist with is an antifungal and helps inhibiting Seb Derm.
  • Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam - Might cause a reaction depending on your skin or might work
    Note if you use product or a similar one I recommend that you use a suncreen from this list the budget friendly Japanese products are not available on Amazon prime anymore but you can generally find them on Ebay UK.

    For lasting improvements inspect your routine most people have bad habits and bad habits die hard.

  • Do you use any make up ? did you notice any patterns of flare up when using some type of make up ?
  • Do you smoke ?
  • How is your overall diet ?
  • How is the quality of your tap water ?
  • How often do you wash your pillow and bed sheets ?
  • How is the moisture in your living space ?
  • Do you have good sleep habits ?
  • Do you lack any vitamins when did you last check your blood or do a full checkup ? Did you go see a dermatologist ?

    If you have any questions and can't find the answer by yourself don't hesitate we are here to help you fight this stupid skin condition !!!
u/suzmeister · 2 pointsr/ketouk

The full 2tbsp is an acquired taste I think! I love a fatty coffee but it was too rich for me.

I've been using Olimp MCT oil for a while now, it's the best priced one on Amazon

u/FishnChipsClash · 2 pointsr/ketouk

I've been using this as recommended by someone on this sub. I would previously use coconut oil in my morning coffee and be hungry by 10am. With the MCT I can go till 1-2pm easily.