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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound (Packaging May Vary)
Packaging may vary - New look, with the same trusted QualityGold standard 100% whey blend Р24 grams blended protein consisting of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides to support lean muscle mass Рthey don't call it the Gold Standard of quality for nothingOver 5 grams of BCAAS – help build lean and strong muscles with BCAAs3-4 grams carbs, 1-3 grams sugar, and 1-1.5 grams fat, gluten free, no sucralose in double rich chocolate flavorInstantized РImproves mixability to prevent lumps and clumpsBanned substance tested РHighest quality control measures so you feel comfortable and safe consuming the product4 sizes to choose from Р1, 2, 5, and 10-pound options availableOver 20 decadent flavors to choose fromAny-time formula РGreat before or after exercise, between meals, with a meal, or any time of day where you need extra protein in your nutritionMost awarded, best-selling whey protein powder on the planet. (Provided by: Euro monitor international limited; Consumer health 2019 edition, sports protein powder category, % retail value share, 2018 data)
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229 Reddit comments about Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound (Packaging May Vary):

u/WHAT_ABOUT_DEROZAN · 67 pointsr/Fitness

Same ratio as ON Whey. Chugging down 10 Taco Bell coffee's = post-workout superfood confirmed. Just be sure to not shit for a few hours or you lose your gainz.

u/Miketheguy · 28 pointsr/Fitness

They don't stand for fitness. They stand for profit off of people who want to be fit. Forget GNC, that shit is overpriced and no better then amazon.

Best Whey out there. Lab proven to be even better then the label says. One click shop, get it the next day, no bullshitting around bro-science idiots who wouldn't know one Amino Acid from another

u/Adenosine · 18 pointsr/Fitness

ON Gold Standard Whey has been mentioned frequently on this subreddit as a popular choice (link).

u/B1GgP3tE · 15 pointsr/AskReddit

a watch and a tub of protein powder, not a bad deal since I still use the watch to this day!

u/userchris · 15 pointsr/Fitness


This powder is really cheap given that it tastes absolutely delicious and you can mix it with pretty much anything (oatmeal, milk, eggnog, cream, shakes) to add chocolate flavor without much sugar and with a boatload of protein.

u/barinthus0 · 10 pointsr/swoleacceptance

A not disgusting, cocoa powder tasting powder. Use wisely.


u/ghostchamber · 10 pointsr/Fitness

Since I have Amazon Prime, this is perfect for me. Way cheaper than most stores and the shipping is free. It's 70+ servings, and I usually just have it with water. Tastes bland, but I just drink it really fast.

u/creatures · 9 pointsr/loseit

> I don't know where to start! What do I eat? How do I exercise?? What is a normal routine like? What do you guys do?

What? I do what's in the FAQ. You should too.

> I am very good at following instructions. I just need some damn instructions! Please and thank you.

Okay. Follow my instructions:

  1. Read this section on diet from the r/Fitness FAQ.
    • You weigh 164 pounds, so aim for 164g of protein daily. You might want to buy a thing of this if you're having trouble getting all your protein from meat.
    • Your BMR is 1780 (I'm disregarding your activity rate). Start with that for one week. Week two and onwards, eat 1500 calories.
  2. Find a low carb diet.
    • Keto is really easy to follow, the #1 rule is don't eat any carbs. It's not a magical weight loss solution, it just takes a lot of thinking out of weight loss.
  3. Read the section on exercise and the section on weight loss.
  4. You're going to be doing Starting Strength. Buy the book (hold out on your next video game purchase) and a gym membership (a legit gym, not planet fitness).
    • You follow the plan exactly as it is laid out. You do not modify the plan.
    • You workout three times a week -- Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
    • Check out the Starting Strength wiki.
    • If you have to start with the bar, you start with the bar.
    • Do not use a smith machine past the first week. You do squats in the squat rack. You bench like this.
    • Form is important.
    • Form is important.
  5. Have a scoop of whey mixed in one glass of milk 0-30 minutes before you work out.
  6. Keep track of calories. Find something to do it for you, like MyFitnessPal or DailyPlate. If something isn't on there, either you enter it or you find the closest match.
  7. Read the FAQ (all of it) every weekend.
  8. Come back in a month or two and ask if you're doing it right.
u/dowhatisaynotwhatido · 8 pointsr/leangains

I buy Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, as well as their unflavored Creatine Monohydrate.

ON's gold standard whey is widely accepted to be high quality, as well as one of the less expensive brands. I personally use the milk chocolate and double rich chocolate flavors. And creatine monohydrate is just creatine monohydrate, no matter how you slice it.

u/dontforgetpants · 7 pointsr/xxfitness

First, know that it will get better with time! Over 2-3 more weeks, your body will become accustomed to lifting heavy weights, and instead of having crazy DOMS after every workout, you'll transition to a very low-intensity, comfortable soreness that sort of never goes away. It won't even feel like you're sore, but you'll know you worked out. The kind of barely-sore that makes you go, "ooh yeah, that feels good!" when you stretch.

If you need a week to recover this time, that's fine. Don't wait until you're 100% recovered though, just at least until you can sit on the potty without cringing. After your next workout, maybe it'll only take your 4-5 days to recover to a comfortable level of soreness. Then the next time, 3 days, and so on.

To help recover faster - I find that doing a light/slow jog (maybe 15-20 minutes) followed by a long stretch session (30 minutes) helps the most. Stretch lightly a couple minutes before bed and right when you wake up. Get lots of protein to rebuild the muscle.

Regarding being too poor to bulk: FALSE. I'm on a grad-student budget, and I go to the big-box grocery store and buy a bag of like 30 frozen chicken breasts for $10. Yeah, it's not the organic, fresh stuff I usually get, but it's still protein, and it tastes fine. You can get them at Kroger, Meijer, Ralphs, Randalls, or wherever depending on where you are. Don't have enough money? Cut other stuff out of your food budget to replace with protein. Processed food is expensive. Fresh produce is less so. Don't buy juice, buy milk instead, and only drink milk and water. Instead of buying $2 protein bars, buy protein powder - big capital cost, but better for individual servings. A big tub will last a while, and it tastes decent. Other cheap food with lots of protein: BEANS. Eat them beans! Beans with vegetables mixed in. On a tortilla. Go to the "world food aisle" (or tortilleria if you're in the Southwest) and buy the cheapest corn tortillas you can find. Cheaper than bread, less carbs, and more "slices" per "loaf." Pile beans and chicken on there, with veggies. Cheapest meal there is.

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/vegetarian

You can try this or this or this or this or this or this. Lots of options. This subreddit is also a great place to come for ideas.

u/RishFush · 7 pointsr/sex

I'll do my "fighter's meal". It's what I eat before I go to my Muay Thai class.

Avocado with this stuff on it. 2 Roma tomatoes with lemon juice on them. Some slices of Havarti cheese. A banana. A protein shake (milk and this stuff). Multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D. And a whole lot of water throughout.

That'll give me a high, constant energy level for the next 4 hours. If I start getting tired or hungry, I'll devour one of these.

The main goal is healthy fats, fiber, protein, and no processed foods. That'll give you a nice steady energy source with no crashes and no foggy brain.

u/AdAfterlife · 6 pointsr/Fitness

You're really overpaying. Right now you're paying 20 dollars per pound for protein from GNC. ON Whey protein is $11.60 per pound of protein. You can also get 30% more creatine for the same price from Amazon. Their shipping is also very fast, and you can always just order around a week before your supply runs out and it will get there in time.

u/cgull · 6 pointsr/Fitness

A quick google search found me what recipe you're probably thinking of using... 130 cals for 8g of protein? Meanwhile this guy has 120 cals and 3x the amount of protein (24g)... and 1 gram of sugar (that 1 gram won't kill you). It also prices out to about $0.78 per serving.... the protein/calorie ratio for the homemade stuff just doesn't sit well with me...

I don't need to further justify buying powder, but assuming you're working out 3x a week that's $2.34 you'd be spending on protein a week. Don't buy 1 cup of coffee a week and you've already paid for it.

u/candycane-j · 6 pointsr/gaybros

Cue cum-gobbling joke

But seriously, I buy ten pound bags of this.

u/nspoden · 6 pointsr/askgaybros

Just get whatever protein's cheap and you actually like the taste of. No need to spend $ on expensive shit that's essentially the same thing.

I second Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. Cheap and good.

If you've never really weightlifted before, do something like Stronglifts 5x5 and just focus on increasing your numbers on the big lifts.

No reason to get into complex intermediate/advanced workouts with 30+ exercises when you're not even squatting at least 1.5x your body weight.

Use those noob gains and progressive overload to your advantage.

u/hampsted · 6 pointsr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition: 100% Whey Gold Standard is a good, standard protein at a decent price (that tub is huge!)

Shakes are all up to you. I tend to just mix however much protein I'm taking in a shaker with water. It's a lot less messy than making actual shakes. However, good things to put in shakes include: milk, almond milk, bananas, berries, (frozen) yogurt.

As far as too much/not enough. Anything less than a scoop is not enough. Too much is probably anything more than 2 scoops as some studies suggest that your body can only absorb so many grams of protein at one time. Also, I'd suggest taking another scoop before you go to bed.

u/crazindndude · 6 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

Sorry, but I feel the need to correct some things here.

  1. Eggs are cheaper than whey. At your local grocery store you might be able to get a dozen eggs for $2. Each egg contains 6.3g of egg protein, which comes out to 2.6 cents per gram. You can get 5lbs. of Optimum Nutrition Whey for $40. It contains 77 servings, each with 24g of whey protein. That comes out to 2.1 cents per gram. In addition, whey isolate/concentrate are vastly superior to egg protein because they absorb much more quickly. Whey protein has anywhere from 150% to 200% the bioavailability (ease of absorption into muscles) as egg.

  2. Concentrate vs. isolate. Whey isolate is the purest form of whey protein, containing (I believe) >98% whey. This means it has the most actual protein per gram of stuff. Whey concentrate is diluted with other fillers, so you get less actual protein per serving. The flip side is that isolate, being very rapidly absorbed, may go to waste unless your body needs it immediately. This is why whey is recommended for post-workout, when your muscles are desperately in need of protein. Casein protein, on the other hand, is a slow-absorbing protein. Casein is recommended right before bedtime, so your body can slowly absorb it through the night.

    The rest, I agree with. You should not be getting 100% of your protein intake from powders. Eat protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, beans, and dairy. Balance your protein intake with complex carbs such as whole-grain breads, pastas, and rice. Get a solid vitamin/mineral intake by taking a multi and eating lots of different vegetables and fruits. Aim for naturally sweetened supplements whenever possible. It may taste a little bland, but it's better than throwing all those chemical sweeteners into your system.
u/mou5 · 6 pointsr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein seems to dissolve very easily for me. I've never used a blender, and don't own a shaker bottle - just use a spoon. They label it as "instantized."

  • in water: dissolves completely in ~10 seconds (seems to be no clumps)
  • in 2% milk: dissolves about 95% in ~20 seconds (a few tiny clumps float back to the top, but definitely no "cement mixer" - swirling a bit makes it easy to drink)

    As a side note, it's the first and only protein powder I've ever used, and I think it tastes pretty good. I've heard several people recommend it as one of the best tasting. I assume their other products, such as the casein protein, are good too.

u/EpistaxisAnus · 6 pointsr/cringepics

I think Optimum Nutrition offers the best quality/price ratio out there (it also scored the highest in /u/heyf00L 's link). It also tastes okay (although if you drink it with water and not milk you might gag a little).

What I do is take a shaker bottle, fill it with heavy cream and then dump a heaping scoop of the ON whey in. It's about 2,500 calories and a fuckload of protein. It tastes repulsive and I chug it in 3 seconds and I feel a bit sick/wonky for the next 30 minutes but man does it help with gains.

u/sitonu · 6 pointsr/Fitness

This one on amazon is $58.

Based off of what you linked, I found one on amazon that is about $22 with 24 servings. The one I linked has 74 servings for $58. 74/24 = ~2.84. I then multiplied 2.84 by $22 to see where an equal price would be for 74 servings and that came out to be $63. So the one I linked is not only more cost-effective, but also cheaper in general since you'd only need to buy one and that would last you a longer time than one of the 2 pounders thus saving you shippings cost :).

u/DrewskiG · 5 pointsr/diabetes

Here's what I use. 5 pounds for that amount of $ is a goddamn steal. I do 2 scoops (6 carbs) and some chocolate syrup (another 6 carbs) after I workout and it never leads to any bad spikes or anything. Recommended!

u/latinoflame · 5 pointsr/gainit

I'm pretty lactose intolerant myself but I rarely experience significant issues like this. I make the same shakes as well, sometimes using 2-3 scoops. I use this whey protein if you are interested in switching to a different brand.

u/JustinUti · 5 pointsr/Fitness

I see. You can always just eat a chicken breast, or some eggs, cottage cheese, spaghetti with ground turkey, whatever. Tons of options.

IMO, there are tons of protein powders that taste just fine. Plus, who really cares how it tastes? Throw in a scoop in 8oz of water or milk and chug it down in 5 seconds.

Tastes like a chocolate milkshake, mixes fine with a spoon with no lumps. Costs $55 for a 5lb tub of it that has 74 scoops/servings, each being 24g protein.

$55/74 servings = 75 cents a serving, if you mix it with water.

Good luck getting that cost efficiency and health balance somewhere else. Will last you over two months if you just take one scoop per day.

What protein powders have you tried?

u/Time_Bank · 5 pointsr/loseit

Protein shake with soy/fat free milk. Maybe mix a banana in there. With this brand in the extreme milk chocolate flavor, it literally tastes like a delicious milk shake (as Amazon reviews will confirm). The shake itself is low in calories/carbs and high in protein. Drinking one for breakfast is part fo why I can run a -500 calorie deficit each day.

u/thenitrous3 · 5 pointsr/Fitness
u/voiceofnight · 5 pointsr/Fitness

I'm particularly fond of Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey in Double Rich Chocolate flavor. I've tried a few others, but this is the best tasting (mix with milk, not water ick) and the easiest to stick with using. You can get it from Amazon with free Prime shipping here

u/MaxDynasty · 5 pointsr/gainit

I'm a big fan of Optimum Nutrition. There's 24g of protein per scoop with only 120 calories, so it's a pretty good ratio for the price, which is about $58 for a 5lb tub. The flavors are also really good for what I've tried (which is only two, extreme milk chocolate and mint chocolate) but I definitely recommend it!

here's a link to amazon

u/Murcus · 4 pointsr/gainit

Supplements and a bunch of pills is not necessary. I read this guy's book and he pretty much lays it out for ya. He recommends only Gainers and Protein Shakes. Pills and such are just a way to empty your wallet fast!

A lot of people on this sub really like this Gainer and this "Gold Standard Whey" ... Fish Oil is a De-inflamatory and helps to reduce muscle soreness. Those are the three I use.

Search this subreddit if in doubt, and do some research. Unfortunately a lot of the crap online is catered toward helping fat people loose weight. Find communities (like this one) and get advice straight from the skinny guys who have gotten bigger.

And if you're diet doesn't include every vitamin, start taking multi vitamins. You must be healthy, not just mad. Initially since you weigh 100Lbs you may want to do the Seefood diet: You see food, you eat food.

DO NOT GIVE UP! I let work get me down last year (working 150+hours a week) and stopped lifting. All I had time for was running. I finally got back into lifting this month. I could be pretty set right now if I kept at it.

u/driftw00d · 4 pointsr/leangains

They are completely unnecessary, unless you are choosing to do fasted training. That is, your Stronglifts session would begin not until at least the 10-12th hour of your fast, and your first meal of the day would be your post workout meal. Since you are basically working out with nothing at all in the tank, the BCAAs are there to prevent possible muscle catabolism during your workout. BCAA specifically are recommended only because they are 'pure protein', so 10grams of BCAA are 10 grams of protein (40cals). If you were to use the-next-best-thing, which is probably whey protein isolate (which contain BCAA, other amino acids, and some carbs) you'd need over 100cals of the whey to get the same amount of protein, which could break the fast.

Anyway, I only take them on Saturdays before a fasted workout. During the week I have a small meal, usually chicken breast, at around noon, followed by a workout around 3. In this case the BCAA are completely unnecessary because of the previous small meal. I do prefer and feel I have a better workout doing the fast training but because of scheduling I can't really do it that way during the week.

Other than that, food is always the preferred source of protein. Chicken breast on sale for 2$/lb. is about as cheap as it gets. If you find it difficult to hit your protein macros for a day, whey protein is a solid option to get about 24g protein, 3g carbs, 1g fat in a scoop. This stuff is pretty highly regarded and if you get the 5lb tub its nearly 80 servings, at about 68cents per serving. So actually quite cheap for the protein. For reference, a 2lb tub of purple wraath (EEAs) is about the same price.

u/Whoa_Bundy · 4 pointsr/Fitness

Protein shakes? Get a big ol' tub of whey. From what I understand, whey is probably the lowest calorie dense form of getting your protein.

u/adrun · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

The science of the optimum metabolic window (which prompts the recommendation to eat w/in 30-45 minutes of working out) is pretty shaky. It may or may not be necessary to consume some protein and carbs to fuel optimum muscle repair during that time, but it certainly won't hurt! For me, eating right after a workout helps stave off the "oh my goodness I'm so hungry I could eat eight hippos" impulse and headaches, too.

I also think of a post-workout protein shake or protein bar as my source of extra workout-day calories, so I don't have to mess with my meal planning for the rest of the day. I like Optimum Nutrition's whey protein to mix with milk or coffee and the Think Thin protein bars. (Hate the branding, love the macros.)

u/liarfryer · 4 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Optimum Gold, tasty and full of good stuff.

u/CATS_ARE_FABULOUS · 4 pointsr/Fitness

I blindly trust Gold Standard whey protein because it has good reviews on Amazon. I haven't read any of the reviews, but it has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, so I trust it.

u/wwabc · 4 pointsr/food

a big can of whey protein all bodybuilders use

u/b-nasty55 · 4 pointsr/keto

Most of the protein powders have very little carbs. They generally use artificial sweetners for taste. This ( is one of the best, and decently cheap if you can't find any local brands. Walmart/Sam's have a few varieties that are cheaper, but usually don't taste quite as good.

As for bars...Quest Bars are pretty decent. They're all natural proteins and fats (no sugar alcohols or other crap) and stevia (I think). Again, pricy, but not out of line. I avoid bars like the plague because I find them kinda gross, but they are nice in a pinch. The brownie one is good (free samples

u/312queefcannon · 4 pointsr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. I was looking for a new one last month and found some that were cheaper but when you figured out the cost per gram of protein, Optimum Nutrition was nearly the cheapest and they have a better reputation than the ones that were slightly cheaper. Surprisingly, Vitamin Shoppe has it for the same price as Amazon, so you can pick it up in person if you want.

u/FUCKAFISH · 3 pointsr/drumcorps

Whatever you do, don't do steroids. One of my friends knew a guy on a snare line that wanted to keep his bulk throughout the season so he took anabolic steroids. They were on a water break and the guy laid down for a short rest. Next thing they knew, he had gone through cardiac arrest and slipped into unconsciousness. I know you probably would never consider this but just know that it'll fuck you up.

I recommend just eating a ton. Even when you feel full during a meal, stuff down one serving more of chicken or vegetables. Oats, cottage cheese, and yogurt are god-tier protein snacks. Peanut butter will give you a lot of gas and so will beef jerky but both are good as far as broteins.

Also, this is the best deal on whey protein I've ever found

u/Daikamar · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Amazon has ON 5lbs on sale for $57.99 right now which is pretty sweet (~75 cents a scoop):

u/pizza4000 · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound

u/samcat2012 · 3 pointsr/AmISexy

Start off with the r/fitness FAQ - it helps a lot. Additionally take a look at Examine's article on 'how much protein do I need a day' to see how much you need.

For purchasing? [Go for Amazon, ON Gold, it's the best selling protein powder out there.](] - The price beats any local store.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

u/commonplatypus · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. A 5lbs jar will run you about $55 right now on Amazon.

u/g_borris · 3 pointsr/P90X

Buy whey powder from amazon or any nutrition store in bulk. Mix with milk. I used it after workouts but you could drink it with meals to get more protein.

u/TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT · 3 pointsr/fitmeals

Use ON it mixes so easily.

u/dallen13 · 3 pointsr/crossfit

Just looked it up on amazon. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound, 80 Ounce

If you are buying from GNC, you are getting robbed

And an edit. This is also without "subscribe and save" feature. Which drops it down another 3-4 dollars I think.

u/toogster · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Where the fuck do you buy protein from? Here is ON whey protein for $53/5 lbs

u/eccentricerika · 3 pointsr/glutenfree

From this forum post, I decided to try Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. Note that some flavors have gluten (like cookies and cream), and some don't. I went with Double Rich Chocolate, and have had no issues with it. It's also the best tasting protein powder I've ever had.

u/i-do-nerd-stuff · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Oh, well if it's all you can get then no biggie. I was just pointing out that dairy fats aren't the type you need to worry about avoiding.

I've never used ON, but if you want the cheapest/leanist whey, go with optimal nutrition. They don't put anything extra in there.

u/JustarianCeasar · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Simple and easy way to get more protein into your diet. When looking at the nutrition label, if it says "Nutrition facts" the contents have been verified by a relatively strict process. if it says "Supplement facts" the actual content is allowed to vary a lot from what's listed on the label.

If you're looking for a meal replacement, I've found that Muscle Milk brand powder works well. If you're just wanting a protein supplement, I really like the flavours of Optimum Nutrition and they're relatively low carb. If you're trying to lean more towards the vegetarian side of things, Garden of Life is an excellent option as well. Although I personally think the texture is pretty "gritty" the flavours aren't bad.

Regardless of what you choose, if you do some price comparison among top brands, you'll find it to be a fairly good deal in price/calorie compared to pre-packaged foods. Almost all of the powders are going to be a healthy option for adding to your diet. For myself, I've found protein shakes to be the best small meal replacement for when I'm trying to cut weight, and a great source for extra calories to add between each meal if I'm trying to bulk up.

u/Cannibal_Island · 3 pointsr/loseit

If you want an "affordable" but well-regarded protein shake, I really like Optimum Nutrition. On Amazon it's $55 for 5 lbs.

The reality is protein shakes aren't very sustaining, filling, or cheap, but whey protein absorbs quickly after a workout, which some studies suggest helps to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS: the achy soreness after a hard workout). If you really need protein, hard-boiled eggs are incredibly convenient, filling, and cheap. Canned tuna is a cheap way to get your protein as well.

u/Throwminigolf · 3 pointsr/islam

This is what I use to use.

This particular flavor (Double Rich Chocolate) doesn't have any alcohol in flavoring (those others do). I can cite the email I sent them if you need.

u/Legumez · 3 pointsr/TokyoGhoul
u/con_blade · 3 pointsr/gainit

A classic. I've been using it since I started and it hasn't let me down. I blend it with milk and it tastes great.

u/why_rob_y · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I always feel the need to mention that protein powders are cheaper than people think. They see the $50 price tag on the tub you just mentioned but neglect to do the math. Protein is generally the most expensive of the macronutrients (carbs and fats are cheap). Even considering that, you're getting 74 servings of 120 calories worth of protein for ~$50 (I just bought two tubs at $43 each earlier today from Vitamin Shoppe). That's $0.56 per 100 calories of mostly protein. That per calorie cost compares favorably to anything, even fast food prices (and again, protein is generally the most expensive macro to get).

u/Najda · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

20% sale on ON whey protein, seems like a good deal to me so I wanted to buy a few extras. What flavors have you guys tried other than the chocolate that taste good mixed with water?

sorry forgot to link deal for other people. There's a 20% off coupon you can use on Amazon atm:

u/zo1d · 3 pointsr/Fitness

What do you dislike about using 2 scoops? Is it the additional calories, or value for money? Because I just compared it with 4 other random protein powders on Amazon (on the first page of results), and at current prices, you get considerably more protein per dollar than the others.

protein per serving * servings per container / price

EAS: 49.8
BSN: 26.4
MusclePharm: 32.5
MyProtein: 22.7
ON: 30.6

Edit: For the record, the place I've been buying EAS from sells it for $40/5lb bag, so I've been getting about 37.7g/$

u/climbersofcatan · 3 pointsr/climbergirls

I do a protein shake after climbing (I use this one) mixed with almond milk and occasionally have another one with lunch as well.

I just started taking Creatine HCL yesterday after researching a lot about it. I mix it with BCAA's since HCL form is very sour, but the popular mono- creatine I've heard a lot of people mix with a protein shake after working out. No calories between the two - I use Scivation Xtend Pink Lemonade for the BCAA and Beyond Raw for the creatine.

I am trying out a caffienated BCAA from Gnarly Nutrition for my pre-workout drink. I've used other true preworkouts, and I hate the jitters and sweat that comes with it. I've always taken BCAA's before and do notice less muscle soreness and better recovery, so my hope is the caffeine combined with it will give me the little boost I need.

Black coffee is another good preworkout with no calories to give the energy boost you might be looking for, but if you're not very sensitive to caffeine one of the others that has other stimulants might be a better fit I suppose.

u/MindfulCarbing · 3 pointsr/glutenfreevegan

Servings: 1

Prep Time: 1 min Cook Time: 1 min


  1. Chia Seeds - 2 tbsp
  2. Unsweetened Almond Milk - 240 ml or 1 cup
  3. Chocolate Protein Powder - 1 scoop
  4. Sweetener of choice (Optional)

    Method of preparation

  5. In a glass jar combine all ingredients and mix well to ensure there are no lumps
  6. Refrigerate overnight
u/throaway_acer · 3 pointsr/Fitness

You don't need to drink a gallon of milk a day, you need to eat above your daily caloric maintenance. That can be achieved with a gallon of milk, or it can be achieved with a bunch of other stuff.

A protein shake is recommended if you feel that you're having trouble getting 1g/lb of protein (that is, X lbs of lean weight = X grams of protein a day).

The type of protein powder doesn't really matter, as long as it's some decent tasting whey protein. A good brand is Optimum Nutrition:

If you drink just one cup of milk a day, you might not be getting as many calories you need.

It is possible to get strong without bulking, but it helps if you're bulking. If you're starting SS, you can make some good gains without bulking, but down the road you might stall.

Hope this helps (:

u/juno672 · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Sounds like you need some weight-training, and honestly it wouldn't take much to get where he was in Fight Club. His body fat % is pretty low, which is mostly thanks to diet, not the track or weight room.

Make sure you're getting enough protein. Also, would recommended a daily multi-vitamin. HIIT in the morning is great for reducing body-fat, but I'd limit it to 3 times a week max.

u/GATechAE07 · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Why did no one point out the fact that a protein shake is used to supplement dietary protein? You don't need any particular shake, they're just a convenient way to get additional protein into your diet (especially immediately following training).

That being said... I drink Optimum Nutrition as well; Chocolate Mint is delicious.

u/60secs · 3 pointsr/Fitness

100% whey by optimum nutrition is great, esp. chocolate. I like to add a bit of cocoa powder, and combine with milk. Pretty cheap too.

u/Fittitor · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Just get some ON whey and mix it with milk.

u/snipedxp · 3 pointsr/Fitness

The easiest thing you can do to start putting on some weight is eat just like you do now, then add in a shake at the end of the day for more calories. Mix up a couple scoops of a reputable whey in 3 servings of whole milk and bask in your new found gains.

u/ignitusmaximus · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Isolate, its definitely good for the price. On Amazon a 5lb tub is around 55 dollars. Extreme Milk Chocolate is by far the best flavor. You can usually never go wrong with chocolate flavors. Isolate is the way to go, its usually plentiful in protein, while being low on carbs. You'll want to get your carbs from a whole source.

Meal replacements need your macros: Protein, Carbs and Fats. So, some Whey, Oats, and Whole milk, blend. Done. If your calorie conscious, Whey, half oats (or skip the oats for low-carb), fat free milk (or half whole milk, half water), done.

Casual meal replacement use one scoop whey. Post workout, use two scoops. Be prepared though, Whey Protein can add up over time and get pretty expensive. You may go through the whole 5lb tub in a month.

u/Imagines_Penguins · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Go to Amazon instead

Change the size of the tub you get, it tells you how much you're paying per pound. Compare there and BB.

I did that one that I linked (double rich chocolate) delicious stuff. My buddy did cookies and cream, and he LOVES it haha.

But in case you can't get a Credit card or some other issue, walking into a GNC is no big deal. We all start somewhere man :)

u/Erection_unrelated · 3 pointsr/progresspics

Oh, my bad. Guess I just assumed you were coming from the other direction. I was way underweight for most of my life until my early 20's, so I feel your pain.

I don't know enough to give diet advice, but here's my normal schedule (working 7p-7a):

8p: Chipotle bowl, double chicken and all the rice and pinto beans they'll give me. Sour cream, guac, and cheese.

3a: 1lb cottage cheese. It's not my favorite, but it's hard to argue with the nutrition facts and it keeps me full so I'm not snacking on break room cookies, cake, pizza, all that crap. I also usually have a couple of sugar free snack pack jello cups (10 calories and not much else) to stave off boredom eating.

7a: Pre-workout and lift. I use ANS Ritual, but there are plenty of other options.

~9:30a: 1-1.5 scoops protein powder immediately after workout. I used Optimum Nutrition Gold for most of this, but recently switched to Dymatize ISO 100. Though a weight gainer might be a better option for you (and taste like you're drinking a cake.)

Then rinse and repeat. First 4 days of my week are pretty much that. I relax a bit on the other days and eat more, but that basically keeps me where I am now. There's also /r/gainit, if you haven't checked them out already.

u/Chaos_Kitten · 2 pointsr/soylent

You can get the same protien powder at the Walmart website in a 4 pack deal for really cheap, although, I don't trust that brand because they use "super advanced" on as their selling point. Who knows if what you're getting is actually good protein. This is slightly more expensive, but there are generally better reviews for it.

u/tollsforthe · 2 pointsr/Supplements

Just a heads up. If you don't want to do the prime pantry and have to pay the $5.99 shipping fee, you can order the non-pantry ON products and use the code.

u/theyareAs · 2 pointsr/NoFap

Hey man, I myself am struggling pretty hard with PMO as well so I can't really help ya with that.

But, I have figured out most other things in my life and here are some really clear, really concise points:

  • Start working out. Here is a great intro program, ICF 5x5. Follow it exactly and take it slow, also invest in some protein.

  • Eat healthy. Essentially cut out soda and anything with sugar as the main ingredient should be a good start. Beyond that make sure you eat your macros (fat/proteins/carbs) and lots of em; if you're working out the more the merrier.

  • Try meditating, I've only done it for a couple weeks but already I've noticed huge mental gains. Key with this is consistency, just like working out and diet keep doing day after day.

    All in all man you're young, amazingly young. It's your greatest strength. Nows the time to mold yourself into the person you want to be. Using the internet you can draft off of the experiences of so many others; always be curious, always takes chances, and above all else never be afraid to walkaway.

    Best of luck!
u/Super_Frez · 2 pointsr/nutrition

From the reading and research I've done, getting grass-fed protein is a waste of money.

If you want to stay whey, Optinum Nutrition is going to give you the best bang for your. They are consistently voted the best protein by I enjoy the Double Chocolate, but I hear good things about Vanilla.

I've been using MuscleMed Carnivor the past 6 months, its a beef protein isolate and I really like it. The chocolate has a great flavor and I drink it with just water.

what are you using the protein for? Meal replacement or as a post-workout supplement? If you're trying to get more protein in your diet, your much better off trying to get through whole unprocessed foods.

u/notpandora · 2 pointsr/loseit

Easiest question first: Yes it's just for added protein. Everyone's got different macronutrition goals, mine includes A LOT of protein for muscle gainz. This may or may not apply to everyone. I use protein powder in a number of ways, the main ones being 1. Protein shakes when I don't feel like eating food but need to 2. Adding to baked goods and stuff like pancakes so I don't feel guilty about eating pancakes. 3. Adding to Greek yogurt so I don't have to drink a protein shake.

My recipe for shakes is typically:

2 scoops of powder
8oz flavored soy or almond milk (chocolate or vanilla)
8oz of unsweetened soy or almond milk (vanilla)

I do the half and half because I found that if I try to do 16oz of the regular sweetened kind, it's like drinking pudding mix. Gag. You could also do water instead of the unsweetened to make it thinner. I don't do all water though because that's just as bad as the pudding blend.

Harder questions: It tastes like whatever they want it to taste like. I used to get the kind you can find at the grocery store or on Amazon, mainly Myoplex or Optimum Nutrition. ON is generally considered a good buy, Myoplex is kind of meh, I just got it in bulk once because I could. They come in different flavors based on the brand, ON has lots of flavor choices. The problem with these is that they pretty much universally contain artificial sweeteners which everyone has different opinions on.

Personally, I don't care for them, I'd rather add sweetness via whatever I'm adding the protein to. I found which allows you to create custom protein blends, including the options for different or no sweeteners, and different or no flavors. I got the unsweetened unflavored Team Skip blend from the Formulas/Protein Formulas tab. Just because I'm not smart enough to make my own blend. It does add a little texture to the yogurt but I like it, adding the agave smooths it back out too.

Since this is /r/loseit, it depends on the individual's needs as to whether this is something worth adding to the diet - the extra protein can add satiety and help curb hunger/cravings as well. I don't really have that problem since I usually struggle to eat everything I'm supposed to eat (like, a crapton of eggs and plain chicken and broccoli.)

Oh snap i just had a really good idea, tomorrow i'm going to try to add protein to my breakfast oatmeal. Thanks for sparking that one! I usually make my oatmeal with almond milk as well, this will make it even better and I can use up my old Myoplex crap.

u/fairlydecent · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Nothing! Check out the label here on the amazon page. (How absurd is it that ON doesn't have the ingredients posted on their site??)

u/effervet · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I've tried and can vouch for two brands of protein powder. Like most everyone, I've tried Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey in Double Rich Chocolate (which is good) and Caramel Toffee Fudge (which is DELICIOUS). I've also tried Micellar Creme in Chocolate Milkshake, which is a very yummy casein protein.

I like ON for the flavor variety, and purchase their whey protein (and glutamine powder) for my post-lifting shakes. I use Micellar Creme to make a high-protein chocolate pudding, but I imagine it would also be delicious as a shake.

u/Upvote_Shenanigans · 2 pointsr/progresspics

Sure! I posted a reply about my diet up a little bit, so I'll just copy paste it. I honestly don't count calories at this point. When I was trying to shed the weight I watched what I ate pretty closely, around 2500 calories a day. I get around 3500 or so a day now, and that is with me staying lean. Usually that would be a bulking amount of calories, but as much as I work outside, workout and run. I need all the calories I can get to even maintain.

DISCLAMER: Fat Burning Products like Oxyelite, Fireball, Cellucor Super HD, Shred Matrix and Hydroxycut, DO NO WORK. I wanted to do everything i could when i first started, and wasted money on a product or 2 like those above. Good Ol' Exercise and good eating is all you need!

As far as supplements go I'm taking the following. These are all my favorites after taking dozens of things. I'm not too sure on the creatine though, it's my favorite brand and such, but honestly I personally couldnt tell much of a difference, i've since cycled off of it and am just taking protein and a PWO. But i'm going to give it another shot in a week or so. A PWO in my eyes is essential. And White flood is my favorite after trying about 10 different PWO's. I've also tried things like fish oil, multivitamins, BCAA's Omega 3-6-9, and amino's. And frankly not gotten a thing off of it. You might like a multi or fish oil, as that would be my second recommendation after this list. Because i've heard alot of people praise them. But my body resists alot of things, like pain medication , anti biotics and other things i found out the hard way.

ON Whey Protein

White Flood PWO

Green MAGnitude Creatine

7am - Protein shake

9:45am - Natural peanut butter wrap, almonds

12:00am - Chicken breast, brown rice, greek yogurt

3pm protein bar, almonds , peanut butter

5pm nada, cant eat pre workout

7pm more chicken breast and more brown rice with a protein shake and
greek yogurt

9pm cottage cheese / more greek yogurt.

u/grae313 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I'd recommend adding 1 (or even 2) protein shakes on the days you work out. Make them with milk (not water) or chocolate milk, and if you're around a blender, adding a banana makes them actually almost delicious :)

u/TheRealMattyPanda · 2 pointsr/loseit

There's people that say having a good amount of protein within 30 minutes of a workout helps with recovery, since right after a workout, apparently your body absorbs protein better. Protein powder is just a quick and easy way of getting this. There's also some people who say this isn't necessarily true, and overall protein intake matters more.

As far as types of protein, whey isolate is the most popular since it's the most efficient. By efficient, I mean that it's pretty much all protein, about 90%, and apparently is absorbed quickly. There's also whey concentrate, which is cheaper than whey isolate, but can have less protein and more carbs (from more lactose) per scoop.

The plant based proteins I'm not very familiar with, but through a quick search on Amazon, it looks like soy protein will have higher carbs than whey, and hemp has lower protein, but a good bit a fiber and healthy fats. If you're looking to just get protein, stick with whey unless you're vegan.

All in all, if you're getting the protein you need already, I wouldn't worry too much about a shake. But if you want to boost your protein, a post-workout shake won't hurt, and possibly might benefit you.

If you decide to use protein powders, this is the one I use. It's reviewed very well, has a good amount of protein (1 scoop is 120 cal, 3g carbs, 1g fat, 24g protein), and I think tastes pretty good. It comes out to about 78 cents per serving, so in my opinion, it's really not that expensive.

u/Woknblues · 2 pointsr/keto

Ok. I thought so. Low moisture mozzarella is pretty handy and affordable, has >1g per serving.

Past that I use Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound, 80 Ounce

And for snacks or a mini meal, I go to,-2-pack,-2-count.product.100296106.html

I'd happily trade my eggs and chicken for your moose and salmon! Best luck friend!

u/littlefave · 2 pointsr/xxketo

Sending a friend request now!

I am a breakfast person! Always have been. But for weekdays before work I stick with a shake on mornings when I am really hungry or iced coffee with cream on the days I'm not. For the shake I use 2T heavy cream, 3/4c. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 2 frozen strawberries - unsweetened, 1T of peanut butter, 1 Scoop of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein in Double Rich Chocolate. Blend it together and drink. Easy, 6 net carbs and really tasty!

On the weekends I make a serving of bacon or sausage, then in the grease I cook 2-3 eggs, scrambled with 1 oz of sharp cheddar cheese and an iced coffee with heavy cream.

u/MealPrepEnt · 2 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

Hey again,

I'd like to expand on his advice since I was the one who helped calculate your macros to begin with :)

  • Whether you decide to count calories or macros the same concept applies. Calories in vs Calories out. If you consume less calories than your body needs you will lose weight. Macros are made up of calories (1g of protein/carbs = 4 calories & 1g of fat = 9 calories), so if you're counting your macros you're technically counting your calories as well.
  • The only downside I see to counting calories is if the ratios are extremely off. For example, all calories solely coming from carbs and not enough protein is consumed. However, I'd like to point out that the breakdown I gave you (40/40/20) is simply a guide. If you are slightly off, or have pizza once a week, you'll be fine! The goal should be to hit your macros 80% of the time (I shoot for M-F at a minimum).
  • As far as protein powder goes, you can't go wrong with this. This is a great value protein and you can choose to either drink it straight up, make a smoothie/shake, or eat it! (I prefer to eat it).
  • One of favorite things for breakfast is a simple 3 ingredient protein oatmeal. I put a 1/2 cup of quick oats in the microwave with 1 cup water. Cook 1 1/2 minutes, once it's done I mix in 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. The secret to making it taste good? Walden's Farm Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup.

    Hope this helps.
u/crumblekins · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Sure that's possible. If you had a full on whey allergy greek yogurt would be some of the worst dairy you could possible eat - it's been strained to get most of the non-protein stuff out. Bad news for people who can't consume it.

If you can eat greek yogurt, but can't stomach other dairy, then you probably are just lactose intolerant. Greek yogurt has very little lactose in it (compared to other diary foods), and the protein content is extremely high. I'm essentially in the same boat: I can handle greek yogurt, but most other dairy foods will leave me gassy and constipated for a few days after eating them.

If you want to try it, you could buy some whey isolate protein powder - just make sure that it's isolate, and not some sort of bullshit blend. You could try small amounts initially just to see if it bothers you, and if it does then move on from there.

The real answer here is that you should see a professional who deals with food allergies and intolerances - at best I can give you some rough answers based on personal experience and what knowledge I have of the matter. A doctor or nutritionist would be a lot more useful.

u/pedo_mellon_a_minno · 2 pointsr/Fitness

This is about $10/lb, but there are plenty of cheaper brands or you can wait for a sale or coupon or something.

u/LargeNCharge86 · 2 pointsr/loseit

I use this: amazon link

It has 3g of carbs and I like it.

u/Merje10 · 2 pointsr/gainit

I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Extreme Milk Chocolate. In water, this stuff tastes like chocolate milk. In milk, it tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Otherwise, don't use too much water or else it will taste diluted, I recommend about 8oz of water for 1 scoop.

I've also tried Chocolate Malt, Vanilla Icecream, Double Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Cookies and Cream. Cookies and Cream is the only flavor I have not liked. Everything else tastes great per its supposed flavor.

u/Frekwency · 2 pointsr/gainit

I'm taking these three supplements and nothing more. They are listed is order of (in my opinion) importance.

100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

C4 Extreme Pre-Workout

u/Sharkfightxl · 2 pointsr/climbing

Cost-wise, I think you'd be better off buying the big jug of protein powder rather than buying individual muscle milks.

On sale today:

u/pendeadlyrow · 2 pointsr/trees

>but aside from raw fruits

Then everyone mentions fruits. But seriously, I chop up oranges, apples, watermelons, honeydew melons, etc. Then my high self pigs the fuck out.

I also like chips and hummus. If you're watching your sodium, maybe you can find some healthy alternative to chips, like carrots or broccoli, or a chip with less salt in it.

If you're looking for protein, I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Double Chocolate protein drink. (In an old /r/Fitness post, someone did actual home lab tests on protein drinks and that one had the highest percentage of protein compared to the others.) Someone else mentioned shakes, and that Double Chocolate would probably be best in one. I mix mine with about 3 parts milk, 1 part fruit nectar, and give it a good stir.

u/3pIcenTer · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Hmm actually I'm not entire sure if it's the whey in and of itself. I used to buy something similar to:

Do you know of a cleaner substitute?

u/redberyl · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Protein is not the kind of thing you want to skimp out on. It will usually be cheap because it's 1) made of low quality protein, 2) filled with other junk you don't want to consume, or 3) tastes terrible.

Just buy Optimum Nutrition in bulk and call it a day. Even then, keep in mind that it contains some artificial sweeteners.

u/nigelregal · 2 pointsr/Fitness
  • OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate

  • Flat shoes for lifts. If you have the money you can do something like adidas powerlift 2.0 shoes for 90 dollars or so and use them for squats and such. Grab some barefoot shoes or just deadlift barfoot.

  • Grip chalk. You likely won't need it now but getting a brick

  • calipers. You don't really need this unless you just want to track it and to ensure not gaining too much fat.

  • Maybe some vitamins

  • Creatine

  • blender bottles. Grab a couple.

  • Gym bag, lock

  • Small tanktops to show off the gains
u/lnpeters · 2 pointsr/keto

This is my favorite protein powder... Comes in a zillion flavors:

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

Add Water and stir. Top off the glass with HWC. Delicious!

u/irishchug · 2 pointsr/loseit

BCAA's are just specific amino acid chains (specific proteins) for building muscle.

Honestly, if you aren't using weights yet you really don't need to worry about them, something to look at in a year or so.

When people talk about protein drinks for working out they are usually talking about one of two things. The first is Whey Protein Isolates (WPIs). This is concentrated protein from whey, which is from milk. WPIs digest quickly, and would not help very much in the way of a meal replacement.

The second is Casein which is also derived from milk, but a different part. This is much thicker and digests slower. I have used it as a sort of meal replacement to help with hunger.

Both of these though are just a way of easily getting more protein into your diet. As a guy trying to build or maintain muscle while resistance training, you want a fairly large amount, some say (.8)*(your lean body weight in lbs) = (# of grams of protein to eat). It can be hard to get that much protein from normal foods especially on a deficit, or you get tired of eating a lb of chicken a day, so drinking a protein shake or 2 and getting 25g of protein for only 120 calories is useful.

Also what I linked you are not any dangerous supplements or anything if anyone tries to fear monger them, they are literally just concentrated parts from milk.

u/greyterran · 2 pointsr/soylent

If you get the base powder and mix it with protein powder from Amazon, the price per week drops significantly.

Price per day is much lower, can order 8 weeks of base powder for 2/3 of the shipping cost versus the normal powder. Doing it this way also lets you control your protein macro, and gives you more flavour options. There's a huge list on that Amazon page.

u/sundowntg · 2 pointsr/Fitness
u/ryeguy · 2 pointsr/Fitness

He means 5-10 pound of protein powder. It's a drink mix. Something like this.

You can't buy straight protein. Not sure why.

u/Im_jk_but_seriously · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I personally recommend Optimum Protein. Drink one shake in the morning, and one in the evening. (mixing with milk)

I've been underweight my whole life, 20lbs or more. I had always been 5'11 and 130lbs. I then started training(yes, training) myself to eat a lot more. That shit works. I gained 10lbs in 2 weeks, and then some more. Protein shakes also help turn whatever you gain into muscle if you workout with it.

u/SupaFly-TNT · 2 pointsr/nutrition

Really doesn't matter much really; a lot of people (me included) like Optimum Nutrition brand; their Gold line is fairly reasonable and tastes good. ON Gold Whey

You can get caught up in the minutia with this stuff, but it's really just to supplement the rest of your diet. I usually have 1 protein shake a day and try to get the rest from my foods; if I am short I will have another protein shake at night.

I am not a heavy lifter; I usually stick to around 200 pounds for 4 sets as my normal weight to maintain. Legs are about 220 or 30 for the same amount of sets.

If your coming from an injury make sure you have that entire muscle group well rehabed. My wife had the same surgery as you a while back and had to take it pretty slow before she actually was able to do weights on it.

Some other healthy snacks that I like;

Pretzels and yogurt, plain tuna with celery, protein type cereal like special k protein, 12 Grain bread with peanut butter (careful as these are dense calories), Salsa with some wheat pita chips; theres endless choices just a matter of if you like them :)

u/MrTomnus · 2 pointsr/Fitness

To elaborate for you, eat more good foods. Increase mostly your protein and fat, but also a few carbs. I would suggest eating foods that have at least a 1:1 ratio of protein to fat, although leaner is better. Maybe try some whey protein and make it in shakes.

(Note: that wasn't an amazon referral link)

u/kanst · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I was curious of your claims, so I am going to do the math.

I use this protein (

It is 58 bucks for 74 scoops. Each scoop has 24 grams of protein. That means that each gram of protein costs 3.3 cents.

According to this ( 95% lean ground beef has about 97 grams of protein per pound. So if you can get 95% lean ground beef at 3.16 a pound or less its a cheaper protein source. Normally for me lean ground beef goes for closer to 5 or 6 bucks a pound, so purely on cost it really isn't a better source of protein.

u/mersoz · 2 pointsr/ketogains

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey is only $58 for 5 lbs

24g protein and 3g carbs per serving

u/Chrispy3 · 2 pointsr/JoeRogan

It depends what you're looking for. I personally don't like meal replacement protein powders, I prefer to get my carbs from actual food. If you're looking purely for a protein supplement then I would highly recommend Optinum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey. It is one of the best received protein powders on the market:

If you're looking for hemp protein powders specifically I haven't tried or researched enough to give a good recommendation, but amazon sorted by customer reviews is an excellent way to go about it. I have tried trader joes and for protein shakes with other things added in, such as bananas, peanut butter and milk, it is excellent. However by itself it doesn't mix well which I think is a general problem with hemp protein not just trader joes.

u/Onyxpanda · 2 pointsr/keto

I would also highly recommend Optimum Nutrition for your whey needs. After trying many types, I've found this brand (from Amazon) has the best mix of taste, "mixability", and cost. If thinking long term, wait until the price is ~$35 for 5 lbs or so due to a sale with Vanilla Ice Cream and Double Chocolate usually being the cheapest flavors, then apply S&S (don't forget to cancel) for a final price of just over $30. Excellent deal.

I can check later but if iirc, each 5 lb tub is 77 servings (serving = scoop) at 0.5g F, 3g C, 22g P per serving.

u/rickymare · 2 pointsr/Fitness

At whole foods store you can find Tofu Granules for a great price and they provide the most amount of protein per serving I have seen yet (1/2 cup serving. 22g protein, 145 calories. $1.49 per lb) Amazon usually has Twin Labs or Optimum Nutrition 5lb protein for ~$25-$35 (cheaper when on sale) with Subscribe & save. Cancel when it ships!

u/npf107 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I've always used (and enjoyed) Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey and 100% Casein

u/2comment · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Have you tried this a brand like Optimum Nutrition?

Or you using flavored or unflavored stuff? If you're trying to go unflavored, this stuff is good too.

u/PantalonesPantalones · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Use ON pre-workout in fruit punch. I absolutely love it and it has totally changed my workouts. My protein is a shitty, cheap brand, but I'm switching to either a whey isolate from Sprouts or ON protein.

Edit: You may want to ask /r/xxfitness too.

u/misternicholas · 2 pointsr/running

On Whey Double Chocolate is what I like. 1 1/2 scoops adds about 40g protein & 200 cals.

u/zebbielm12 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Any kind of ON whey will work.

This is my favorite

u/ActNaturally · 2 pointsr/P90X

Thanks, I remember starting out and wanting to see real results from real redditors in this subreddit.

I am not following the nutrition guide in p90x completely. You just have to be mindful of calories and up your protein to lose weight and gain muscle. I keep my calories under 1800, while staying away from overly carb loaded meals and soda. I take Optimum Nutrition whey and take a scoop and a half after each workout. The Myoplex carb control protein shakes are good too but those can be expensive.

u/phrakture · 2 pointsr/Fitness

> I'm also thinking of making my own powder for a fraction of the price out of flax powder, maltodrexin and whey protein isolate

Wat? Just buy straight up whey. This is cheap as hell.

u/notasinglefaptogive · 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

You can (probably) attach rings to a doorway pullup bar if you're sure it's sturdy enough. For dips, I put a pair of pushup handlebars (real cheap) on top of two chairs. As for protein, like ish said, it's all the same really. ON tends to be the cheapest and most used. If you do decide on this brand, get the 5lb tub. They hiked the price on the 2lb which is what I usually get from 20 bucks to 30 bucks, so its not worth it anymore.

u/s2xtreme4u · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

a) smarties!!!! we both have them on our lists!!!

now that im looking we have a lot in common on our lists same protein powder, sour patch kids. creatine. and now im going to add the bumper dumper

b) since we have a lot of the same items, im gonna try to pull things off my wishlist that you might like:

You seem to do a lot of outdoors type stuff, how about a waterproof iphone case. a recovery strap incase you ever get suck or need to pull someone out.

You must workout since you have protein powder and the like: i hear this is a great workout book.

and last but not least, a camping cot

u/WarriorTNT · 2 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

Hey there, I'm a 25M personal trainer with CF, have been using protein supplements for about 8 years from age 17 to 25. In that time I've gone from ~105 to 160 and back down to 140, leaner than I started. Just get some basic whey protein like this.

If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to eat enough, it's just as important as exercise. If you want some tips for how I've managed to do so, I made a comment a while back on this sub here.

Good luck! feel free to message me if you have any questions

u/Eccentrica_Gallumbit · 2 pointsr/Fitness
u/Senortuffy · 2 pointsr/nsfw
u/I_AM_TUMBLR_AMA · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Hey bro sorry for the long wait on the reply.

Here's the short and sweet on supplements:

Whey: Whey Protein is a type of protein extracted from milk. There's whey, whey isolate and hydrolized whey. It literally does not make a fuck which one you get. Drink whey shakes to hit your protein macros (100+g a day according to IIFYM which I told you about. This is what I use. It's really popular. You don't have to buy a jug this big if you don't want.

Fish Oil: This is an Omega-3 Fatty Acid. Older people take it because it promoted heart health. Lifters take it for the same reason but it also helps promote lean mass gain. You can get this from your regular diet but you probably won't unless you eat a fuckton of Fish. You can find bottles of it in the Vitamin section of any store.

Multivitamin: This is all the shit you don't pay attention to on nutrition labels. Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, B C D E K, Zinc etc. You can get all the vitamins from your diet if your diet is super super clean but I most people don't eat perfectly. Hell, I eat out with coworkers sometimes. Also find this in the vitamin section of your grocery store. 120 tablets of Centrum multivitamin for men is like 10 bucks.

Zinc: Zinc raises testosterone. Period. If you have low sex drive or any reason to think your T is low, buy extra Zinc and take it with your multivitamin.

Creatine: Your muscles have three energy sources: Carbs, Glycogen, Fat. Lifting burns through Carbs and Glycogen really fast and using Fat as an energy source to lift is really inefficient. However Creatine also gets stored in your muscles and can be used as another energy source, increasing your lifts. If you start taking creatine you will have noticeable strength gains within 10 days.

Gear: Don't take gear. Unless you're willing to sacrifice your health to get huge fast.

Source: I was a 5'11 210lb chubster. I cut down to ~160 then bulked alllll the way back to ~182 where I am now. It's a long, long process but you will get there and it is so, so worth it.

u/jeremyis · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Bought this:

Took one sip (mix with water: i'm on a cut), almost threw up. Threw the entire jug out.

I use:

I take two scoops daily with water and love it. Super tasty and great protein. Slightly more expensive than the first brand but clearly worth it.

u/Ryurain · 1 pointr/Fitness

I get this whey protein

u/edbutler3 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I use the ON Double Chocolate Whey and I think it tastes better than any other brands I've tried. I've tried some other products that were sweetened with Stevia, and they all seemed way too sweet to me. I don't like overly sweet tastes, especially when it's not coming from actual sugar. But the ON doesn't overdo it.

u/BadderBanana · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

It's just a quick/easy replacement for real food. If you're in a rush get On Gold Standard. Don't over think it.

Look into creatine, BCAA and beta-alanine. But most likely just take NSAID every day.

u/bmckalip · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/ShiveringPines · 1 pointr/Fitness

5lb ON whey is $57 (link), which (I think) comes out to 39 grams/$1. Plus, no cooking, freezing, etc.

u/Nwolfe · 1 pointr/Fitness

This doesn't have to do with too much protein, but it definitely sounds like he's eating too much protein powder. Based on this chart, I'd be concerned about getting too much lead and arsenic with 6-7 scoops a day.

u/bgd221 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Go with Optimum's Whey Power on Amazon @

It's really high-quality with the full spectrum of amino acids, quick absorbing/digesting for optimal post-workout nutrition, tastes really good, easily mixable, and it's really affordable. I've used it for 4+ years, best protein powder I've used by far. I also like the fact that it has minimal artificial ingredients (if you care about that sort of stuff).

I personally love chocolate mint. It should be a staple in every supplement routine.

u/ivegotaface · 1 pointr/Fitness

Protein powder is the most obvious answer. This is the kind I buy, the best price to quality ratio I've found. Ten pound bag lasts me two months. Free shipping, too. Sorry for the long ass link, couldn't get it formatted right.

Another thing that no one else has mentioned is Publix brand mozzerella cheese sticks. 70 calories, 8g protein. That's better than eggs. (Eggs are good too. As is milk.)

u/Tree-eeeze · 1 pointr/Fitness

I prefer Gold Standard because I've used it forever, it has quality ingredients, and tastes I stick with it rather than researching every new protein deal that comes up.. I regularly get deals on Gold Standard through Slickdeals' deal alerts for protein.

To me it strikes a good balance between price and performance without obsessing over details. They have a "higher quality" version called Platinum Hydrowhey, but I don't think the supposed benefits justify the huge cost jump.

The one thing you want to look for in the ingredients list is Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. Ingredients lists are ordered by amounts -- isolate is a higher quality protein so you'd prefer to see it listed first. A lot of the lower quality proteins will use more concentrate (like GNC brand). How much does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Fuck if I know, but I'd rather just use Gold Standard and not worry about it. Isolate is supposed to absorb better and quicker.

And, to actually answer your questions, here are the two labels for comparison:

ON Gold Standard - 5lb container

Twin Labs 100% Whey - 5lb container

I'm too lazy to work out the math, but:

ON scoop size is 29.4g with 24g of protein per serving and 80 servings per container.

Twin Lab scoop size is 33g with 25g protein per serving, 68 servings per container.

Twin Labs has significantly more cholesterol, slighly more fat, and lists whey concentrate first before isolate. You're also getting 12 less servings per container (though 1 extra gram of protein per serving).

At the end of the day it's not gonna make or break your progress. If you can find a good deal on ON then get that (I typically buy it at around $30-$35 for come up semi-often.)

P.S. Can you tell how busy I am at work right now? :)

u/gleap · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This is dumb, just introduce a daily protein shake (like 120 calorie water and whey not a smoothie) and your appetite will be much more manageable. This stuff is pretty solid (see below) I'm sure theres a million other good ones. Losing weight is stupid easy if you aren't stupid about it.

u/Chipbatram · 1 pointr/Fitness

I really like Optimum Nutrition's 100% whey. Long URL, sorry.

The reason I stuck with it is because of how light it is. All the other brands I tried were like drinking brownie batter.

Edit: just reread and saw you're specifically trying to avoid chocolate-flavored whey. Please ignore. :c

u/flipzone · 1 pointr/dapsCA
u/DiamondCoatedGlass · 1 pointr/gainit

As far as Whey powder goes, I really like the taste of Optimum Nutrition whey in Double Rich Chocolate:

u/Dance_Solo · 1 pointr/india

For my gym broskis and their sisterkies, ON whey protein 2 lbs is 2450 bucks and 5 lbs is 5000 bucks.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder - 5 lbs, 2.72 kg (Double Rich Chocolate)

u/H2Outbreak · 1 pointr/bjj

Did not calorie count. Too much work and not really necessary with Paleo since it's REALLY REALLY hard to over eat fresh veggies and quality meat. You'll get satiated and stop. With baked goods and grain based foods, after a hard workout you can easily stuff your face at Cheesecake Factory (plate of pasta with cream sauce, side of fried appetizers and bread, dessert, and a couple refills of soda) until you're 2x your daily caloric intake. Try over eating lightly sauteed kale, heirloom tomatoes, 6 oz. ribeye, avocado, berries, and almonds/cashews. Paleo meals are far from bland or boring. If anything, they're kind of expensive.

Here's a ton of Paleo recipes:

I never really followed any recipe or cooking method to the letter. And I was never super strict about it. Just used it for ideas to expand my shopping list of ingredients/components for my own menu.

Eating out is a bit harder. I realized that restaurant menus are created for profit margins and the general public's insatiable appetite for carbs. Meat and fresh vegetabls are just garnish to get you to fork over your hard earned money... for dough... calorie wise most of what you're eating is bread, pasta, rice/beans, and processed dairy.

Becuase I couldn't keep weight on, I was using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein (

u/tacobizzell · 1 pointr/Fitness

If you are referring to the price rising to $99-$109, just buy from Amazon. It's always in the $58 range.

u/mauicormac · 1 pointr/Fitness

Protein powder is cheaper than eggs for me if you were to compare gram-to-gram protein.

12 Eggs Cost ~$2.50 for me and yield 50g of protein
5lbs of Whey which is 74 servings cost $53.99, two scoops is 50gs of protein, ~$0.73 per scoop.

u/jakeabbott · 1 pointr/Supplements

The price of it and the idiots that buy it because celebrities endorse it separate it from other proteins. ON Gold Standard Whey - 5lbs for less money ($52.99) with the same amount of protein per serving (24g).

u/Schize · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Here is Amway's 2.2 lb (~1 kg) Whey Protein Powder for 77.75 USD. And here is a link to an Amazon page, featuring Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein, priced at 53.99 USD for 5 lb (~2.27 kg) worth. This is the huge price disparity. Perhaps it is different in Malaysia, but please do some research before making huge blanket statements. As for the effectiveness of the product, I can attest to Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein as having some modicum of success for me, so why would I switch to a product that is over twice as expensive when cheaper alternatives that work well enough for me exist?

u/SoonerAndrew · 1 pointr/Fitness

Thoughts on my current layout?

E/C: 25mg/100mg 3x a day

Fish Oil : 1800 mg 3x a day

Vitamin D: 1000 UI/day (In the morning)

Vitamin K: 100 mcg

ZMA: 3 caps (before bed)

Creatine: 5g a day

Beta-Alanine: 5 g PWO

Whey protein: ~100g a day

u/Uncle_Sammy · 1 pointr/Fitness

He changed it do chest fly, but it still doesn't make any sense.

I am also a college student and I eat a lot of chicken and tuna. Both are relatively cheap, and easy to cook/prepare. I'm also in agreement with protein powder. I prefer Optimal Nutrition.

u/pie4breakfast · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Yep, I do that to meet my protein goal too. This is my favorite flavor. It really does taste like chocolate milk!

u/SwoopSplat · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My most desired item from amazon right now would have to be this. I am a workout enthusiast trying to balance working out and college so this will really make my workouts less time-consuming and more effective, which will also mean more time for school work.

I believe my mom could really use #2 from your list.

Thank you so much for this contest!

u/rebelterp · 1 pointr/loseit

It's not too expensive if you get it from amazon. This 5lb tub lasts me 6 months

If still too pricey, keep some boiled eggs on hand and eat two after a workout. About 160 calories and they are great way to prevent a binge after working out.

u/naggleroc2 · 1 pointr/keto

I eat my breakfast before working out. Eggs, bacon, pork, a little salsa. That usually gives me a little kick. Helps me wake up too knowing there's some good food waiting for me (I make the food in advance so I don't have to cook so early.)

Afterwards I have a whey protein shake I got in bulk on Amazon. You could actually do the protien shake with a little [creatine powder]
( mixed in before working out. That's worked well for me too.

I'm not a fitness expert so take that with a grain of salt, but it's worked well for me and it's reasonably easy.

u/marktronic · 1 pointr/Fitness

Suck it up, head on over to Amazon and get 5 lbs of ON for ~$53! Everyone is a winner now! :)


u/Yarzospatflute · 1 pointr/loseit

Wow. I think bodybuilders go for 2+g/lb, most of the rest of us just need about 1g/lb. Some say 1g/lb of LBM, some say 1g/lb of total weight just to make sure. Where did you read that?

More to your question though, a protein powder like this one is 120 calories per 24g of protein. For food chicken breasts are probably going to give you the most protein for fewest calories.

u/sightl3ss · 1 pointr/gainit

Optimum Nutrition makes some great products. Kind of pricey at around $50 for a 5lb tub, but the first ingredient is whey protein isolate which is what you really want

Amazon link:

u/mixmikez · 1 pointr/gainit

[74 servings, 24 grams of protein each for $57.99.] ( That's about $.78 a serving. I like the strawberry banana.

u/Astroturfer · 1 pointr/gainit

Problem is, you'll be hard pressed to find anything that delivers as much raw protein as Whey at that cost. $50 nets you a five pound jug that should last you several months:

You can also try lots of whole oats oatmel, greek yogurt and milk in a blender, but that also gets expensive and may not be any more economical than Whey...

u/mindinlimbo · 1 pointr/FittitChallenge

I have been using ON Pro Complex but I plan on switching back to ON Whey for the during of this challenge.

I haven't been taking vitamins or supplements for a few months, but plan on getting on a MultiVit and fish oil. If needed I will take BCAAs because I still a bunch left over from when I was being more intense about this a few months back.

I've never used Creatine, I might look into it for this. :)

u/85ways · 1 pointr/keto

I prefer this brand Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey.

[Company Site] (

Amazon Store

It is seriously the best tasting Whey you will find. The idea for using Whey protein immediately after a work out is to absorb the protein into your muscles as fast as possible. Whey is good for about 2 hours. Using it with milk or a slow digesting protein defeats the purpose.

u/penguinwaves · 1 pointr/Fitness

Idk man, a few top reviews on amazon on ON saying they did shady things too like switch theforumula

Every protein shake I see on amazon theres always a top comment on formula changing.

u/ukiyoe · 1 pointr/soylent

I add a few scoops of protein and a spoonful of dark chocolate peanut butter to my 1.5, and I love it. Maybe you'll move on from Soylent, but this will make your remaining bags taste pretty darn good.

u/AsunonIndigo · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I buy this one. $29.99 for two pounds of the stuff.

They tend to last me about two months at one scoop a day, six days a week. I used to work out with a friend and shared it with him, and so it would, understandably, last about a month at a time when I doubled the amount used each day. You can time casein to being about the same amount if you only use one scoop of that per day, but I know some guys also like to have casein with their breakfast. I usually just drink one scoop of casein before bed and it lasts me the same amount of time as the whey isolate.

Creatine, on the other hand, lasts much longer. I've only replaced my container of creatine twice since I started regularly working out about nine months ago, and I buy it in 600g containers. You only need maybe a teaspoon of that per day; don't convince yourself you need more unless you're 6'8" and weigh 350 lbs.

Unsolicited flavor advice: The caramel toffee fudge is the most tolerable, and is borderline good. Some of the others make me throw up if I'm feeling particularly exhausted after working out, cookies n' cream in particular and any regular chocolate flavor to a lesser extent. Strawberry tastes nice, too. You may end up never actually enjoying them, though. I just drink them for the convenience.

u/fuckingspanky · 1 pointr/swoleacceptance

This one is my go to protien mix.

The only problem with this brand is that it has gotten quite expensive in the past couple of years.

Praise be to Brodin.


u/tinyneko · 1 pointr/loseit

I use this protein powder and blend it with whole milk when I need a meal replacement. I also might add in some coconut oil if I haven't been eating enough calories from fat or if I use almond milk.

u/llimllib · 1 pointr/artc

Optimum Nutrition, been using it for 5 years now, both lifting and running. Does the job, cheap-ish, tastes well enough.

u/coldcoffeereddit · 1 pointr/ketogains

First of all, ignore the agent of Broki's words about IF digging into muscles, that's poppycock.

second of all, ur not getting the most out of intermittently fasting, you are more just taking long breaks between meals. If you really want to see the power of IF, dedicate a 4 to 6 hour window and consume all of your food for the day inside that window, do not consume anything with calories outside of that window.

to theorycraft the ideal setup, you would want to lift just before breaking your fast, consuming the BCAA and Creatine prior to lifting, and then beginning to consume your daily intake after lifting. That would produce massive gainz.

+1 for Stronglifts 5x5

+1 for /u/Grimloki 's suggestion for REST HARD, don't do anything inbetween lifts, Cardio is a tool of Broki and will steal your gainz. it also doesn't help you drop BF%

Other things? consider Whey Protien, for immedate consumption post workout. Optimum Nutrition is a well respected brand and their Rocky Road flavor is delicious.

u/vareant · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Best of luck with your surgery and with tolerating the liquid diet. This might not be possible for you, given the demands of your daily life, but when I am hungry and cannot eat, I just go to sleep.

I've only ever used unflavoured protein powder. Optimum's double chocolate is a favorite on the fitness subs.

u/aoa7 · 1 pointr/nutrition

Try putting chocolate whey protein powder like this in greek yogurt — fantastic chocolate pudding without sweeteners and low carb

u/routine_chemistry · 1 pointr/Fitness




These are the two I use

u/threewholepunchjim · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

I dont know redditt etiquette - if its too late to respond, but I'm going to try anyway.

MY partner and I both use vanilla and chocolate gold standard. we buy them at costo when they are on scale. I make pancakes with the vanilla and we drink the vanilla and chocolate. I personally like them mixed together. For my coffee, I add in the premier protein. Its already in a liquid (~75 mL is 40 cal with 8g of protein) so it mixes really well. It takes like really indulgent coffee creamer. we also get them at costo when they are on sale. Heres links to them both:

I dont use social media enough to keep up with something like that. But I do use MFP if you wanted to exchange names!

u/dovahkid · 1 pointr/ADHD

This brand is widely regarded as the best in quality and taste:


u/LeadOn · 1 pointr/Fitness

I'm going overseas to a country with not a strong weightlifting/fitness culture (at least not in the same way). I'm mostly concerned about not being able to hit my protein goals with the diet readily available to me there.

Does anyone have experience traveling with large tubs of protein in a checked bag? I'm hoping to just bring 2, maybe 3 of these. Any rules or potential complications I should be ready for?

u/RhinoMan2112 · 1 pointr/gainit

Sure! This is the stuff. I think amazon probably has the best price, but you can search around if you want.

u/darkcode · 1 pointr/fitmeals

I put one scoop of protein powder into a blender bottle and fill it with water until it's almost totally full (maybe an inch of head room). I close the lid (making sure it snaps shut!), shake for maybe 30 seconds to combine, then drink.

Sometimes I'll add more ingredients, or use almond milk instead of water. Some people like adding berries or bananas, peanut butter, and/or chia seeds. Really, it depends what you're looking for: if you want a high-calorie shake that can replace your lunch, you might want some of those caloric ingredients. I usually drink my shakes for breakfast, so protein powder + water is enough for me!

u/basil_is_cool · 1 pointr/loseit

Glad I can help! Feel free to PM me for rants, encouragement, or general stuff too (:

People will laugh or think you're crazy, but you can turn around and say, "Yeah but do you know how much a proper serving of rice is?" Most don't. It's crazy when you really measure. This is a decent starting point, and go with sedentary as your activity level then add back your workout calories instead. The macros it provides are pretty good (:

Chicken is one of my favorites as it super easy to prep. Turkey is more for lunch meat type of stuff which I like to snack on sometimes (:

With fish, I'm a huge fan of white fish so cod is one I like a lot. I used to eat a lot more salmon, but it's harder to find well sourced salmon where I'm at, so I stick to cod if I want it or crave it, but otherwise I'm eating mainly chicken, top sirloin (choice grade, it's leaner, but I try to get grass-fed, this is beef, btw), or sometimes pork chops too.

As for protein shakes, I do drink one (Gold Standard Whey,, it is AMAZING and tastes like hot chocolate. Plus it's one of the highest rated out there). I drink it after my workouts normally. If I eat enough protein during the day, I'll cut it down to a half serving instead (:

Also on the topic of measuring food, I usually will weigh my meat before I cook it, but I sometimes forget to, and I'll just weigh it cooked. On MyFitnessPal, there are choices for uncooked vs cooked, so keep an eye out for things like that.

Little steps are going to take you super far (: I'm right there with ya!

u/usernames_ar3_hard · 1 pointr/Fitness

Two questions:

  • For weight gain, should I go with more weights or higher reps?
  • Looking for recommendations on good whey powder. I've been using Optimum, which seems quite popular, but not sure if there's better stuff around.
u/Krismoriah · 1 pointr/keto

Just looking at the reviews..

3g carbs 24G protein 120 calories and seems to be 'great tasting' according to the reviews.

I am looking at a protein shake to get rid of my peanut butter addiction after my workouts. I crave peanut butter pretty badly after weight training.

u/tmc808 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard on Amazon is < $60 for FIVE pounds of 100% whey. This is probably one of the better deals out there on whey. I like the double chocolate; tastes surprisingly good with water and even better with milk.

u/WORSTBOWLHAVIOR · 1 pointr/Fitness

Is "ON Gold Standard Whey" considered Isolate? I'm talking about this:

The smaller labeling says "Whey Protein Isolates", but I just want to be sure. Is it actually WPI and lactose-free or no?

u/mellamosatan · 1 pointr/loseit

I'm 6'5, SW: 308 CW: 246 GW: 215. You should look in to whey protein. Calories are reasonable, protein is high, taste isn't bad.

I've gone with this:

I recommend Rocky Road or Vanilla Ice Cream. I've had the more generic chocolate flavors, they're all right.

I mix most with straight water to stay low on cals. Sometimes I mix with milk and they're rather tastey. That vanilla ice cream with 50/50 2%milk/water is really delicious. On days I work out I have ~4 scoops, I don't drink them if I'm not lifting.

u/softball753 · 1 pointr/fitnesscirclejerk

This is what I get and it's about that. I thought it was a good deal...

u/portmanteau · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Whey supplements are definitely recommended, and they are some of the cheapest sources of protein you're going to find. I recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey. Buy it from Amazon at the same time as the Starting Strength book you're going to buy. Get the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor, ten pound bag. It dissolves perfectly in a blender, and it shakes pretty well, too.

A good rule of thumb for beginning weightlifters would be to make sure you consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight you have. Eat about as much carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables primarily), and eat about half as much fat (nuts are an excellent source of fat). Everyone will tailor their diet to their needs, but this is a decent starting point.

u/phuzzyelojique · 1 pointr/Fitness

Overpricing is an understatement.

ON Whey on Amazon as low as $38.24 with subscribe and save (cancel subscription after ordering) and with Amazon Prime you get free shipping: ON Whey

ON Whey on GNC, ON SALE for $56.99, regularly $72.99 no free shipping: ON Whey

tl;dr After shipping, GNC is pretty much twice the cost as you can get ON elsewhere.

Note: Amazon Prime is easy to get for free for several months, it's peppered all over reddit.

EDIT: Looks like it is possible to get free shipping from GNC with signing up for their membership program. Not sure why you'd want a membership with those prices though.

u/CyberToyger · 1 pointr/keto

I've been using Optimum Nutrition's Double Chocolate Gold Standard Whey Protein powder since September of last year and I gotta say it tastes pretty damn good. :P

They have other flavors of course, including Cake Batter, Banana Cream, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Banana, Rocky Road, Tropical Punch, White Chocolate, Coffee, Caramel, and French Vanilla.
Sometimes Amazon will have good deals, other times you might find other places have it cheaper, but here's a link so you know what to keep an eye out for;


u/Javier_the_Janitor · 1 pointr/leangains

You should check out Optimum Nutrition - they're pretty well known for good quality at reasonable prices for all their workout supplements

u/bkoch4 · 1 pointr/Fitness

This was posted a few days ago, for a quick once-over on protein. As far as brands, the consensus seems to be Optimum Nutrition, but the one that I think is more pure and better is NOW.

edit - the NOW one that I use and reccomend is this, not the one I originally linked to. Guess that's what happens when I post in a hurry, my bad. The NOW has 27.9g of protein per 28g serving, where-as the ON has 24g protein per 30g serving.

u/mechanized · 1 pointr/pics

Something you should consider is buying Whey Powder . . .

The strawberry is particularly good--I use 2% milk and it is delicious. I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch in months, I know a few people who have lost a great deal of weight this way.

u/alexanderthegeek · 1 pointr/food

Kind of a lazy submission, but it's a really interesting story.

Overall, they have cricket farms, they separate out the unhealthy or dead ones before processing, and either bake or mill (or some other prep methods) the crickets after killing them with CO2. It's a bit of a misnomer to call it "flour", since it's more akin to protein powder. They're looking for a certified organic label from... someone, I guess FDA? It's already available in the form of cricket protein bars from third party manufacturers.

I'm curious as to why it's so expensive. I would be super interesting to use it as a protein powder, but it's QUITE expensive (comes out to $2.50/oz, or $.13/gram protein; vs protein powder's $.72/oz or $.03/gram protein). I'm assuming it's a young process, and they're probably only in the beginning of getting the processing right/cost-optimized.

u/Eriicakes · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I believe one of the more popular ones touted by r/fitness and is Gold Standard 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition. I personally enjoy it though I haven't had some in a while. Everyone has their own opinion on which flavor is the best. I like the standard choco and vanilla:)

u/no_cunts · 1 pointr/Fitness

This is one of the few supplement questions that has a definitive answer. That answer is: Optimum.

u/all_the_porno · 1 pointr/needadvice

Mix with milk or water (milk tastes better, obv). One of the few I've tried that actually tastes pretty good. Been using it for months now.

u/lilbig1990 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I'm not sure what those links are even referencing to as "false"?
There's the link to Amazon, I was a little off with the price as this puts it at $44.41 but the past 3 times it has indeed qualified for free shipping so that was the flat rate

u/jsmayne · 1 pointr/
u/MEatRHIT · 1 pointr/Fitness

100% Whey Isolate Unflavored

ON Whey, if you go with the vanilla it is pretty mild

u/mr_negativity · 1 pointr/Fitness

I've been taking whey for years and I usually just take it by itself after a workout with water. Its been good enough so far and I haven't put much more thought into it. As far as carbs, I usually need it prior to working out than after, as it seems I need the extra energy they seem to supply me.

Anyway, I used to take the regular ON whey found here, , but have recently switched over to this natural formula of theirs. I like the natural one more because it seems to mix better with water and doesn't have that artificial taste after drinking it( from sweetners).

u/F-That · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/xxblubberguitar · 1 pointr/medicalschool

Just to piggyback off OP,

I don't exercise that much. I try to go to the gym maybe twice a week, sometimes three times. It's honestly so hard to eat healthy in my family. The only time I don't eat is when I am on a stimulant but mine arent that effective.

Anyway, is it okay to use something like Optimum Nutrition for a meal replacement even if I don't exercise that much? My problem is I can eat less during the day but it all hits me at night and I can't help myself. I've gained 20lbs since I started medschool and it's just depressing. I've linked a product below. Can I use that?

u/slayedit · 1 pointr/Fitness

For cheapest...probably the good old gold standard from amazon. all their flavours are amazing to me.

Try to get it from costco, they are limited to like 2 flavors i believe but you can get 6.35 lbs for 59.99...thats crazy good. Thats costco only though.

u/timothylockhart · 1 pointr/Fitness

I see this recommended the most for quality of ingredients I would not distrust ON in their protein amount or such, I have also heard that it does not have the best taste.

As for me, I eat ALOT of chicken and mostly hit my protein goal off of chicken so protein powder is just if I have a day where I dont cook or such, I personally use Muscletech phase 8 Blend, It is very tasty protein powder I have heard it may be spiked with amino acids and not provide as much protein though, This isnt as big of a concern to me as I am on a cut and not obsessing over macros or such.

u/microcline · 1 pointr/running

I like to go for a protein shake after a long run, just a habit I picked up after years of weight lifting. They help with muscle soreness after lifting so they probably help after running too. My thought process is basically "Why the hell not? Can't hurt."

That having been said if you're trying to lose weight avoid the shakes, the calories from those things can add up fast.

Edit: I like this stuff:

u/Racemic · 1 pointr/Fitness

Caffeine's an appetite suppressant, believe it or not.

If you are into weightlifting, one thing you can try is Whey Isolate, which is basically protein powder. It will really help you meet the requirement to get muscular (1g prot/1lb bodyweight) and it's actually really filling. Here's a fairly tasty one to try off Amazon.

u/NoSugar · 1 pointr/Fitness

Here's the article on the contaminants.

Direct link to table in article showing brand comparison.

Here's a Fittit favorite brand that can be bought off Amazon. Here they give tables to show their levels.

Here's an Amazon link to purchase.

I don't have any ties to that particular brand, and there are other brands that also have safe levels. I linked that brand in particular because people have said it also tastes decent and dissolves well.

u/hertzian · 1 pointr/Fitness

You can get 5 lb of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein for ~$50 on Amazon. I really like the double rich chocolate. I do not like the Vanilla Ice Cream at all. Haven't tried any other flavors, maybe other users have some input.

u/_MolotovCocktease · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

When you're ready for protein powder I would highly recommend this one, it's the best tasting one I've had plus I like that each scoop only has 3g of carbs. I just mix 2 scoops with water (no milk to help reduce the calories, it taste fine anyways) in a blender bottle and that's my breakfast or sometimes I have that for lunch instead.

u/tomkatt · 1 pointr/diabetes

3 strawberries, scoop of protein powder, half tablespoon cocoa powder, 2 ice cubes, and fill to the 16oz mark with 2% or whole milk. If you're concerned about carbs, you can do skim milk, or do 8oz milk and 8oz water.

Makes for a good shake. You can throw in some greek yogurt as well if you like.

I've been tempted to try adding peanut butter, but I'm afraid it might gum up the blender.

Try ON Gold standard Whey. It's got 1g sugar and only 3g of carb, it's a good choice for a T1 or T2, since you shouldn't really have to bolus much for it (depending on other ingredients in the shake), and for someone like me it will have little impact on my BG.

u/Flavour_Savour · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Head over to r/bodyweightfitness for some ideas. This type of facility would be a wet dream for them. As far as protein I prefer Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Chocolate. Tastes great and doesn't get monotonous, great protein content and not a lot of additional stuff (fillers, sugar, other chemicals). Don't commit to 5lb tub until you've found something you think you can live with.

u/ian421 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Hey i know it's late but i didnt feel this deserved it's own thread and I am making a purchase now so i didnt want to wait til Supplement Thursday. Would THIS whey protein in Tropical Punch flavor mix well with water? Also are there any other flavors that mix particularly well with water?

Thank you so much if you are able to answer this!

u/HonkyTonkHero · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

... the exact same price on Amazon

Which is still more expensive than going into my local brick a mortar store and buying it.

Literally, this is not a deal at all.

EDIT: this is just comparing the prices as they show when clicking the link, i brain farted and mised the whole coupon code thing.

u/TheOmnivious · 1 pointr/Fitness

Start a lifting routine of some kind, eat more, if they've already bought that for you use it I suppose. However, its mostly just empty carbs; Eating bread or oatmeal would likely be cheaper overall than drinking that, outside of the protein in it.

My suggestion would be to start on Stronglifts 5x5 if you have access to barbell equipment, learn to eat more in general, and use something with a high protein to mass ratio. This is a product that most people here suggest, due to the 80% protein content and relatively low price per pound:

u/Mythary501 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I have heard/read multiple times that you should try to consume about 1g of protein for every lb of body weight on average. There are a number of resources like : which will give you grams of protein per body weight for other goals as well.

So for you at 92kg (about 200lb) you should try to get about 200g of protein a day, mostly from complete meals with powder etc thrown in.

Also read about the different powders on forums like, etc. as well as the nutritional labels of the powder itself. I say this because if you compare 100% Gold Standard Whey ON to Syntha-6 BSN you will see that the serving size is different, 30g scoop ON to 47g scoop BSN but also the protein mix is different.

Currently I use an ON like protein that provides about 20g of protein per 30g scoop of powder and take it about 3x a day (1scoop @ in breakfast shake, 30-40min before workout w/ water, in the afternoon w/water)

u/unbanmi5anthr0pe · 0 pointsr/AntiPOZi
u/Smashed_Adams · 0 pointsr/Fitness

Try getting protein in your diet. Supplements aren't needed. But if youre going to get a powder, go ahead with the optimum nutrition. The one the guy recommended is a Mass Gainer, you don't need that. Just get the WHEY PROTEIN. Here is the link on [Amazon] (

u/anusretard · -1 pointsr/Fitness

I did some quick napkin math on protein powder and 200g a day would come out to about 7$ a day just from protein. You'd still need to get carbs and fat to round out the 2200 calories, you could probably do ramen and like crisco for an extra 3$ a day but you'd still be at around 10 bux a day.

the other option is to steal which I think would be the easiest. do the 7$ on protein then go to places with free food, or eat your friends' food

I'm really curious how you would feel eating all your protein from powder and then eating low quality food for the rest. If you try this please report back.

u/NYZ93 · -1 pointsr/Fitness

Buy some whey protein This is perfect

Drink a protein shake after you lift.

4 days a week is not alot by any means in fact shoot for 5 or even 6!

20min cardio 1 hour lifting

u/midgetforce2k · -2 pointsr/Fitness

If you have enough money for protein powder, i highly recommend This one. I do 3 scoops in 28 oz of whole milk as my post workout. 100g of protein, and it goes down super easy