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Organic Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry As a Second Language: First Semester Topics
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12 Reddit comments about Organic Chemistry As a Second Language: First Semester Topics:

u/joev83 · 18 pointsr/prephysicianassistant

This book was really helpful.

I had to study non-stop for Ochem. It was my last prereq. It was a good experience in the sense that studying for PA school has been very similar.

u/TheRainbowpill93 · 9 pointsr/premed

Organic Chemistry as a Second language.

Learn it

Live it

Love it

u/pugpy_dawg · 5 pointsr/premed

This is like a little workbook that explains the material and has review questions throughout! I worked through this before my semester of ochem started and I felt like the semester was a breeeeeze. Highly recommend, and my professor asked what I was using to study and she said she loved this book too!

u/PeopleAreSoFickle · 4 pointsr/chemhelp

If there are no Orgo tutors at your university, there are plenty of resources online. I personally used ChemistNate and The Organic Chemistry Tutor for help when I was taking Orgo. Also, make use of your professor's office hours. If you cannot make them, email them to make an appointment.
Also, the way you described acids/bases as proton donators and acceptors is the Brønsted–Lowry definition of acid bases. You should start to consider the Lewis Acid Base theory, which revolves around electrons. Again, ChemistNate has a good video about this.
Lastly, if you are reading the chapter 100 times and you are still not understanding it, it may not be written well for you. Try going to your university library and checking out other organic chemistry textbooks and read the relevant chapters/section that you are studying in class. And be sure to practice with the end of chapter problems. I personally recommend Klein's Organic Chemistry As a Second Language.

u/LSAT_Ninja_Tutor · 3 pointsr/HunterCollege

Absolutely not! I have tutored people for O-chem for several years. Taking the course during the regular semester is enough of a challenge. To be successful in O-chem, you need to use a lot of higher level thinking. It's just not enough time to absorb the information. You need to understand it so that you can then apply it. Don't torture yourself, unless there is some reason that you absolutely have to take it over the summer.

I think it would be a much wiser idea to solidify your general chemistry knowledge in certain pertinent areas (even if you received As in gen chem). Read Get Ready for Organic Chemistry. Not having a solid grasp on these concepts before starting is what causes many to crash and burn. Having a solid grasp on these concepts sets you up for success. Once you fully understand the topics in that book, start reading Organic Chemistry As a Second Language to get a head start.

u/diazetine · 3 pointsr/chemistry

Try Organic Chemistry As a Second Language: First Semester Topics by Klein and the 2nd semester topics. Crisp fundamentals review.

u/Quadra_Slam · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

I used Organic Chemistry as a Second Language as an adjunct initially and I thought I gained far more from the book than from class. It's a great review book, though each part is around $50. You can buy used versions of the older book for less, which probably would work just as well for your purposes. It's really straightforward and teaches the essentials well.

u/LZAtotheMZA · 2 pointsr/toastme

Hi! Chemist here. I damn near failed it too because it's hard as hell. I used this to help:

Remember: This class does not define you or what you want to do. You've got this! Keep going, future scientist!

u/MandibleofThunder · 2 pointsr/UWMadison

A good supplement to the text and practice problems is "Organic Chemistry as a Second Language"

Puts everything in relatively easy terms, has a lot of good practice problems, and tends to follow the coursework pretty well.

Organic Chemistry As a Second Language: First Semester Topics

u/ChappyMcFlappy · 1 pointr/aggies

Howdy. as a the others of said, OCHEM is not too incredibly difficult it is just a new kind of science that you haven't seen before. when i was at TAMU i took both OCHEM 1 and 2, and worked in a biological chemistry lab (for one of the actual OCHEM professors). i worked really close with my grad student (who was an OCHEM TA), and he always recommended the "OCHEM as a second language book" by David Cline. i read through it after i had taken OCHEM and was kicking myself because the book was soo good at teaching you the fundamentals of OCHEM. it is a really good book if you want to use it as a support resource. i found the newest edition on amazon if you are interested. ( ) Getting an A is definitely manageable if you put forth the effort.