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Pangea Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge
Ideal for small to medium sized geckos.Size: 3.5" x 2.25" x 1"Fits 1/2 oz Gecko Food/Diet Cups (Not Included)
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3 Reddit comments about Pangea Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge:

u/truecreature · 5 pointsr/reptiles

Feeding a lizard that small is going to be a challenge. You're going to want to look into microfeeders like flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, bean beetles, rice flour beetle larva, extra small BSF larva, and such. Only the fruit flies can really be found in your average pet store like Petco/Petsmart and the rest would probably have to be gotten online. Generally you don't want the prey to be larger than the space between the lizard's eyes. You also don't want to catch wild insects from outside because they can carry parasites or be tainted by pesticides.

This is a care sheet for your standard green anole. If that isn't what it is, I'd think it should probably still be okay? It seems like a pretty typical setup for your average little arboreal lizard.

Personally I'd use moist paper towel as substrate to make it easier to find prey. Cork bark is also great for climbing and hiding and holds up well to high humidity. And I don't know how much money you're looking to spend, but I use these for my baby geckos to set their water caps on and put worms in. They're more likely to notice it if it's higher up - arboreal lizards tend to mostly avoid the ground.

u/FreshlyBrewedT · 3 pointsr/CrestedGecko

I've never actually seen mine eat but I noticed my gecko eats a lot better after getting a magnetic ledge to hold the food up higher. When there small like that you usually don't even notice they eat anything (you can usually tell by little lick marks on the food) . However you don't want her to get used to hand feeding otherwise she won't eat by herself and then you have to hand feed her. Maybe get different types of pangea or repashy mixes and see if that helps her eat because she might just not like the food that much. Either way I think you should get her a ledge.

I got mine this from Amazon