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PDX Pet Design Licki Your Cat Brush
Soothe yourself: "licking" your cat is an oddly meditative practice, soothing for you and kittyBond with your fur baby: Bond with your cat by communicating in their love languageHave fun with your pets: Grooming is simply more fun with lickiMade of a food-grade silicone designed to feel pleasurable to kitty's sensitive skinSoft and flexible brush with bristles on top and bottom for ease of use
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u/trodat5204 · 1152 pointsr/WatchPeopleDieInside

Great reviews though.

> I use this to chase cats away from my yard, or rather, the owners of said cats know not to let their cats loose in our neighborhood unattended. It turns out that there are ordinances in my city against indecent exposure, so I do need to wear a banana hammock while using this product outside of my home. I also think that the initial impression of a 280# man bearing down on an animal at top speed, mewling and slobbering, with a slab of silicone dangling from his mouth may initially be off-putting for some cats. But, once I have wrestled them to the ground and the clawing and biting has subsided, I can begin licking the cat until its horrified owner returns home from work to ask what I am doing. Obviously, the cat was on my property, and I can lick anything that I want on my property. Plus, I am using protection, as this silicone barrier prevents the spread of disease. I'm often told, "Well, that's MY cat!" To which I say, "Then get your own Licki brush, because this is obviously the reason that YOUR cat keeps wandering onto MY lawn." I rarely see the cat again. In fact, my neighbors make a conscious effort to avoid eye contact, which is an added bonus.

u/3D_Scanalyst · 18 pointsr/askgaybros
u/kvossera · 3 pointsr/cats

Maybe take her to a vet or groomer to help trim them. Or trim them yourself.

I had a house cat with a bob tail who was crazy fluffy. Despite her best efforts she would get dingle berries after toileting, so I opted to trim the fur around her bottom. I just used regular scissors or embroidery scissors once we both got more accustomed to the process.

She thankfully didn’t fight me too much especially considering the area I was trimming. I had to trim off other little dreads she developed due to her fur being so fluffy and didn’t mind that at all.

You might try offering a can of food as that can help distract your cat and allow you to trim without having to hold the cat down (which I’d strongly recommend given how old your cat is and how detrimental stressing her could be). So while your cat is eating -if you go that route- lift the dread and trim it as close to the base as you can without getting too close to her skin, you don’t want to accidentally cut her. Continue trimming as long as she tolerates it, again I’d recommend not pushing her due to her age.

My brother got me one of these for my cats, thankfully the glow in the dark option, and the one fuzzy cat I have now LOVES it. She will follow me around when she sees it which is pretty awesome considering how antisocial she usually is. I was hesitant about using it at first because I was afraid it would pull too much being that its silicone, but that has been proven unfounded. I can brush her for a few minutes and get oodles of fur off of her, instead of on my clothes ha ha ha, I’ve not had any issues with her getting any random dreads like the other fluffy cat so I feel that it works, tho it won’t get the dreads out by itself.

u/splat313 · 3 pointsr/tuckedinkitties
u/Destany89 · 2 pointsr/unpopularopinion

PDX Pet Design Licki Your Cat Brush
This might be up your alley

u/duckswithspiders · 2 pointsr/tarantulas

This is mostly used for cats but it may work.

It looks like your T is just grooming.

u/AwkwardPimp · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Try this.

PDX Pet Design Licki Your Cat Brush

There are other similar things out there too.

u/I-LOVE-LIMES · 1 pointr/gifs

Why not do it for her?
Here you go -->

u/Dthefailure · 1 pointr/petplaycommunity

Mind u I managed to find this which apparently resembles the feel of a cats tounge, I think this is the closest thing out there