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Pelican 1055CC Laptop Case With Liner
1055CC,WL/WI-LINER,BLACKFits most 7 inches tablets and eReadersIP67 Rated for water and dust protectionAutomatic pressure equalization valve that keeps water and dust outMolded, plush, shock absorbing linerA Legendary Pelican lifetime guarantee
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7 Reddit comments about Pelican 1055CC Laptop Case With Liner:

u/nakko · 4 pointsr/Nexus7

I am going to try the Pelican 1055CC, and I will let you all know how it fits, how it feels, etc. Seems not that expensive, and much more heavy-duty than most. (I mean, hey, it's a Pelican case...)

u/brad3378 · 2 pointsr/ProjectTango

I own one.

TL;DR - It's great at some things and horrible at other things.

As a tablet, it's very powerful and includes lots of onboard storage space. If that's not enough it also has a slot for a micro SD card. It also has a slot for a SIMM card, but I haven't used it yet.

3D captures are very fast (fractions of a second), but not necessarily high quality. It works well for capturing the inside of a room, but with smaller objects the quality is disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it for any geometry that you would want to send to a 3D printer.

The battery is enormous, but unfortunately so are the power requirements - especially while the Tango sensor is in use. I've watched plenty of movies on battery power, but don't expect the battery charge to last long while scanning.

The Tango tablet has an odd "wedge" shape instead of a more traditional flat tablet design. As a result, you can't just buy an off-the-shelf Otterbox (or similar) protector. I was however able to get it to fit inside an inexpensive Pelican 1055cc case made for tablets. The fit is a little loose but I keep it from sliding around inside the case with some strips of foam rubber.

App choices are limited and honestly quite buggy.

If you want a powerful tablet for a decent price, the Tango might be right for you. If you're hoping to use one for high resolution 3D captures, I'd say save your money and wait for the technology to improve.

u/Alaradia · 2 pointsr/ProjectTango

i've heard you can use a pelican 1055 if you own a router or some way of cutting holes for the screen and cameras and making a foam liner for it. its the method ill try to use when i get my tango tablet in a few days

u/bunkins · 1 pointr/kindle

I bought these two products for my work in the field. The pelican case is nicely built but the kindle fits loosely in there. With the BUILT case, the Kindle fits snugly inside the pelican case and feels a lot more secure.

I would double check the pelican specs. My wife bought it for me a few years ago and I'm at work so I can't verify that it's the right size. The reviews and questions seem to indicate that it is.

ETA: I use mine with a paperwhite. Also, I wouldn't count on the waterproofing of the pelican case. You're probably better off investing in a small dry bag for all of your valuables including this.