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Persona 5 Original Soundtrack
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u/UrufuKaze · 23 pointsr/Persona5

Support Meguro-san and buy the soundtrack?


iTunes | Amazon | CDJapan


Or just download it off the internet, I guess...

u/AngryCharizard · 16 pointsr/Persona5
u/SmarmyJoeSabs · 8 pointsr/Persona5

I'm just gonna leave this here...
Persona 5 Original Soundtrack

u/Albinobird · 5 pointsr/Persona5

If you want the actual CDs, Amazon has them - & CD Japan also have them for slightly cheaper, but I bought it off of Amazon so I wouldn't have to wait several weeks for delivery. ( Otherwise, you can get it on Itunes (

u/monoblue · 5 pointsr/Persona5

It's available on Amazon. It's literally the first result on Google.

u/akechigoro · 3 pointsr/Persona5

I highly recommend ordering from Amazon Japan. I live on the west coast (US) and regularly get my orders two days after placing them. I believe there's a link on every page for an English version of the site.

Edit: Wow, it's actually sold out right now. Apparently it was #1 on Oricon daily at release.

u/Shini-tan · 3 pointsr/Persona5

It's the official OST, 3 discs. Bought from Amazon

u/SuperLufkin · 2 pointsr/Persona5

The soundtrack is available on Amazon if you want : Amazon US. Seriously the packaging and CDs are sexy, I don't regret buying physical. Just sad that I can't read the booklet as it is in Japanese, there's commentary on certain tracks. Maybe in 10 years when I'll know enough Japanese.

u/mctastee88 · 2 pointsr/TwoBestFriendsPlay

If anyone is interested you can get the physical discs here

u/WelcomeToJazzClub · 1 pointr/Persona5

[It's on for nearly £60, and is frequently out of stock there.]

You can also find it for about £40 on

But these are both CD. There doesn't seem to be any legal route to get it in the UK digitally.