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Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed
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20 Reddit comments about Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed:

u/HarshLogic · 25 pointsr/KotakuInAction

Ill be honest, none of the whole "gaming journalism" thing is why Im a KiA supporter. Ive always been a gamer, but Ive never followed any sort of gaming media or journalism aside from Thoorin's videos in League of Legends.

I dont buy triple-A titles outside of Blizzard games. I dont own a PS3, PS4, XBox 360, or Xbox One. I have a Wii because of Xenoblade (and I think I bought one of the Zeldas), Ill get a Wii U for the next Xeno game. None of the journalist shit affects me much because I already dont use their sites.

Its the censorship, the SJW post-modernist bullshit, the lying, the professional victims, the way it spills over into Wikipedia lacking neutrality. Its the way that I, just some random guy who goes to work, goes running, and plays video games, am blamed as a misogynist shitlord just for being a white cis male who is willing to discuss both sides of an issue. Its the way that white upper class people dictate to women and minorities about how they are doing all this FOR THEM, unless those women and minorities disagree in which case they are internalized misogynists (Please Stop helping Us). Its the way that being an egalitarian makes me a misogynist in their eyes, and a racist, and probably other things as well.

THATS the shit that pushes me to this "side".

u/as_a_black_woman · 12 pointsr/blackladies

>Dude, when I worked at Barnes and Noble, a ton of old white dudes (always Republican/tea party types) would practically burst at the rim when coming up to the counter to buy Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter books to talk about any and all racial issues.

Omg, when I worked there, this one guy asked if we had this book in stock, which we didn't. I kept my facial expressions as flat as possible to dissuade him from trying to engage, because he was trying.

u/Blahmeh666 · 5 pointsr/CoonTown

I haven't read this book but it has been getting praise, "White Girl Bleed A Lot". I've also been seeing this too but I haven't read it either, "Please Stop Helping Us".

Can anyone here who has read these books give a quick review for these books?

u/apMinus · 5 pointsr/EnoughLibertarianSpam

I love the guy praising Riley's book to defend the "It's actually the government damaging the black community". Dismissing the system's endemic problems that disproportionately target black people — largely lead by motherfuckers saying the same thing as the OP — is more lazy libertarian reasoning; at any point, any societal problem can be solved by this mythical hands-off approach that just happens to favor maintaining the status quo.

u/deviden · 4 pointsr/TrueReddit

> Rather, they see that the social safety net is actively harmful, and often, believe that federal assistance is the worst way to effect benevolence unto the poor.

I'm British and a socialist, so while I can't speak to the efficacy of your specific social safety net I can say that desiring to see all such safety nets totally removed sounds pretty heartless to me. The assumption that the market fixes everything is demonstrably untrue and leaving the unfortunate at the mercy of a handful of benevolent philanthropists sounds highly unreliable. It could also be a smokescreen for "I don't care about them - I just want to pay less tax".

> If it weren't for partisanship, we'd realize that both the liberals and the conservatives stated goals have merit, and are equally noble

Can't speak for your American equivalents but here in Britain the noble sentiments of our political parties are much less interesting that the things they've actually done. Noble intentions are meaningless. Of course we'd all like to see an end to poverty, better schooling for everyone, etc, etc, but if your way of achieving those ends turns out to be suspiciously close to "letting the rich get richer while the poor get shafted" then I'm going to call shenanigans on your noble intent.

> This book might help understand their view:

Huh. So if American businesses could pay their workers at Chinese sweat shop levels then more black people would be employed? Forgive me for failing to see the altruism at work in that line of thinking. Alternatively you could all contribute a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of your wages to pay for a better state education system that would help to enable a true meritocracy to exist.

u/issue9mm · 4 pointsr/TrueReddit

I'm not a conservative, but "cutting holes in the social safety net" isn't the goal of the conservatives. Rather, they see that the social safety net is actively harmful, and often, believe that federal assistance is the worst way to effect benevolence unto the poor.

If it weren't for partisanship, we'd realize that both the liberals and the conservatives stated goals have merit, and are equally noble. Similarly, in practice, both are equally ignoble, and equally meritless.

That said, that conservatives have a different way of helping the poor than the one you prefer doesn't make them heartless.

This book might help understand their view:

u/OhDearOthello · 4 pointsr/videos
u/zaikanekochan · 2 pointsr/Libertarian

Please Stop Helping Us is a great book on this subject, and a pretty easy and entertaining read.

u/LiberalAuthoritarian · 2 pointsr/Austin

This got a bit long, but I'm a bit passionate about the issue and it frustrates me that the very people who lament a problem are enabling it because they think they are being "good" and "nice" even though it causes more problems than it could fix.

Sorry, that's simply wrong. You should try to read the FBI's uniform crime statistics. You have no idea just how wrong you are. Just take a look, you'll find out that you have been made a fool all this time and have been eating that propaganda up hook, line, and sinker. All you have to do is look at the stats for things you really can't honestly believe can contain any real discrimination like violent assaults, murders, rape, robbery, burglary, etc. It's not like cops are going to say "oh, he's one of those white males we like to treat better. Carry on with your raping and robbing, white male. We don't see any problems here."

Don't worry. I don't judge you. Just have an open mind and be willing to accept reality. As someone who used to be on the center left and was part of both the '08 Clinton and Obama campaigns, I can tell you shit is really not what you've been led to believe even if it is done with good intent. But you know what is said about good intent, right? It paves the bleeding heart soaked path to hell.

You have to also try to remove that chip on your shoulder you were given to immediately knee-jerk to an assumption that reality will be used to justify racism. It's really the left that assumes racism that is making these topics racist and about race and perpetuating the racial divide that does not need to exist if we just solve the problems. It is actually quite thoroughly paternalistically racist to, e.g., say that we need different usually lower standards for blacks than other "races". Why don't blacks deserve to be measured by the same standards that are then not subject to diminishing their achievement? Why do we need to have lower standards for blacks that then leads to lower outcomes that then only contributes to negative and poor perceptions of blacks? It's the deepest kind of racism that really even still exists and liberals don't even know how to realize it, let alone comprehend it.

My perspective is that people on the left are doing exponentially more harm acting and lying to themselves and the world by ignoring, covering up, and just plain lying about reality. You simply cannot fix or change something you aren't even willing to be honest or truthful about acknowledging. It's like I'm dealing with a world or hoarders. Have you ever seen that show? Where the hoarder is like "What, I'm collecting take out food containers with samples of their fine cuisine in its natural setting and really really really like a lot of cats. This is perfectly fine!" and you are just watching it like. O__O

As long as the left wants to coddle, make excuses, and enable nothing will ever get solved just the way it has not been solved over decades now. But I guess when you just want a subset of dependent blacks you really don't have an interest in providing them the dignity of equal standards and expectations. Because just as the benevolent racists of yesteryear, blacks need to be helped, right? It causes so much damage and across generations.

Many problems in our country that liberals lament could have been solved if self-righteous, selfish liberals would simply stop trying to help all just so they can feel good about themselves. The black community has every right to be held to the same standards and expectations that you are held to, those include not ignoring or rationalizing away the reality that the black community has a crime problem that can only be solved if responsibility is accepted ... and not just blame some bullshit about cops arresting more blacks ... PRECISELY because the black community has a crime and violence problem you simply want to ignore and sweep under the rug.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/worldnews

Yeah, i suppose having a cop arrest more minorities means that the males can father multiple children to multiple women. All the justice and education's fault.

Also their fault for dropping out of school.

I suggest you read this book.

u/jcm267 · 1 pointr/AnythingGoesNews

93% of blacks vote Democrat. 7% of a small minority of the total US population vote either Republican or 3rd party, mostly Republican. Blacks are well represented in the GOP all things considered.

Here are a few others.

Michael Steele, the first black leader of the RNC.

Jason Reilly, Wall Street Journal editorial board member and author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

Allen West was a one term Congressman from Florida and the first black Republican Congressman from FL since Reconstruction. This man is hugely popular with the supposedly racist "tea party" wing of the party. For the record, I am not a tea partier.

u/TheNaud · 1 pointr/todayilearned

And that is the erroneous argument that I am referring to. Have you ever listened to a black republican? Have you ever listened to a conservative explain their position? I'm not talking about who the liberal leaders, the so-called "main stream" media, and the typical black community want to point to. In all honesty, they are pointing you to the 1 to 2% fringe or twisting what people say. And don't get me started on when empirical facts are used and the person using it gets called racist.

Do yourself a favor. Look up Alfonzo Rachel. Look up the book "Please Stop Helping Us" and give it a read. With your argument, you honestly need your eyes opened to who you're labeling racist. If you actually listen to just the two men I just pointed you to have to say, it will start you on a journey that will tear down this facade that you have had built around you.

u/fantomsource · 1 pointr/Bitcoin

Both of those can be done voluntarily, without the coercion.

Btw, most of the tax-theft money goes to the funding of wars and social programs that hurt people.

u/TomRoberts2016 · 1 pointr/Jokes

Ok. There's various degrees too. You got the weebo nerd/blerd or whatevs who's still awkward and weird. Then you have the type that doesn't mind being "white washed" or not having to appeal to black stereotypes, doesn't mind having republican/conservative values (think Thomas Howell) or guys like Jason Riley or Tommy Sotomayor.

u/alexjerez · 1 pointr/CompoundMedia

Another book mentioned in this episode: 'Please Stop Helping Us' by Jason L. Riley

u/youareanidiothahaha · 1 pointr/gue

Thomas Sowell and others debunk the claims that women and blacks earn less in the marketplace due to discrimination. When they are compared on equal footing, it is found they are not discriminated against, and in some cases even earn slightly more. For example, unmarried women without children tend to earn a bit more than their male counterparts. What is affecting the average woman? Having children, obviously. If you thought that women, on average, should be earning equal wages, you were clearly not using your brain effectively, as bearing children is such an obvious and enormous cost.

There is a cost to conducting irrational practices in the marketplace (racism, sexism in hiring and in customer discrimination are the examples we are concerned with in this discussion). For example, bus companies wanted to give equal treatment to Blacks during the era of segregation in the U.S., as Black Americans were their biggest customers. They were forced to conduct costly (in opportunity), racist practices in order to comply with government segregation laws. Most people simply are not willing to pay the cost if they are racist, but I also think that most people aren't racist.

If we look at Asian Americans and Irish Americans who's ancestors also experienced severe discrimination, as well as Irish in the UK who's ancestors experienced slavery, we find they don't have the same problems Black Americans face. Blacks immigrants do better on average than their American counterparts. It is clear it is not discrimination at the employer which is the problem. It is a culture of victimization that has been built around them by liberals attempting to "help" them through horrendous government policies--most notably education that amounts to nothing and subsidies of bad behavior--which has lead to alarming rates of single parenthood (usually mothers) which has destroyed the future of these young children. It really needs to stop.

u/liatris · -2 pointsr/news
u/AdamDe27 · -9 pointsr/news

The ONLY thing you can truly do is stop making being a victim 'cool'. Hear me out:

White privilege exists in the same way sexism does: A very small microcosm of the total world. But, it is used as an excuse constantly.

When you create programs to help one type of person over another it just reaffirms this position and perception bends that way. Instead of people chanting that African American communities are more likely to be poor, and have higher unemployment because of white privilege, we need to instill the concept that if you work hard, and have motivation, that regardless of the street you live on, or if your parents are still together you CAN succeed! But freebies and assistance reaffirm that they NEED the help and can't help themselves.

this book "Please stop helping us" (written by a black man) is really an interesting read on the subject.