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Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch
Our flight cage makes the perfect home for multiple parakeets, canaries or finches4 Plastic double cups and 3 wood perches are includedBottom grille and drawer slide out for convenient cleaningDurable wrought iron construction is easy to assemble31-Inch long, 20-1/2-inch wide, 53-inch high with 1/2-inch wire spacing
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59 Reddit comments about Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch:

u/HadesWarpig · 15 pointsr/parrots

That's so awesome, I'm happy for you and Buttons! If I could suggest a cage, I just got this one in anticipation of my next baby. It seems like a great bang for your buck and the small flaws it has (mostly the spring loaded doors) are an easy fix. I put it together myself without much hassle in about 1-2 hours last night.

u/mizukiii · 12 pointsr/PartyParrot

I would say a cage like [this] ( is strongly recommended for happy lovebirds, unless you’re letting them free roam your house a few hours a day and the cage is for sleeping only.

u/bmccuiston · 8 pointsr/parrots

Here you go, the large is a very good size and only $106, the xl would be even better
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch

u/tehfinch · 7 pointsr/parrots

This cage is great value for the price, if you can afford it. It has the added bonus of being eligible for Amazon Prime. Even if you don't have it, sign up for the 30-day free trial so you can get it in a couple of days.

Regarding food, Harrison's makes organic pellets. My board-certified avian vet strongly recommends Harrison's and my birds love it. There are guidelines regarding conversion on the package itself. My birds were never on a seed diet but I did have to convert them from ZuPreem's colored pellets (side note: don't give them that, the artificial coloring and added sugars are bad. I didn't know at the time.).

I switched them cold turkey after making them some Birdie Bread. Harrison's sells a mix online that you can prepare at home. They loved it and I think the pellets smell similar, so they had no issues converting.

For fruits/veggies/etc, I had to teach my sun conure to eat them. The method I found most effective = eating whatever I want her to eat and pretending it is the most delicious thing EVER. Take a bite out of that carrot stick and make the most overexaggerated ecstatic sounds/expressions you can. Don't offer them a piece til they come over to investigate, then let them have a bite or put it in a treat dish.

For toys: has great prices on toy parts. Drs. Foster and Smith are another online company that occasionally has good deals. I'm wary of buying toys at pet stores due to the risk of disease transmission. Petsmart had a huge issue with psittacosis, which is transmissible to humans as well as birds.

For taming, start by spending time near them. Carry on reading/working/watching TV/whatever in the same room with them. Leave the door open to see if they want to come hang out with you. Offer them sunflower seeds or millet from your hands. This process may take a while (weeks to months, maybe longer), especially since they are already bonded.

Congrats on your new feathered friends. It looks like they've found their way into a wonderful home.

Clicker training is supposed to be great though I'm too lazy to work on it. /u/cpxh would be a good resource for that.

u/bubblez2687 · 6 pointsr/cockatiel

Ok so this is a huge cage. it's not horribly expensive and if you have the space you would have a very happy 'tiel. This is the smallest cage that, imho, would work for a 'tiel.

You could use the other one as a sleepy-time cage. My bird sleeps in our bedroom so we have a small cage for her to sleep in.

u/budgiefacedkiller · 6 pointsr/parrots

No this cage is much too small, especially for two birds If you think about it, a tiel is 12-14 inches long. Its wingspan is 15-16 inches wide. So if the goal is to get a cage that your bird can open it's wing in and ideally flap between perches in, you want something that is around 3'x2'x4.

Luckily I have just the cage for you. It's inexpensive, lightweight, mobile, and sturdy enough for a couple tiels.

u/Ammutse · 5 pointsr/budgies

I bought this bird cage for my cockatiel a little while ago and it's been the best investment I've made for him. He has plenty of space to climb and flap around, though I usually let him out an about in my room.

For two budgies, this would easily be a paradise.

u/furgenhurgen · 4 pointsr/cockatiel

I think that's a good plan. If you have access to Amazon, I can't recommend this birdcage enough. I have gotten one for all my birds and most recently my 2 English budgies upgraded and they think it's the best thing ever. The rolling ability rocks and this thing is HUGE for the price you are paying.

Don't get discouraged...the people on this subreddit and /r/parrots are really helpful and supportive. I'm really happy you are looking for advice and talking with people about what to do to make your bird happy and healthy. That shows you care.

u/nightmusic08 · 3 pointsr/budgies

this is the cage I have for my 2 budgies. It has plenty of space for the two of them, plenty of perches and toys, and it’s big enough to where if they’re feeling more independent they have plenty of individual space too. I see a lot of other people with this cage as well. I honestly wouldn’t buy any other cage than this because it just works so perfectly.

u/probopassed · 3 pointsr/budgies

I got my two budgies this cage!

It may seem like overkill, but I will never have budgies in a cage smaller than this ever again. It's decked out with tons of enrichment toys (shredding, foraging, ect). They absolutely love it.

Theres a ton of room for different sized perches, and lots of space. But of course since it's mating season, my budgies still get occasionally annoyed at each other over toys and such. It happens.

But for real, I would 100% recommend upgrading to something this size. And this is probably the best price for a cage this size. Trust me, you won't regret it once you see how much fun it is for them!!

u/EspeonValesti · 3 pointsr/cockatiel

This is the cage I use.

I actually have 2 of them, one for both my tiel and GCC, and they both love them.

It's a pain in the ass to put together, and the spring doors on the side can be a problem (zip tied them shut), but it's overall pretty good for it's price.

u/RevengeXLucy · 3 pointsr/Pets

You should go for something like this:

With a little perch rearrangement and other stuff, something like that should be fine. However, if you can find or build something bigger, better yet!

If you go for a cage, though, be sure to tame them so they can have some time outside (in a closed, safe room) to fly around.

u/The_Masturbatrix · 3 pointsr/parrots

This is just my two cents, but for a brand new GCC, this cage looks great. Especially if he gets lots of out of cage time. If he's going to be in there more often than not, then I'd suggest an upgrade when you can. This is the cage I have my GCC Bob in, and he loves it. He is out of his cage pretty much all day right now, but last semester that wasn't the case, and it won't be the case next semester, so it's good to have extra space for them. Here is another example of a good sized cage that he would love. For the record, I don't think Bob will be getting another cage for any reason other than if his current one breaks, so no worry about getting a new cage every year. I had him in a cage about the same size as yours when I first got him at 8 weeks old, and he did fine in it. It just became apparent that he would probably like some more room, so when I had some spare cash, I upgraded it for him.

As for your cuddle tent thingy, when I first got Bob, he LOVED it. Every night when I would put him in to bed, he would jump right in his tent and make all sorts of cute little chirpy noises. We've had him for about 8 months, and he's pretty much indifferent to it now and sleeps on a perch, though I've not noticed a safety issue with it thus far. Your bird may differ, but that's what mine did.

Edit: I forgot to link the other cage. Fixed now.

u/Skets · 3 pointsr/parrots

It was a pretty good cage for my Green Cheek, but I ended up upgrading him to a bigger one. This is the one I ended up buying. The bars are little for flimsy, but not enough to effect anything. I would consider some flight space for your budgies!

u/BonchiFox · 3 pointsr/PetDoves

Hullo. I actually do have the same cage though it is to house a single conure. For two diamond dove, I would recommend a bigger cage. I am a big fan of this cage from the same company.

u/jediaelthewise · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

Congrats on your new birbs!

If you are able to, you'll definitely want to get a bigger cage and better perches for their little feets. We got this one and it's a great deal for the size you get:

Also when you can, get some non-dowel perches. As long as it's a safe wood, using a few tree branches with varying widths will help exercise their feet. You can use a guide like this to see which are safe or not:

Also give them some flat platforms as well so they can rest their feet. We put in 2 for our birbs and they love to sleep their now and lay down on the platforms and give their feet a break from gripping a perch all the time.

u/qlowffria · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

I don’t have this cage, but I’ve seen it get recommended around r/parrots sometimes. It’s a pretty good size for its price and has good reviews.

edit: wrong link

u/sleepycarbon · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

In my opinion, this cage is too small to even start with. The absolute smallest cage a cockatiel should be in is about 24x24x24, which this isn't at all. To the OP: there are big cages on Amazon for only $100. Here's a popular one.

u/freckled_porcelain · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

This is the best priced cage i've found. It's wrought iron so it won't wear out quickly. It's pretty darn big, I would say perfect for 4-5 cockatiels.

u/chackley · 2 pointsr/parrots

We had our cockatiel in the second one for the first couple of years after we got him, but always felt it was too small and cramped. We upgraded to this one about a year ago and he absolutely loves it.

EDIT: I mistyped - I meant to say we used to use the second one (the smaller one), not the first. We still use the small one as a travel cage, for which it works great (we recently moved, during which we transported our bird ~150 miles in it).

u/pissbearr · 2 pointsr/Lovebirds

Have a family of 3 in this larger, and two in the smaller. Really like them, no complaints! and HUGE, easy assembly.


u/_justforyou · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

These are the cages I've been looking at for a cockatiel, they might be of some use for you. :P

I'm under the impression that longer is better than taller because it gives more room to roam and fly versus having to climb up and down the cage to access different areas. I'm also not an expert, I've had chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, but still researching house birds before I take one in. /r/parrots would be a good resource for you as well, lots of 'tiel posts and lots of people with their own birdies, good place to ask for input!

u/Travyplx · 2 pointsr/budgies

It’s the XL flight cage here:

I’m very happy with it!

u/theTman1221 · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

This cage was recommended to me on this subreddit and works great. Great price too.

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I have been told that 2 birds could cohabitate in the above cage.

If so, the OP could get the above cage when able, then move their current bird into it, and then get a second bird. The new bird could be quarantined in the smaller cage, and after that the smaller cage would still be handy in case a bird needs to be isolated due to illness or injury.

u/snail_songs · 2 pointsr/cockatiel

If you can afford it, this cage is very popular. My tiel loves it and, after about a week of practice, has had no trouble climbing the vertical bars. The perches it comes with aren't great, but rope perches are pretty cheap and comfy for little bird feet!

Congrats on your new birb! Hope to see lots of cute pics of him as he settles in

u/SamusAran388 · 2 pointsr/parrots

Lots of folks suggest this one. I have one similar to this one myself for my GCC. It's plenty big for one conure and I really like that the stand is on wheels. The bars are a little on the thin side, but my green cheek hasn't been able to damage the bars. I've had mine for about 4 years and it's still in great shape. I even take it out on my back patio and hose it down.

u/Dove_Dog · 2 pointsr/parrots

Thanks for the info! She has a fleece toy made of strips that she sleeps in but the only place they could make a nest is on the bottom or in a food bowl, I think.

Its 2 of these put together
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch

If I had to do it again I would get 2 extra larges to put together instead of the f040 style. It would be even more room for them! But also fit better. My two put together have a crack in the bottom just big enough for a parrotlet to get through. Covering it is annoying.

u/ProfessorChaos113 · 2 pointsr/budgies

It is! We got it from amazon: bird cage

u/moist-towelette · 2 pointsr/parrots

I think that this new cage is actually really dangerous for your new babies. That cage seems to be for larger birds. You don't want bar spacing any bigger than 1/2". You can't simply get a large cage, the cage has to be appropriate for small guys. Something like this (try searching for "flight cage") if you want a great large cage for them. The rust is extremely worrisome as well. I'm guessing you got the cage second hand, so I hope you didn't pay too much for it. I understand you had good intentions, getting them a cage they can fly and flex their wings in, but you have to consider appropriateness! Good luck!

u/Akapandaman · 2 pointsr/parrots

I saw [this] ( I'm not sure how nice this would be. Would it be worth it to get that over the Vision? It is only for one bird.

u/AngelsPrayer · 1 pointr/parrots

Bird cage. Specifically this one.

u/demonlordghirahim · 1 pointr/cockatiel

Okay yea that cage would be more suitable for a big macaw, not a little tiel.

Honestly it might be better to put them back in the smaller cage until you find a bigger cage with proper bar spacing, since a small cage is cramped but the bar spacing can kill your bird.

My tiel is currently in a cage that's definitely too small due to me traveling between school and home a lot, but I'm moving out in a month and getting her this, which you might want to look into because its very big, well reviewed, has proper bar spacing, and inexpensive for the size

u/Thaurane · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I bought one of these bird cages a few days ago. When I went to put it together I tried following the manual. But ended up getting pissed and threw a piece. After I cooled off I went back to it I completely ignored the manual and had it together and complete almost immediately (don't have an actual time frame sorry).

u/Ambedoia · 1 pointr/cockatiel

I know you said you may not be able to accommodate this, but I got this for my baby.
I actually started out with the same cage you got, just by someone else on amazon and it was only $100 dollars, not as expensive as that one. This brand is still Prevue, and I wish I would of bought this cage first. I've seen plenty of people use the cage you have linked for their tiels and it seems to work fine, but my girl seemed to hate the cage and only stayed on her sleeping perch in it even after having three weeks to get used to it. She begged to be let out.

Also, the play top she struggled to get on to. But, she is only 3 months old and is still learning to climb. I always had to put her up there myself, and she could never climb down by herself. My local pet store has tiels in those exact cages and they don't seem to have those issues, so its only a baby bird thing.

I got this one and she now runs back and forth through the whole length, goes in the cage by herself and will stay in there without begging for much longer. She spends about 6-7 hours out of her cage all day but will still go inside it on her own to chill. She just seems to like it much more.

But, as I said, many people have their birbs in that cage and don't seem to have issues. Mine was just picky lmao, I wanted to share it anyway

u/UniverseGuyD · 1 pointr/budgies

Looks like the one I bought from for my lovies. It comes in a couple colours (black and a hammered finish) and 2 sizes. Great cage, but does require a second set of hands to build the thing when it arrives in its flat-pack box :P

u/Icearstorm · 1 pointr/Finches

I wouldn't do more than two in a cage that size. Zebra finches tend to be rather pushy, so even a moderate-sized flight cage could be too small for all of them. I might be too late, but I don't recommend vision cages. They are a horrible pain to clean, since you have to take the whole bottom off. A cage like this is much better, and costs about the same.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/budgies

This cage is generally pretty popular due to being a decent price for the size:

u/HarryTheBird · 1 pointr/budgies

This is a very popular cage for multiple budgies. It has half inch bar spacing (don't go any bigger than that.) The model is F040, it's available in several places online.

u/IrisGoddamnIllych · 1 pointr/parrots

It's a huge flight cage. No way I can hang it.

u/r3ntintin · 1 pointr/parrots

Thank you so much! We are looking for a new set up for our bird. She currently has this: but it is getting rickety - the screws keep needing tightening. We want to replace it, but she barely uses the bottom half of the cage, aside from going down to the floor to pick at things she has dropped sometimes. We don't want to put her in something a lot smaller, and I understand the "buy the most cage you can get" policy - but cleaning something that you don't have to bend to the floor (yours vs ours) would be nice.

u/caniki · 1 pointr/cockatiel

I believe we have the same cage as the OP. We got it from Amazon. Prevue Pet Products Wrought...

There is a nice cover available for it as well.

u/KyleWY · 1 pointr/budgies

As someone else has posted, minimum cage size for a single budgie that will be allowed out of the cage for most of the day is 18"x18"x18". If you have more than one bird, or they will be confined to the cage for most of the day, you need to go bigger. And please keep in mind that when people tell you the minimum size for a cage that it is just that, a minimum.


If this were school, the minimum would be a grade of "D", in that you are technically passing, but nobody is impressed.


My personal opinion on the matter is that unless I am taking in an animal under emergency circumstances in which I have no time to prepare financially, then I should save up and provide living conditions that would be at least be a "B" or higher. In this case, it would be a flight cage.


I have frequently pointed out that a great flight cage like this ( requires only that you forego your daily Starbucks coffee for 3-4 weeks. That's it. Then you have nice big cage and your bird will live a much better life for it.

u/Apocalypse487x · 1 pointr/Parakeets

I got a cage for my parakeets off Amazon. They love it in there. It's pretty big so they can fly around.

I got this one from another website. I bought separate bowls though.

u/LostxinthexMusic · 1 pointr/parrots

We have this one for our quaker and it's absolutely perfect! We strung some plastic chain across at various levels and have a while bunch of toys and perches in the upper half, and she loves hanging out in and around it.

u/BruceSillyWalks · 1 pointr/parrots

Prevue on amazon has some gooders.
I used this cage when I had my two linnies caged together but they started getting really moody about me third wheeling in on their parade so now they're each in one of these and its worked well-ish. Only downside to the two smaller cages is the doors slide upwards rather than swinging out so you'll need to pin them up with something if you want the door to stay open. Linnies are about the same size as lovies, I'm sure two could easily live in either

u/WetPoopsMcGee · 1 pointr/parrots
u/Miwwies · 1 pointr/Conures

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a detailed reply. I really appreciated it.

As far as daily activities, I should have mentionned that I train at home. The only time I am out is with the dog. If possible, I would like to get the bird accustomed to a flight suit so that she can accompany us outside when it's warmer.

I have not considered the fact that she is around other birds and that it could be a problem. I figured it's pretty much the same as buying a bird from a breeder or pet store since they are all in different cages. I will ask about the male GCC as I wouldn't want to separate them if they are a couple. There is also the possibility of getting one of the budgies or the 'tiel, but I fear since they are smaller, it could be an issue. There is the possibility of them hating each other forever. I read that conures have a tendency to be agressive towards their own species and more-so with smaller birds.

As far as the cage goes, the flight cage seems a little flimsy compared to the Kings or am I wrong? The bars seem thinner in the picture. How well does it hold if you hang toys/perches? Do the bars bend under the weight?

u/XeroxSinner · 1 pointr/Finches

Here's the cage I've got:

There's two nest boxes in there, multiple perches, three water dishes on different levels (including a dish on the floor), and two food dishes on different levels.

There's four zebras now, all male. I figured since our other two males got along great and I didn't have to worry about eggs, that it wasn't such a bad idea. =/

I can't imagine their markings would have anything to do with it, but maybe? The pied zebra is fine, but the one being picked on is a black cheeked zebra. The other two are just normal noisy guys. =)

No heat lamps but if there's a good reason to get one, I will. We keep the house in the low 70's and they're in front of a well insulated sliding door that gets a good amount of evening sun.

u/flopsymopsycotton · 1 pointr/RATS
u/theRacistEuphemism · 1 pointr/Pets

A box isn't ideal, but is better than being preyed on and attacked outside, especially just for something temporary. Watch out for curious beak marks that may be expanding the air holes! Birds can fly far and get carried by wind, so this bird could have escaped from cities away.

Get some seed to feed it, and dark leafy greens. Lettuce is mostly water so it doesn't offer much nutrition, and apples are sugary so they may boost its energy which is fine here and there, but if all you're working with is a cardboard box, it may make them restless, more bitey, and frustrated with pent up energy (this applies to all fruits - they should be fed in moderation). You can offer most vegetables limitlessly, and if nobody comes forward to claim this as their lost pet, you'll want to transition them to a pelleted diet supplemented with some seed and lots of vegetables and grains. Here's a good food list.

Also, not all lovebirds are pairs and not all lovebirds are suitable to be in pairs with each other. Whether you get a same or opposite sex companion, I would still give them two separate cages, at least to start. They may be very small and cute, but they are very capable of biting off toes, puncturing beaks, and killing each other if they don't want to share space with that particular bird. Lovebirds are very territorial and compared to other small parrots, they've got a ton of attitude. As long as you have the time to give a bird one on one socialization throughout the day, they can do fine without a cagemate.

Find an avian vet in your area as well. You don't know how long this little one has been outdoors or whether or not they're healthy. It would be very sad to get a huge setup ready for this bird only to have it pass away from a disease it caught, or weakness from its journey. Birds may be people-friendly having been socialized as pets, but they can also be more handleable when they're ill or injured.

It might seem like overkill relative to the size of the bird, but if all comes back well with the bird's health, if you can afford the space, a cage like this is pretty affordable (if you can find a local equivalent) and spacious enough to exert energy flying around on its own. A variety of natural wood perches and toys with bells and soft woods like balsa are lovebird favourites. I do a full swap of everything in the cage and its position every week when I do full cage cleanings (washing the cage bars and base - I do newspaper, water, and food changes daily though) to keep things interesting. They're very effective shredders, so keep important documents hidden.

u/strberri01 · 1 pointr/cockatiel

I got mine from Amazon, but it is the same price on Available in white or black. I absolutely love how easy it is to pull and clean the tray, and the bars are easily wiped down. It also has several access points other than the two door openings which are delightfully wide, since it can be difficult to extract an unwilling birb. Plenty of room for my playground on the roof of the cage and it has a storage shelf.
I sound like a cage advertisement. It’s a nice cage and not as expensive as some.

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand F040 Black Bird Cage, 31-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch by 53-Inch

u/vestahound · 1 pointr/cockatiel

I don't have a tiel but my brother does. The cage he ended up getting was this:

It was a pain in the butt to set up, but so far it's been pretty great for his two tiels.

u/squeekypig · 1 pointr/parrots

I think that cage looks good! It looks really similar to another cage I've seen recommended on here several times for tiels:

Are the birds you're adopting already bonded to each other? If not, you may want to keep them separated for a little while when you bring them home so that they can become tame to you.