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u/Stregano · 38 pointsr/IAmA

Do not forget that they really, truly wanted the show to be about The Wizards instead of Workaholics but were told to not try and get that show made (I forgot who told them to not even mention it. Maybe an agent or something). The Wizards are featured on an episode (the episode where Adam goes into the bodybuilding competition). They still tried to present it as a show and basically given an "absolutely not!". So they snuck them into an episode of Workaholics. They also have a Wizards album that came out in 2009 called Purple Magic (last I checked it was on Amazon mp3 for $7.99). The Wizards rap group also has Kyle (Karl in the show) as the 4th member of the group (Blazer, Ders, Kyle rap and Adam is the "hype man"/guy who sings the hooks).

EDIT: It looks like I bought it during a sale or something since it is up to 7.99 now. link for the lazy

EDIT 2: I am not associated with them (I wish I was), but please buy their album. If they get enough sales, maybe they will make another album. The rap they did at, I think it was Comic-con, was one of the songs from the album. Also, best line in the album, which Ders says, "And those that know me know I'm dealin the realness and they can feel this like a dope set of real tits". Yep, that line was also later put on Workaholics once again when Ders had his rap battle at the gathering of the juggalos. I watch that show way too much when I know these intricate details (like I said, I am pretty sure I need to be best friends with those 4.)

u/chamomiles · 3 pointsr/workaholics

You've heard the album, right?

u/blackbird415 · 2 pointsr/trees

you get their album? If you like some of the music in the show you'll enjoy their album . purple magic

u/CaitlinSarah87 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

bout to get straight up medieval on yo ass! :D

thanks for the contest! even though i'm a few hours late!

u/honesttom · 1 pointr/pics