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Qpets 6-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
6 compartments for use with dry, packaged moist and wet food.Record a 6 second personal message for your petThis device allows you to keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule. The AF-108 allows you to feed your pet up to (6) six times in a 24 hour period.Built-in clock with easy to read LCD.Our new design has a lid lock to keep the food in the tray until the designated feeding time.
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u/MeowsAllieCat · 30 pointsr/aww

You might want to invest in an auto-feeder. I used to feed the cat her breakfast at 7 am. She assumed, "When mom wakes up, I get food! Therefore I must wake her as early as possible, for I hunger greatly." I ordered this auto feeder from Amazon & set it to go off at the regular time. It took her a while to realize that I don't HAVE to be awake for food to happen. She still sometimes wakes me up early on weekends just because she's an asshole. But it has helped a lot!

(Also, she figured out how to pry the lid off and gorge on 6 meals. She is not very smart sometimes, but where food is involved she's goddamn Einstein, given enough free time. I had to add velcro straps, which were still not quite sufficient. Eventually I upgraded to a bigger, more secure, more complicated auto-feeder. But if your cat's not a relentless food monster, it should work!)

u/CataclysmicKitten · 26 pointsr/cats

This is the one that I use for my fluffy monster! He used to wake me up at 6 am begging for food, so I quickly bought an automatic feeder and put a stop to that.

I really like this one because you can program it to whatever times you want. I have mine set to go off three times a day so he gets plenty of small portions without throwing a fit about it. it also is pretty durable and Nero hasn't been able to break into it for the food.

u/Cal_From_Cali · 24 pointsr/funny

This is why I bought a bowl that rotates.

So he can be mad that he ate all his food, but in 6 hours while i'm at work, there's the next portion.

Of course, he learned how to rip part of the lid out, so he could get to the food early. And he learned how to steal food from the next bowl over.

So it's only a 4 portion feeder for me, but it works to stop the 2am wakeup call for food.

u/Vio_ · 23 pointsr/funny

You could get a bowl that has a food timer on it. Once it hits the right time, it slides open and feeds the cat when you're not around.

u/areraswen · 6 pointsr/aww

I bought this one. If you do get it, make sure you read the reviews about how the programming works, because it can be confusing. And don't expect to ever be able to keep your cat fully out of the food-- it's always going to have access to a compartment, so unless you intentionally leave compartments empty to plan for that, it's kind of impossible. But it does minimize the amount your cat can get into-- rather than ALL the food, as with the gravity based ones, your cat can only get into one compartment out of six.

u/spaacesoul · 6 pointsr/CatTraining

There are a couple things you can try, depending on their level of stubbornness. You can try to stick it out and keep ignoring them, but 6 is pretty early in the morning, and it drove me crazy when my cat did that lol.

As previously suggested, you can put tape or some other deterrent on the door. Aluminum foil is a good choice, or you could get a citrus scent to spray on the door, as most cats don't like that smell. A pheromone spray may also be effective. You can switch up their feeding times so they don't know when to expect food, but that can be difficult especially if you are forgetful or have scheduling conflicts.

The last thing that I tried, and what worked for me, was to buy an automatic feeder. I got this one from amazon for about $40, but you may want a different one since you have multiple cats. It took about a week for my cat to realize that food no longer comes from me, so he doesn't wake me up early in the morning to ask for it anymore. He now sits patiently by the feeder for about an hour prior to it opening and doesn't bother me at all.

I hope this helps!

u/disshortybtexan · 5 pointsr/aww
u/Dalismustache · 3 pointsr/BravoRealHousewives

Treat yourself to an automatic cat feeder. We've had this model for 2 years and it's great.

u/theycallmeheisenberg · 3 pointsr/Pets

YES definitely this.

my cat was a big old chubber when i got her.... that and i was a pretty busy grad student at the time, i wouldn't always be home to feed her. got a $40 one off amazon that has been working for about 3 years now. the only thing i do is leave her dinner time one empty so that she can get some wet food in her diet but that is it!

this is my exact model

u/kilbasar · 3 pointsr/pics

My tabby is insanely pushy and vocal about getting food, and was really cutting into my slumber/sanity. I know it's possible to train cats to not do that, but good luck with that. The only real solution I know of is auto-feeders. Most of them suck and can easily be broken into by a smart/hungry cat, but there are a few good ones.

If you use dry food, get the Bistro. My girl is diabetic and can only do wet food, so I use the Qpets. Nearly every other feeder is defective in one way or another, but these two are great. Either way, just make sure the feeder itself is secured (I velcro to a wall).

After a while they'll learn that they get fed at precisely X o'clock by the robot, no matter how much they meow at the human, and mostly stop meowing.

u/ladyarwen4820 · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

NTA- I had the same issue with my cat, except he started doing it earlier and earlier on weekdays too! My cat was a food hound, and I felt like more auto feeders would overfeed him, so I got one where I could control the amount of food he got. It worked wonders! I still feed him his dinner every night, so he knows that I still love him.

Try this feeder style

u/MooMaddy · 2 pointsr/cats

I have two cats and they stopped ripping up the carpet once we got them a cat tower. They probably weren't as destructive as your cats though.

I had the same problem with one of our cats wanting food really early so I bought this and it seriously changed my life. Now the cat hears the feeder (I programmed it to call his name) and he gets to eat and comes back and sleeps quietly. He usually is a terror when he's hungry: knocking things over, sitting on faces, walking on me when I'm sleeping. I don't rely on the feeder to actually feed them, I still give them a meal of dry food after I get up and some wet food before bed.

u/Wishyouamerry · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I have one of these\

It works pretty well - a little annoying to program, but if you read the reviews for hints and tips you'll figure it out pretty quickly. I never used the message recording feature, though. I actually forgot that was even an option until just now.

u/cdca · 2 pointsr/BeardedDragons

A bit of pre-planning can help. When I'm out for a few days, I prepare small pots of phoenix worms that my housemate just needs to empty into the bowl once a day. They don't need dusting, so they're super simple. If you can't get anyone to help, maybe get something like this?

For longer holidays, you'll need to bathe your beardie and clean out its tank, so maybe get a friend or sitter who knows what they're doing to help for a day or two during your holiday.

u/essdeekay · 2 pointsr/Pets

I think I have an unbranded version of this one. We bought it direct from the manufacturer on eBay years ago and it doesn't have a logo but I think this one is it.

I hope it helps :)