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Rackstuds Rack Mounting System, 100-pack
Rackstuds smart rack mount system by bafo100-pack bagRed versionExcellent Quality.Great Gift Idea.
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u/VA_Network_Nerd · 6 pointsr/sysadmin

2 x APC AR3340 42U, 750x1200mm Cabinets

If you can fit the 48U version of these, go with 48U.

4 x APC AP8841 L6-30P vertical Rack PDUs

1 x APC SYA4K8RMP Symmetra LX 4kVA UPS, scalable to 8kVA


1 x APC SYA8K16RMP Symmetra LX 8kVA UPS, scalable to 16kVA

Tell APC or the VAR to replace back plates so you have 2 to 4 L6-30R outlets.
Then tell them to fill each UPS with internal batteries and at least 2 power modules.
You must have 2 or more power modules to have a redundant solution.
Tell them to include a physical maintenance bypass in the quoted solution.
That is gonna add cost & professional installation labor, but you'll thank yourself later.
Ask your business & the landlord if you need to have an EPO in the room.
If you need an EPO, tell APC to add it to the solution.
(EPO = Emergency Power Off. A single panic button that kills everything in the equipment room.)

I know, an EPO sounds excessive. I don't know where you are or how big of a pain in the ass your Fire Marshals are in that area.
All I can tell you is you don't ever want to irritate a Fire Marshal. If regional code says to deploy an EPO, deploy the EPO.

DON'T FREAK OUT about the cost of those UPS units.
Read the literature, and I'll tell you why they are a good purchase, compared to something cheaper.

There are only two logical choices for a KVM solution. Well, three actually.

Option 1: Don't use a KVM, use the integrated out-of-band management solution included with your server or network device. If your server doesn't have an iLO or a DRAC or whatever they call their OOB management solution, you bought the wrong servers.

Option 2: Raritan (Expensive, but good)

Option 3: Aten (Less expensive, less good, but not garbage)

WARNING: Make damned sure you choose a Raritan or Aten product offering that can be used Java-free. You do not want to buy a IP-KVM solution that requires Java to function.
I cannot express the importance of not using a Java based KVM strongly enough.
If you need a detailed explanation, just ask.

Invest in one of these:

Cage Nut Install Tool

Or Invest in a fat sack of these:

Rack Studs

Personally, I like steel cage nuts & screws holding my hardware in place. But the attraction of RackStuds is pretty obvious.

u/TheRealJoeyTribbiani · 5 pointsr/homelab
u/ritnour · 5 pointsr/Sysadminhumor

Just finished setting up a new office. I think I may be in love with these guys:

Rackstuds Rack Mounting System, 100-pack

u/ITCrowdFanboy · 5 pointsr/homelab

Sweet, thanks. Here's a link for all you European homelabbers.

u/ndboost · 2 pointsr/homelab

yuuup those plastic RackStuds I dropped a good chunk of change on for them. I paid $80 shipped for them from amazon, and I wouldn't buy anything else ever again. They are that awesome.

u/ohv_ · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

ill pick up a bag, looks neat and nice for those pain to reach spots in the racks.

amazon reviews look promising.

u/pseudopseudonym · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I would never buy a threaded rack. It's not compliant, it's generally a bad idea and it's extremely unlikely to be compatible with all your equipment. Cage nut fo' fucking life.

That being said, I will probably be using these bad boys on a cage nut rack:

Anyone know of a cheap 10GbE router? :P An EdgeRouter won't cut it.

EDIT: Aha, only just realized I'd linked a threaded rack in my post. Here's a better one:

u/Zenkin · 1 pointr/sysadmin