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Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for kids and cargo
3 WAGONS IN 1: This collapsible wagon has 3 riding features: hauling, 2 rider seating and bench seating. Easily transform from hauling to bench seating with the zippers on the side of the wagonFOLDS FOR STORAGE: Easy one hand fold allows convenient storage. This wagon is portable and can be stored or taken anywhere! Folded wagon dimensions: 7” L x 18.5” W x 32.68” HSAFE FOR KIDS: Radio Flyer wagons pass the ASTM-f963-13 toy safety standard. This wagon includes seat belts and a padded seatSTORAGE CAPACITY: the wagon can haul up to 150 lbs. of kids or cargo! It also includes a rear storage loops and two front cup holdersSPECIFICATIONS: Assembled product dimensions: 39.4” L x 21.2” W x 32.7” H. Recommended for kids 1 ½+ years. Maximum weight capacity 150 lbs
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3 Reddit comments about Radio Flyer Folding Wagon for kids and cargo:

u/aviendha36 · 32 pointsr/breakingmom

We have this: [Radio Flyer 3-in-1] ( and love it. Makes walking any distance wtih the SmallChild so much easier.

u/Kmuck514 · 4 pointsr/parentsofmultiples

I have this one, there is a slightly nicer one with built in seatbelts that came out after I got mine. I use some of my husbands old canvas belts through the bottom, there are small holes in the corners. folding wagon

There are also wayyyyy fancier ones with a push handle bar, canopy, etc. but run a few hundred dollars.

u/jinxlover13 · 3 pointsr/breakingmom

We have this folding wagon that is a freakin' godsend: It folds down small enough for a trolley and is going on the plane with us this winter :)