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Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day (Skill Builders)
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21 Reddit comments about Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day (Skill Builders):

u/FoiledFencer · 8 pointsr/worldnews
u/UlrikHD · 4 pointsr/totalwar

Read my second reply to you

You might also want to look at this

u/Seacrest_Hulk · 3 pointsr/MensRights

>This guy would have you think that men don't experience emotions

You can thank me later.

u/Larbone · 3 pointsr/freefolk

Reading comprehension would tell you that I was able to take a string of replies by you on this thread, look at your history, and infer that you are a whiny ass person that pours hate nearly on anything Dany related -- especially if it has any nice "feelz" to it. I think related this to you more than likely mirroring your current life situation or character -- thus stating your life is probably shit like the stuff you spout on this forum.

Now what you are trying to do is discredit my stance by stating I am emotional, all the while completely avoiding really arguing the true debate: You are a whiney shitty person. Instead, you are just saying I am hysterical, blah blah blah blah.

That help? If not, please visit this link:

u/TheBrofessor · 3 pointsr/hockey
u/neonnkidd · 3 pointsr/Amsterdam

Here , try this first. Then report back.

u/JLBest · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

One shouldn't have to read something a second time because you can't find the comma on your keyboard. It's also quite ironic that you start using punctuation once you're called out on it. What happened to prose?

It was also completely in context. If you think that it wasn't, I have a book for you. Unfortunately, it was written in proper English, not prose.

u/bearhouse · 1 pointr/funny

>So... you're saying a man that slaps a woman is slapping all women while a woman that slaps a man is slapping one man?

I didn't even come close to saying that. This might help you out.

u/CBFisaRapist · 1 pointr/movies

If you have an Amazon account, give this a try. I think you might find it useful.

(Hint: trying reading my first post again. Carefully this time. Don't just look at the words. Try to understand them. Good luck!)

u/ser0l · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Well, this might be for you then.

u/creekcanary · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Nice job buddy, sounds like you've really got my worldview figured out: you caught me! And I thought I'd almost gotten away with being a closet feminist worshipper. Darneedoodle.

Since you enjoy writing things so much more than reading them, here's a book I think you might profit from:

u/Atraidis · 1 pointr/BlackPeopleTwitter

your pdf doesn't contradict my claim.

There are two effectiveness rates I discussed, one for perfect use and another for the actual real world rate. Perfect use means exactly that, the user made no mistakes in the use of that contraception. For condoms this means having the right size, lubricating sufficiently, etc to minimize risks of tears. For the birth control pill, this means taking it everyday and at the same time. The effectiveness of the BC pill is greatly diminished if you don't take it at the same time everyday.


This is why I made the distinction between perfect use and real world effectiveness, because dumb people like you who don't pay attention to the details are inevitably going to fuck it up.


Condoms, when used 100% perfectly, have a maximum effectiveness of 98%. In your PDF it gives the real world rate of 82% (in my original claim I said 85% for condoms, close enough).

The pullout method, when used 100% perfectly, has a 100% maximum effectiveness. I also said that the real world effectiveness of pullout is likely less than condoms. In your PDF it says 78% effectiveness.

​ for you.

u/HittingSmoke · 0 pointsr/JusticePorn

> You were implying that I said "their" content referring to black people. I wasn't. The sarcastic sentence in all caps was making fun of your stupid racist joke.

Well I can see where your head's at. Maybe you should reflect on your own racist thoughts if that's the place you take that sentence.

Also, only $16 used. You really should pick one up.

Holy fucking shit I can't even believe this conversation just happened. Learn to fucking read, dipshit.

u/thyris · 0 pointsr/worldnews

I have read the Quran and I disagree with your assessments.

Here, this may help you.

u/LazyBlueStar · 0 pointsr/wow

here you go. It even has free shipping!

u/NotKemoSabe · -1 pointsr/politics

What the fuck?

I acknowledged the nepotism angle in my last sentence.

This Link Might Help You

u/flukz · -1 pointsr/politics

Well, that would be true if that's what I was saying, or even inferring, but since I meant those who actively choose to go there to do that, their death would be a great honor for us.


u/adarsh_chootiya · -4 pointsr/india

forcing others to say it is. Also here is something you need to read before you try to make any sensible comment on reddit