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Realme RMA155-2 Buds 2 (Black)
Enjoy the powerful 11.2 mm bass booster controller consisting of a multi-layer composite diaphragm, giving you a deep, powerful and accurate bass responseThe controls feature three touch buttons and a microphone, so you can control your music and videos, incoming calls and even call your voice assistant directly at the touch of a button.A premium braided and reinforced cable and two uniformly grooved tpu cables create a robust and durable design.Realme buds 2 features built-in magnets and cable strap that are designed to provide the ultimate solution for storing your headphonesAdd a touch of style to your music experience with the real buds 2; the matte and stylish design is stylish and attractive.
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u/harshparmarx ยท 2 pointsr/IndiaSpeaks

as per your requirement, i strongly recommend realme buds 2. check them